2012-12 DEC


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IMGP7901  First eggs from "Goose" - Merlin's daughter! Pic-12012012-003  Out on a hike through Fort Ward on a very rainy day. Pic-12012012-004  We enjoyed checking out this little waterfall on a runoff stream. Pic-12012012-005  "Mom, it's a little beach!"
Pic-12012012-008  Sam scaling the side of the waterfall ravine. A bit slippery! Pic-12012012-009  He made it, though! Pic-12012012-015  Cutie! You are edible! Pic-12012012-014  Finding and hauling home a 25 ft long kelp snake!
Pic-12012012-017  Funny boys. IMGP7902  People have been asking how in the world we got this tree in. IMGP7903  Dave moved quickly - I barely got the camera going! IMGP7905  And voila- it's in!
Pic-12022012-002  This is how it started... Pic-12022012-004  Three guys to hoist it up onto the truck. Pic-12022012-006 Pic-12032012-001  Math class :)
IMGP7913  And now it's lit! IMGP7916  Ben's little friend, Ruby, comes over for a look. Pic-12042012-001  Out getting some new jeans at the Exchange, hoping to save some money. Didn't happen! Pic-12042012-002  Sam liked this pea coat, but it didn't make the cut.
Pic-12062012-002  Out with Ben at free first Thursday at KidiMu - the children's museum. Pic-12062012-003  He loved the checkout process :) Pic-12062012-001  Part of a birthday present for Daddy - writing down character traits that he demonstrates every day. Pic-12072012-001  Mountain biking with Ben. He gets a little tentative the older he gets and realizes what could go wrong!
Pic-12072012-005  Cuteness! Yes, this is what I was wearing :) A sign said "Barred owls are known to attack" - I wonder if this hat might scare them off? It scared Merlin - he did NOT like my Santa Hat! Pic-12082012-001  In Poulsbo with the boys while Dave was at work - look who we found! Pic-12082012-005  A horse team and carriage was giving rides! Pic-12082012-006  Sam looks like Bieber here!
Pic-12082012-007  We really enjoyed going into this artists' gallery. This is a wire frame eagle - so amazing! Pic-12082012-008  Presents for teachers, made by one of the moms at our school. Pic-12082012-009  In Poulsbo - that's a lotta lights! Pic-12092012-002  I was out running and found Betsey and her team!
math  More math class - I write up what we did and send it to the teachers. IMGP7918  Ordering dominoes from the Netherlands!!! Pic-12112012-001  Shepherds in a church pageant :) IMGP7917.AVI  Can you monetize this skill? It's the letters for the schools foundation here :)
Domino Toppling Record  Three tries and a winner! Pic-12142012-001  A sunny day out with my best buddy. Pic-12142012-003  Throwing rocks into the water to test some theories. Do the rings change speed with size of rock? No. Does amplitude of rings change? Yes. Pic-12142012-004
Pic-12142012-006  Hi seagull! Pic-12142012-010  More sand time. We just had such a good time. Then off to a STEM coordinating council meeting. Pic-12142012-011  Mom, this volcano is 50,000 feet higher than Mini Mommy. IMGP7925  Mom - do you have any scrap wood for a tightrope?
IMGP7927  Can you limbo under? IMGP7928  Ben - don't sneeze! IMGP7930 Pic-12162012-001  This just CRACKED me up! Made me want to do silly things with a picture of my brother-in-law who is visiting for a month.
Pic-12172012-001  More math :) This was a really great one. We decided to answer the questions the kids came up with themselves. That meant they were really personally invested in the process. Uh...duh! :) Pic-12172012-003  Gordon talking to Ben - he is getting so beautiful! Both of them. Pic-12172012-007  Steve chopping wood to make a kindling bin. Pic-12172012-010  Out for a walk on the nearby farms to introduce Steve to the area. As luck would have it, we ran into Betsey and she told him about a cane pulling gathering the next day. Since then he's had occasion to talk to a wide variety of farmers here and investigate options for 2014. The boys love puddles. The bigger the better!
Pic-12192012-002  Ben just torments Steve constantly - he LOVES being thrown around and messed with. Like a puppy! nativity practice  Pageant practice :) Pic-12222012-001  Out visiting a friend of mine at his farm. These are his ducks. He's selling me on the idea. They sleep outside, they fly around and land on the roof of your house, they eat slugs and even mice. They seem like the perfect bird - eggs and meat, and little hassle! Dave says no, for now. toppling  More of Sam's toppling endeavors...
