Garrison Flag project

IMGP7714 IMGP7723 IMGP7729 IMGP7712  At Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, folding the large 20x30 ft garrison flag. This is the honor guard helping me.
IMGP7716  It took them an hour and many refolds to get the stars to align for display in the case. They were so cheerful about it despite the 40ish degree weather. IMGP7718  You can see many women on the honor guard. They were posted here after returning from having a baby. IMGP7720  Maybe this is the final go! IMGP7724  Stuffing it in so there is no bunching to the side.
IMGP7725  Hold on tight! Don't drop it! He is really pushing. IMGP7727  Taking a picture with all of them now. IMGP7731  Sam and Ben were so good for the whole event. Sam stood at attention for the entire first folding. He understands the notion of respect, something that I think must be demonstrated, and practiced in youth. Kids are not real abstract thinkers, able to embrace a concept without really trying it on first. My observation only.