IMG 7639  Mary and Doug are here with little Isabella! This is Saturday morning - they arrived around midnight Friday night after a long trip from NYC. Mom and Richard picked them up at the airport and managed to catch a ferry by the skin of their teeth (Isabella's pleas from the back seat may have helped there!). Doug is enjoying seeing the chickens after hearing all about Merlin and the girls. IMG 7640  Look what he brought for Sam! IMG 7644  And for Dave and me! Tooooo funny! IMG 7646  Another great breakfast by Dave! Thank you!
IMG 7647  Mary cleaning bottles :) IMG 7649  Doug showing Ben how to put his pocket knife together. Ben really loves this wood pocket knife. It is very cool! IMG 7650  I think Mary may have a knack for solving this thing! IMAG2047
IMG 7651  Little Isabella enjoying playing with Ben :) IMG 7653 IMG 7654  Look at the cute socks! IMG 7657  Doug took a real interest in all of Sam's projects despite being sleep-deprived. What a nice uncle!
IMG 7660  Benji-cakes! IMAG2050  Ben came up with this sign that Bill thinks means "quiet" - so Bill used it back with Ben when he was hollering about something. He thinks it works. He is the baby-whisperer and Ben-manager extraordinaire! IMG 7663  On the walkie-talkie with me (sister) on the way over to Lake Crescent! RMT 2296  Finally there! It's only 2 hours away, but we had to stop for beef jerky and bows/arrows for boys :)
IMGP6999  The evening light settling on the lake and its visitors. I loved catching this light every night. That's Doug and Ben in the chairs, Dave is out kayaking. IMGP7000  I love this photo. Sam really got the knack of shooting very fast. Those $8 bows and arrows really made for some good fun! He has an archery class next weekend, too. IMGP7001 IMGP7002  Dave enjoying a quiet paddle. It was a wild night in our house the night before - Dave was on the air bed in the living room and I was in the "nest" in the boys' room while Doug and Mary and Isabella took over our "suite" and Bill and Gail were in the guest room.
IMGP7003  Love you, honey! Your paddles look great with the light coming through. IMGP7004  This is just the most serene and lovely place I think... IMGP7005  The lake was like glass that night. It can get pretty choppy if the wind is up, though, because it's 12 miles long. IMGP7006
IMGP7007 IMGP7010 IMAG2051  What are they talking and laughing about? IMAG2052  We are in the little cabin behind this stump. You'll see more shots of the cabins and the Lodge in this series. The boys really enjoyed the big lawn.
IMAG2053 IMAG2054  Tito Pig showing the kids a monocular, to look out at the lake. IMG 7665  The view from our little porch, with the Lodge on the left and lake in the distance. IMG 7668  Running running running! They still have energy, although I think the grown-ups are wearing out!
IMG 7669 IMAG2055  Doug out for a paddle, too! IMAG2056 IMAG2057  Doug and I managed to carry this huge SUP and beer all the way to the cabin without spilling a drop!
IMAG2059  Little guy on the stump, doing some archery practice. IMAG2060  Love this shirt! That is bacon whiskers! IMAG2061  Look what is on the menu - Wild Boar! IMAG0282  Some shots from Bill's cell phone, mixed with my shots, and Mom and Richard's shots are throughout this series. I tried to get them all in order by date.
IMAG0283  That evening light again! IMAG0284  Nana :) IMAG0286  Bill's shot of Dave out kayaking. IMAG2062  Was there time in the evening for fishing, too? Wow - that late sunset really affords a lot of evening outside time! It doesn't get dark here until 9:30pm right now.
IMAG2064  This could easily be 8:30pm. Nana thought she saw a pegasus off in the distance, over her right shoulder. It was SO funny! That evening light again, making everything look magical! IMAG2070 IMGP7012  Sunday morning - we're out on a walk through Moments in Time trail, then up to Marymere Falls. RMT 2312
IMG 7673 IMAG2074  Look at those rockin' shades! IMAG0287 IMAG0288
IMG 7674  The cameraman! IMGP7015  The trees are huge! IMGP7016  Doug worked for a long time stitching a panorama together - we'll have to check his blog to see how it came out! RMT 2305  The bouquet mom and I picked - here is how it looked before the hike - we kept adding to it!
IMGP7018  The self-portrait stop at the falls :) IMGP7020  We always get funny shots when I put my camera on timer - these guys on the right saw us later at the Lodge and enjoyed laughing about "where's Ben?" who is always missing just as the timer starts counting down! IMGP7023  We were picking wildflowers along the way for Mom and Richard's wedding - it was so neat to see it take shape as everyone added flowers and native plants. We picked another fresh one the next day. IMGP7026  The boys love this stream!
