2012-06 JUNE

Water gun war

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IMAG1733  Half mast for Memorial Day. You're supposed to do that until noon, then raise it again. IMAG1734  Sam has been busy into knot tying again. IMAG1735  Our pea pods are growing! IMAG1736  Here is a young pullet egg vs an older hen egg. This is HollyRamona's egg on the right. I didn't know it would be the last egg I collected from her, sweet girl. She started laying very infrequently (about once a month) and double-yokers, when she came out of fall molt.
IMAG1737  Can you see in the middle of this dock, sitting up on the railing, an eagle couple talking in the early morning light? IMAG1738  This is up on Port Madison where I was running before taking Sam to school. Just after taking this picture I spotted a raccoon trundling across the road. It was Wild Kingdom time! IMAG1742  Can you see the dear right in the middle of the picture, heading into the woods from our driveway? IMAG1745  The gravel pile continues to be great fun!
IMAG1746  This is a fence style I like. Snapped it while out on a run early one morning. IMAG1747  Sheep shearing on a farm field trip! That sure was interesting. They are pretty calm if they're upside down. Works for boys, and chickens, too. IMAG1748  The cows were a real treat to see up close. They were very friendly! IMAG1750  Look who surprised us with a visit! Gramma!
IMAG1752  Ben at Bay Hay having an apple fritter. Just love his little feet, all crossed. IMAG1753  Now the top side :) Yes, he readily chomps this whole thing down! French lesson  French lessons! We enjoy trying to work on our pronunciation, then listen to it play back. I say it into Ben's neck and he laughs hysterically. Then we play it back and you can see his laughter spike on the little audiogram display. IMAG1754  Playing with Gramma while I work!
photo 2  Mom is nuts! That is little Gordon up there! He nested quite happily. Don't worry he had just pooped (I forget where - somehow it must have gotten on me because I knew that he had). photo 3  Aren't they cute, looking at each other? Gordon is Ben's birthday arrival. photo 4  Beak to Beak, Ben says. trying to open apple snack  HollyRamona out for a little special recess time with us, getting snacks. This time apple snacks from McD's. Why is it so hard to get into the healthy stuff, yet there's no ripping into the fries? I literally could not get the apples open!
chicken snacks  Finally! IMAG1755  Those purple flowers on the peas turned into PODS! How cool! This strain is from peas cultivated in the 1500s by Capuchin monks. Isn't that cool? I couldn't resist. IMAG1756  I've been filling this vase with cuttings as we prune. eggs  Mom enjoyed seeing all the colors :)
IMAG1757  We found this huge rock and the boys loved digging it up then trying to hammer it apart. Yes, they had safety glasses on! This rock is 120 lbs! We brought the scale out and weighed it. In masonry language, this is called a one-man rock. Takes one man to move. Yup. I'd agree with that! It was HARD to move! IMAG1758  Getting ready to go to war - testing all the equipment for Friday's water gun war! There's Gramma, too! IMAG1759  What are they up to? photo 1  Ben just kept quietly filling, and filling, and filling. He is such a big boy.
photo 6  Oh boy - an after-dinner war has ensued! I love having neighbor kids! photo 7  These two got SOAKED! But were so happy! photo 8 VIDEO0049
Sam singing and playing  This is one of Sam's favorite songs. He LOVES to sing. I hope he doesn't kill me for posting this? IMAG1760  I made a welcome-home arrangement for Dave who was in DC. IMAG1762  Sweet HollyRamona on her last recess. Sweet sweet girl passed away that night, surprising us all with her quick departure. We lost you too soon, sweet girl, but you sure made an impact on all of us! Tribute note to her on the blog on 6/15/12 post. Her first mommy, Tijen, came by today to pick up eggs (fertile ones) for her broody hen, and to lay a flower on HollyRamona's resting place. IMAG1763  First day of summer - no school - and Sam made an ocean mat using his knot book. Thanks to our friend Blaik in Hawaii - there have been many good knots made from this found book!
IMAG1764  Then off to a big build at the library - making marble runs! We ran into some friends from school there, too. IMAG1765  It was MADNESS! The kids are so intense! IMAG1766  Then to swim lessons, then to Wal-Mart to stock up on fun stuff like pool noodles for huge sword fights, flashlights for reading at night after I tuck Sam in, batteries for robots...etc. Oh and some WarHeads candy. You'll see evidence of that later, too. This is at Jack-in-the-Box for lunch. Late lunch. Then home to work for me. IMAG1767
IMAG1768 IMAG1769  Awww, mom. IMAG1770  WarHeads! IMAG1774  Our Houdini approach to changing after swim lessons. The three family dressing rooms are always jammed. I drape the towel across several doors and Sam tucks his head into the locker to get some extra room. We're in and outta there much faster.
