Fort building Fay Bay

IMGP8114  Building forts with a buddy. IMGP8115  This was fun - one of about 3 gorgeous days we had during Sam's two weeks off from school. Mt. Rainier clearly in background this time. IMGP8117  Northen part of our island - about 2 miles from our home. IMGP8118  We had a good time despite no adult male oversight. I even managed to check it for structural integrity and no one got crushed under the logs. Amazing, really! These are heavy pieces of driftwood they haul back.
IMGP8121  See? Wet and heavy. IMGP8122  Taking a minute to think about the next steps. IMGP8123  Sam, Ben and Finn. IMGP8125  Building an "oven."
IMGP8127  Looks like a jumble in 2D. Much better when you're there. IMGP8130 IMGP8133  "Sam I'm tired from carrying all these logs!"