IMGP7028  Doug caught a huge fish! IMGP7036  Ben with his Godfather :) Doug is telling him the story of the three wolves and the brave Scott who killed the wolves to save the king while he was out wild boar hunting. RMT 2302  The walk to the wedding ceremony site! RMT 2307
RMT 2308 RMT 2310  Lots of great hiking snapshots and portraits captured by Richard along the way. Thank you so much for the surprises your camera presents when we offload the hundreds of pictures! RMT 2311  Magical woods, Mary thinks! RMT 2313
RMT 2314 RMT 2317 RMT 2321 RMT 2323
RMT 2324 RMT 2325 RMT 2326 RMT 2328
RMT 2334 IMG 0868 IMG 0869 RMT 2335
RMT 2336 RMT 2338 RMT 2340 RMT 2342
RMT 2343 RMT 2344 RMT 2345 RMT 2349
RMT 2358 RMT 2362 RMT 2366 RMT 2376
RMT 2377 RMT 2332 RMT 2378 RMT 2379
RMT 2385 RMT 2387 RMT 2388 RMT 2392
RMT 2393 RMT 2330 IMG 7681  Lunch time! IMG 7684
IMG 7683 IMGP7040  Back at the Lodge, it's time for some lake time! Dave and Bill hauled boats all weekend! Nana and PopPop popped a bunch of ibuprofen on this trip - I hope they've recovered some! Bill - you were SUCH a huge help, always there, Johnny-on-the-Spot to help me with trash, boats, ferrying stuff from cabin back to truck. Thank you! IMGP7038  Shakas from the brave brothers out in the chilly water! It is in the mid 50s in that water - can you believe it? SO refreshing, though! IMGP7042  Ok - off to get the dock jump out of the way! This is a family tradition - only mommy is always the one suckered into doing it, and MULTIPLE times as boys decide if they're going in or not. Sometimes they fake me out and don't jump after I've already taken the leap!
IMGP7043  Benji thinking it over. He's ready! IMGP7044  Watching mommy go! IMGP7045  Whew! IMGP7046  Ben did it! I reached for his little paw right away while he was under water because it is so shockingly cold. I got him to the ladder quickly.
IMGP7049 IMGP7054  Now for Sam! IMGP7059  Off we go! IMGP7061
IMGP7062 IMGP7087  Again? Anyone? IMGP7093  Alright then! Mommy is swimming back to the beach! IMGP7106  It was so cold I couldn't get my breathing organized!
RMT 2422a  Doug is enjoying a swim, too! RMT 2427  Love you, Popr! RMT 2432  Oh Pig - so cute with your little girl! IMG 0864  Lots of deer around.
IMG 0865 RMT 2414  Look at Gramma with her grandchildren! IMGP7109  I think this was my favorite dinner - using the camping grill and my SUP as a long serving table. IMG 7699  Chilli dogs, salad and fruit - all for about $8 per person! That's the way to go! And with this view :)
IMG 7700 IMGP7110  These campfire marshmallows are HUGE! IMGP7114  Oh boy! I thought it was funny, but Ben didn't! IMG 7701
IMGP7116  Pig you are SO funny! IMGP7118  These little boys were a lot of fun for ours to play with. They were shooting a can off the stump with the boys and arrows. IMAG0291 IMG 7704
IMG 7685  More fishing - I think that is the rest of the family out there on kayaks and the SUP, too - meaning Dave and I and the kids, and even Bill and Gail! IMG 7686 L1080450  Look at the color of the water! L1080451
L1080452 L1080453  I loved this time together. L1080455AlliGailBillDoug L1080457
IMAG0292 IMGP7121  It's wedding time! IMGP7123  The arch wasn't decorated when we arrived, so we fixed that in a hurry wiht some beautiful flowers and ferns! IMGP7124
RMT 2439  Popr almost got to do the proceedings because the minister was lost! IMGP7125  After the ceremony we took the opportunity to grab a bunch of pictures. Enjoy the series in all its permutations. RMT 2441 RMT 2442
RMT 2444 RMT 2445 RMT 2446 RMT 2448
RMT 2449 RMT 2452 RMT 2459 IMG 0877
IMG 0878 IMG 0879 IMG 0880 IMG 0882  At a lovely brunch - with the minister!
IMGP7127  Cake time! IMGP7129 IMGP7138 IMG 0884
IMG 0885 IMGP7141  Now off to the other side of the lake for a hike along the Spruce Railroad trail - it was completed in 1918 to serve the timber needs of the WWI effort, but the war ended just before the railroad was finished. It was subsequently used for 30 years (or more) to haul timber. IMGP7144  This is a tunnel directly across from the Lodge. A bit spooky to see all the fallen rocks inside - we stepped in and thought about going through, then thought better of it. IMGP7146
IMGP7147 IMGP7148 IMGP7149  I just love the big red madronas juxtaposed to that gorgeous water. IMGP7150  The other side of the tunnel.
IMGP7151  Dave kayaked over here later in the day. IMGP7152 IMGP7153  Can you see the Lodge from here? It's to the far right of the frame. IMGP7156  The tunnel...
