Ladies Who Launch

IMGP7521  Here we are out on Port Madison, enjoying some beautiful weather! IMGP7522  There were five of us, including Ben, who got to enjoy a ride in each of the vessels. IMGP7524  Susan rowing out to join Amy and Diana. IMGP7527  Trying out the SUP!
IMGP7528  Such a beautiful morning among friends - enjoying a few more weeks of this beautiful weather! IMGP7530  As we paddled around, seals popped up to check us out. IMGP7531  One even barked at me from behind - spooked the bjeebers outta me! Ben thought that was funny. IMGP7532  In all we paddled 4 miles up and down Port Madison bay, home to the Port Madison Lumber Company beginning in 1854.
IMGP7534  Thanks for giving Ben a lift back! He really enjoyed his ride in your dinghy. IMGP7536  We also got a tour of Susan's boat! IMGP7564  The next week we went to Liberty Bay in Poulsbo. IMGP7567  Much windier - about 19 mph gusts. Made it interesting on the SUP, so Ben rode in the canoe. Thanks to Amy and Brie for a wonderful morning for him!
IMGP7568  This is what it felt like on the SUP when the gusts kicked up. Hard to paddle, point, and take a picture of a starfish clinging to a pier! IMGP7569  That's better... IMGP7571  The biggest star fish in the world I think! 2 1/2 to 3 ft across! Seriously big. IMGP7573  This was funny...
IMGP7574  The Olympic Mtns in the distance. IMGP7575  Seals in repose. IMGP7576  And there's no way a camera can capture how pretty this scene was, looking through the marina and all the sails up to the town of Poulsbo with the Lutheran Kirk in relief. Ben took me out to lunch afterwards at JJs. What a nice morning! IMGP7600  Ben and I embarking on a solo adventure at Manzanita Bay - our friends couldn't make it this morning so we decided to just see if we could do it. Ben is very excited to put this canoe in the water! I"m wishing my SUP was that easy to maneuver around :)
IMGP7602  And we made it! We're out on very calm water exploring up a little bay and into the creek which feeds it. IMGP7603  Love the boots :) IMGP7604  This is the end of the creek for us! It's high tide so we could get pretty far back. So peaceful! IMGP7605  Hi buddy!
IMGP7607  Getting ready to put the canoe in! IMGP7610  We found an underwater spring. Lots of bubbles! IMGP7616  On our way back out to the bay. IMGP7617  But first we spot a tiny lighthouse we need to check out on the far shore.
IMGP7618  Keeping the bow up so we don't "pearl" (get a ton of water in the canoe and cause it to capsize). He learned bow and stern today. IMGP7619  Trolling along, just like Dick Proenneke. IMGP7621  Getting closer to the lighthouse. I'm paddling and wiping the camera lens frequently here. It's misting the whole time but so peaceful and calm. IMGP7622  Almost there!
IMGP7623  Wondering if it has little lights on at night? IMGP7629  And we're back! I'm using Ben's life vest to prop the SUP up while I figure out how I'm getting it back on the truck :) Manzanita  A collage I made - Picasa is pretty cool! IMGP7611.AVI  The spring in action.
IMGP7612  And a little of my buddy with his canoe. IMGP7631  Getting ready to launch. The tide was very low when we set out. IMGP7632  Hmmm...he has so many funny faces! IMGP7635  Look who we found on the water!
IMGP7636  Can you see Seattle in the distance? IMGP7637  Surprise! Hi, Randy! This is Sam's guitar teacher - he lives on his boat at the marina. He is not this huge - not a flattering picture taken from waterline! IMGP7638  Ben loved all the houseboats. IMGP7639  With their little doors and windows.
IMGP7640 IMGP7641 IMGP7642  Heading back now - tide is coming in so it was less work. Lots of gliding. IMGP7643  We put in way down at the end of the inlet past where that small marina is.
IMGP7646  A long carry for me with that big, hulking SUP. But I'm managing. IMGP7647 IMGP7649  Meet "Paul Simon" who is on a canoe ride. IMGP7650  In a little habitat I made for Ben after we got back. Lots of discussion about "Paul" and whether or not he knows how to swim. It was very funny!