IMG 9144  The little cottage where Gramma stayed right nearby! This is what we want to build on our property. IMG 9145  Gramma says she saw these guys flying by on Christmas Eve! Ben talking about his ice cream stand  One of many movies Gramma and I took over the holiday to give you a flavor of being here. This is about a cute little lighted ice cream stand that Benji got at ACE when he was with Gramma. He LOVES looking at these little village homes, and this year he finally got one of his own! Ben domino cube  Ben talking about a domino cube :)
IMG 9157  Practicing for the pageant at church. IMG 9159  Three wise men :) IMG 9161  That cutie in dark brown is the donkey. Pageant rehearsal  Pageant rehearsal.
IMG 9167  Look at Benji - so silly! IMG 9168  A friend of mine with ducks! He is convincing me these are very useful creatures - they eat slugs and even mice! IMG 9172  One of Sam's creations! Sam singing  Sam singing...
IMG 9178  A tower. IMG 9180  "Mom! I will NOT put my shirt on rightside out!" IMG 9181 Pageant  Now we're at the pageant!
IMG 9185 IMG 9186 IMG 9188  Look who came down our driveway!  Betsey and her team! Betsey turning around  No way! This was so impressive. Mom and I were both crying by the time she got turned around. We miss horses so much!
Betsey leaving  Here she goes with a few neighbors on board! IMG 9193  And look what present I got! My happiest present ever! IMG 9194  Ewwww! IMG 9195
IMGP7935  Steve made us the most amazing lamb shepherd's pie ever! IMGP7936 IMG 9196  Christmas cookies - now you know why I was GREEN! IMGP7939  The elf outfit is back! We're out on a hike now with a bunch of friends.
IMGP7940  Exploring the new Hilltop Trail connecting two sections of forest. This used to be farmland and was purchased by the Bainbridge Island Land Trust with donations from citizens. It is really amazing. On a clear day you can see the Olympics from here. I won't annotate every picture - just enjoy clicking through and seeing all the boys play hide-and-seek, spook the parents, race each other... IMGP7942 IMGP7943  Ben and Sam with friend Thomas in the middle. IMGP7945  Uh oh - Gangnam style broke out!
IMGP7946 IMGP7947 IMGP7949 IMGP7951
IMGP7952 IMGP7953 IMGP7968  Ready to jump? IMGP7970
IMGP7973  Taking a little time to reflect. IMGP7975  I don't know what he was thinking about. So cute, though. IMGP7976  My friend Carrie and her youngest. IMGP7977
IMGP7978 IMGP7979 IMGP7980  Kids loved hiding in the woods to scare us. Look - the sun popped out! IMGP7981
IMGP7983  Lying in wait ;) IMGP7984 IMGP7986 IMGP7987  An unintended "victim" - a passing jogger.
IMGP7989  Don't fall in the muck, Ben! IMGP7991 IMGP7993  Gramma did great on the hike even though she hasn't been able to keep up her walking regimen at home. She is a trooper! IMG 9198  Handing out Christmas cookies.
IMG 9199  I decided I needed a cape this year. Super Elf! I shed that for the hike, though. IMG 9202 Dominoes around the house  A domino train! IMG 9221
IMGP7996  Watching the Yorkshire pudding rise! Pudding1  And here it comes! Pudding2  The parade of the pudding! IMGP7999  Gorgeous, Dave. You make THE BEST Christmas dinners. I love them!
IMGP8000  The table. IMGP8001  Gramma flies off to Turks and Caicos in a few hours - boo hoo but so glad she could be here! IMGP8003  Merry Christmas Eve! IMGP8006  One present could be know what Sam chose! Mr. Domino dominoes!
IMGP8007  Ben got a castle fort from Gramma! IMGP8009 IMGP8010 Sam opening mr domino
Ben opening fort Dumping Mr Domino dominoes  Oh boy! We didn't exactly see this coming. dinner silly1  Seeing if we can make lips touch noses... dinnery silly2
dinner silly spinach Yorkshire pudding roast3
roast2 Steve's potatoes  Steve's mashed potatoes! Mommy attacks daddy  "Helping" Dave set up the castle. Ben and tent
IMGP8015  All three of us in Ben's castle! IMGP8019 IMGP8020  Time to sleep... Sam and Mr Domino
IMGP8024  The tree at night... IMGP8028  Can you see the ghost to the right? It must be an elf! IMGP8031 banjo  Look what Gramma gave to Dave!!! He is really good at picking it already - just having fun playing around.
IMGP8036 IMGP8037 IMGP8040  Ben loves this crazy sphere! It collapses to 1/10th its size. IMGP8046  Daddy got Sam a crazy cube.
IMGP8047  Ben also loves this toy - a huge logging truck. IMGP8051  Uncle Steve got Sam some rockets to build! We are really looking forward to launching those. They fly up to 1500 ft! IMGP8052  Two brothers :) IMGP8057  Oh boy Ben really likes these! There are a couple movies of him rocking out.
Ben drumming  Here you go... IMGP8062  A domino cube with the new Mr. Domino dominoes. IMGP8063 IMGP8064  Randy and his wife Krissy came over for Christmas Day breakfast. Randy is Sam, Dave and Ben's music teacher.
IMGP8065  See the nice scarf Nana made me? IMGP8069  Ben built a nice house for Mini Mommy! IMGP8071  I got to work on a wall with Sam. He taught me how to build pretty well. IMGP8073  Thanks for these rubber band guns, Tito Pig and Tita Bear!
Toppling wall  A movie of toppling a very long wall! IMGP8076  972 dominoes set up here! Sam domino wall  Another wall! IMGP8078  Beautiful bouquet from Randy and Krissy. They are so sweet.
IMGP8081  The credenza with some leftover bread Dave uses for French toast on Christmas Day. IMGP8084  Sam's domino wall, ready to go. He's counting towers. IMGP8085  All set! IMGP8086  The set-off!
IMGP8091  The chicken girls are laying again! I think we have 3 layers right now - Jersey (brown), AllisonAudrey (pink) and Goose (blue/green). Christmas-002