IMGP7158  Dave took this to show the scale of the cliff face behind us. IMGP7159  More vacation self-portraits :) IMGP7161 IMAG0297
IMGP7162  I may need this one on a canvas print... IMGP7163  Or this. I just love that water! IMG 0875 IMG 0876  Looking at the cliff face from on the water.
IMG 0886 IMG 0888  I'm glad someone did some lounging amidst all the activity! L1080460  After the hike we zipped back to grab the rest of the party for Sol Duc Hot Springs. L1080463  It was cold outside, but warm in these pools!
L1080465  Dave and Mary got a massage (Doug and I sneaked a short one in, too!). L1080467  Isabella loved the water! L1080470  Lots of people - many foreigners. L1080472  I'm freezing, but trying not to get too wet because I know the boys are going to drag me to the "cool pool" next - the chlorinated big pool which is only 80 degrees vs 100!
L1080477 L1080478 L1080480  I love this one! Doug is so precious with his little girl. L1080488  He really knows how to play with her, and comfort her.
L1080491  Takes me a while to get used to my brother being a Dad! L1080493a  But I think I'm getting my mind around it :) She is SO cute! IMG 7707  More boat hauling - see how my Amazon husband manhandles boats? IMGP7164
IMGP7165  The view from our cottage. IMGP7166  Ben offering everyone cans of Sprite. He got soda privileges this weekend and maximized them! IMGP7167  Aren't they cute? Almost like old Hawaii, plunked down in the Olympic National Park. IMGP7170  Enjoying a glass of wine from Mary's brother, Jesus and his wife Helena, from their collection. Isn't that sweet - they'd chosen three special bottles and sent one to us for our 10th anniversary, and two to mom and Richard for their big day.
IMGP7171  On our way to dinner, Sam is showing Doug how to solve the Rubik's. IMGP7174  I love love the raccoon tail shadow! L1080494  Ok, Dave time for some fun! What're you going to do with me? L1080495  Uh oh!
L1080496  I'm heavier than a kayak I think! L1080497  This is more our speed than a dip kiss! Ha ha! That was fun :) L1080502  A rare family skill being passed down - how to balance a salt shaker. L1080508  Dinner with Doug and Mary! We really loved catching up with you two and just wish there was even more time together!
IMGP7176  The funniest breakfast ever - Ben showing us Mr Piggy Spoon Nose Clock! "Now it's eight oh nine o'clock and 59 degrees, West." IMGP7179  "Mom, I'm doing a PERFORM!" They were doing a jig on this log - Dave was sure they'd go in the drink! IMGP7181 IMGP7182
IMGP7183  Out on a walk with Popr through Bovee's Meadow. IMGP7185  Popr went out on the SUP - almost all the way across the lake to see Dave! IMGP7187  The boys built this tide pool and relaxed in it for hours! IMGP7188  Across to the right is the cliff face where the tunnel is.
IMGP7191 IMGP7192 IMGP7193  Sam is like a monk seal, warming himself on the rocks. IMGP7196  Popr is finally back! Out on this frigid lake with no life preserver - we were thinking about how we'd get the Coast Guard out if we needed to!
IMGP7197  Dave is thinking about jumping... IMGP7198  Oh my goodness! He did! He got me all jumbled up holding his stuff such that I couldn't get the camera going quick enough to catch his beautiful swan dive off the end! IMG 7708  Little Isabella! How cute you are little one. If we had more time together I know you'd like me, too. Dave says "If you are looking for a calming vibe, you don't go to Alli." Awwww...I tried! IMG 7709  Saying goodbye to the intrepid travelers :(
IMG 7711  Off to the ferry and airport! Thanks to Richard and Mom for driving them! I really appreciated knowing they could relax a bit and just enjoy Isabella vs having to drive and navigate all over. IMAG0301  Another one of our favorite shots. The rest of us are enjoying 7 more hours at Lake Crescent after check-out. One of the most beautiful days there, of course. IMAG0302  I'm out with Ben on my SUP and Sam is learning to kayak on his own, with instruction from mom. IMAG0303  Daddy is back from the far side! Thanks for scampering up the bank, Bill, to catch this picture!
IMAG0304 IMAG0305  Ben pointing the way! IMAG0306 IMAG0307  Sam did really well learning to manage in wind and currents. He kept getting spun around and washed on shore until he figured out how to hold water, back, and paddle. What a great time we all had! Sorry to see it end, but I've made reservations through no small cost financially, but worth every penny! Who wants to come next year? Early August - 2, 3, 4 I think. Let me know if you're interested. A bunch of those Singer Taverns (the white cabins) are still open for reservations...
IMGP7000-001  I love this photo. Sam really got the knack of shooting very fast. Those $8 bows and arrows really made for some good fun! He has an archery class next weekend, too.