IMGP6754  Peas from our garden! The purple ones are from a seedline developed by Capuchin monks in the 1500s. I couldn't resist. IMAG1775  Mindstorms arrived on Tuesday!!! Sam got the little robot built up right away and is busy learning how to program it using Richard's old Vaio laptop. Glad we still have that to use! Thanks, Richard! IMAG1776  Gordon out for a little spin :) IMAG1778  He is so cute!
IMAG1779  This is how our mail often arrives, perched, in the rain. We are not sure what to think about our sweet mail lady. Sometimes it's in the woods. IMAG1780  At Ben's first gymnastics class! He is the guy furthest to the right. The other two are little girls. IMAG1782  Log rolling. IMAG1784  He was pretty good at everything and really warmed up to it quickly.
IMAG1785  Bear crawl! IMAG1786  Tutoring time. I tutor three times a week. With two boys home, it's more like the frontier school I have been dreaming of. It's been a very busy week. I also worked 19 hours on a project for an MD/MPH/PhD in Kazakhstan. Plus tutoring, and playing with boys, and swimming lessons, and chicken tending...and being sick. IMAG1791  Saturday - work out in the yard to finish some projects with the boys. All three of them. Ok - all four. If Gordon is really a boy. IMAG1792  Chicken preschool! Learning how to scratch in a safe environment, and get used to the cooler weather outside their heat lamp home.
IMAG1796 IMAG1797  So cute! IMAG1799  Shoveling 8 cubic yards of dirt around an area cleared by R&R Landscaping. They did a great job on the clearing and the rock wall you can barely see! IMAG1800  We shoveled the 8 cubic yards in only 2 hours. Amazing.
IMAG1801  Then off to the pool for some swim practice for both boys. That was after Dave made the most fabulous grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch. I was in HEAVEN. It's my favorite thing to get starving out working in the yard, then have that for lunch. IMAG1802  I am on Mom's short list of calls if anything happens. So I took a picture of this and put it in my wallet. IMAG1803  More tide pool time...these are funny green creatures! IMAG1805  A habitat for a crab in Sam's hand. Actually I think there are 5 or 6 crabs in there!
IMAG1806  The ferry is leaving for Seattle! IMAG1807  Big crab! IMAG1808 IMAG1810
IMAG1812  Sam is marching around with a crab family in his hands! IMAG1813 IMAG1814 IMAG1815  More yard work! All that you see here is new!
IMAG1816  Ah yes, the Daddy garden and park bench :) IMAG1818  See the bench at the end of the walkway? IMAG1819  And grown-up fire pit :) IMAG1820  Ewww! A big fat tick!
IMAG1821  Why not stop at the fire dept and see what the EMTs say about a white tick. I had not seen one of those before so I wasn't 100% sure it was even a tick. We finally got it out with some scissors and some leverage. That thing was really buried in. It pulled Ben's skin when we pulled it out. Look at his funny face! IMAG1825  They were so nice, and thought it was a good training exercise for everyone since they had not gotten a tick out yet this season. (Because who in their right mind would bother them at lunch for a tick?) Little Ben is pointing to where the tick is. IMAG1828  To the library for a session with Orion the owl. We stayed after the talk to see up close. Her beak is open because she's a little stressed with all the people. IMAG1830  Then to Wilkes - Sam's school - which is being demolished in order to build a new one (currently under construction). We might possibly have nabbed a few bricks to give to friends.
IMAG1831 IMAG1832  Out on a hike. This dock is pretty wobbly. Kinda interesting to walk on! IMAG1834  Found the geocache! IMAG1835
IMAG1836  Good job,  Ben! IMGP6800 IMGP6801  Ben loves to dig in his garden area. IMGP6805  Sam is out journaling one morning in his jammies. Looking up at the sky. So cute.
IMGP6807  I sneaked around via the woods to spy on him. IMGP6808  He didn't know I was here. IMGP6809  Until this second! IMGP6811  This is his view from the rock.
IMGP6812 IMGP6813  Ben likes these flowers. IMGP6814  This is a special rose plant from Wes and Denise, friends of friends, who are now friends. THANK YOU! IMGP6822  I love these flowers! Reminds me of Santa Fe every time.
IMGP6824  Uh oh! Those noodles I bought at WalMart are coming after me! We had an all-out war! IMGP6831 IMGP6836  I'll protect you, mom! IMGP6838  Funny moment caught on camera :)
IMGP6840 IMGP6845 IMGP6846 IMGP6849  I am having so much fun with them this summer.
IMGP6850  All boy, all motion, all the time! IMGP6854  Ben is laughing really hard! IMGP6855 IMGP6856  "Belly meat! Belly meat!"
IMGP6857  Got it! IMGP6861 IMGP6862 IMGP6863
IMGP6865 IMGP6867 IMGP6868 IMGP6874  Try bopping the camera and see what kind of picture you end up getting...not bad!
IMAG1853  This is a cute way to keep animals out of a garden. IMGP6815 IMGP6818 IMGP6823
IMAG1857  Sam is programming AlphaRex! AlphaRex  See him moving around now? This was a lot of effort but very rewarding!