Pic-12232012-002  Out with Betsey and the team for some exercise around Rolling Bay. Gangnam style  Ben doing Gangnam style :) we three kings sam  Sam singing... silent night sam
toppling IMGP8113 Pic-12272012-002  A fun day in Seattle with Uncle Steve and Daddy. Finishing off some gelati! Pic-12272012-004  Eagle has a napkin around him as a blanket. So cute! I will never tire of Eagle coming everywhere with us.
Pic-12272012-006  The ferris wheel by night! Pic-12272012-007  Bought to go with all kinds of cammo gear and guns  from Tito Pig and Tita Bear :) Pic-12272012-009  Went to an Army surplus store. That was fun...we managed to sneak away from Daddy and Uncle Steve in order to track it down. Pic-12282012-002  Out with buddy Finn building forts on Fay Bay beach.
IMGP8185  We tried to get up to Hurricane Ridge but the road closed just as we got to the guard station, so we went to Lake Crescent for a hike through the Moments in Time trail (old old trees) and then up to Marymere Falls. None of that happened until the pine cone war was over :) IMGP8186  They were really flinging them! IMGP8187 IMGP8189  Look at Ben's happy little face :)
IMGP8190  Reloading! IMGP8194 IMGP8196 IMGP8197
IMGP8198  Steve looks like he has a tarantula on his hand but it's some moss! IMGP8199  Love love this picture. You can see Sam's precious eyelashes, and Ben's face is wonder, portrayed. IMGP8200  They just love the water, tromping all the time through it. I guess maybe that comes from spending so much time in the water in Hawaii. IMGP8206  Tossing rocks in a creek is always fun, too. How big can you make the plume?
IMGP8213  Ben's. IMGP8218  Uncle Steve's :) IMGP8219 IMGP8223  Looking at the waterfall :) Ben is saying "Mom, don't drop your camera!"
IMGP8224 IMGP8226  Getting some quiet time away from the crazy parade :) IMGP8227  "Uh, mom. Can we climb up the side of this hill?" ... "Dad says no...but can't we? Please?" IMGP8228  "uh, Mom. We're just going up here." OK - so mom went up, too! I can't resist the allure of climbing up something. I understand. I also like to bring huge sticks home from hikes. Just ridiculously long sticks. Jenni remembers one that hung out in front and behind the truck several feet. A bamboo pole.
IMGP8230  Dave and Steve waiting for us to clamber up a slippery slope and look down. IMGP8231  Trying to get the shot right - stream out past the trees, light snaking through the forest canopy. IMGP8232  Another try. Pic-12292012-001  Crazy cube - solved shortly after this shot taken!
IMGP8234  See :) Proud guy. IMGP8235  Home for pizza, made by Steve. IMGP8237  Wow - these were incredible! IMGP8238  This was a favorite - sweet potatoes, creme fraiche, bacon and shallots. WOW!
Pic-01012013-001  Now to Port Townsend on a sunny day - we never realized that we could see Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and the Olympics all from this pier. Unreal. Sorry you totally can't see but in the middle of this frame and just a hair to the right is Mt Rainier. It is rising from the horizon between the two land masses. Pic-01012013-002  Looking up North toward Mt. Baker near the Canadian border. Huge mountain. Pic-01012013-003  Not sure what this is about but now we're looking over to the beautiful Olympic Mountain skyline. Pic-01012013-004  Snow on all the Cascade peaks.
Pic-01012013-005  Serious face, huh? Pic-01012013-006  Bouldering is fun. I'm relieving Dave and Steve so they can walk around the town a bit. I rather enjoy bouldering with the boys and not managing them in stores they would rather not be in anyway. We had a good time in the sun. Pic-01012013-008  Another cool shot if I had something other than a cheapo cell camera - Mt. Rainier through the frame of this dock, just to the left of the sailboat. Pic-01012013-009  Ben liked this little train village :)
Pic-01012013-014  Such a cute town. Something about the gas lamps, the flag and the bricks. Pic-01032013-002  Another sunny day spent by bike and foot down at Manitou Beach. That is Seattle in the distance. Pic-01032013-004  Catching crabs, of course! What else could be absorbing for hours :) Pic-01032013-006  The crab boys - they each have one in hand and are holding up their "claws" like the crabs. Sam loves to find whole "families" and relocate them to "apartments" complete with living rooms and kitchens. Sometimes even a school. When the doors open for recess (i.e., he lifts the rock up) those crabs scatter like kids in a schoolyard!
Pic-01032013-009  Mommy having fun with her boys. I so love time with them. Just unstructured, unfettered TIME. Pic-01032013-012  BIG BIG guy. We tried to put him in my hair like a nice hair clip but then he grabbed Sam hard and we decided against that. Pic-01032013-013  Doing Warrior 2 pose :) Pic-01042013-001  This is a new math program the kids are doing at school. Can you figure out what it is trying to teach here?