IMGP6657  My Spanish is pretty poor. I thought this load of landscaping rocks was coming on Tuesday! But here is Eduardo in the middle of the water gun war! So we had to stop loading, get him backed up, dump the rocks, then resume war. As the rocks were dumping the pizza guy showed up. So that was good timing. Sweet Eduardo got some pizza to go. I don't think I got to say adios in the insanity! IMGP6659  The boys are all waiting to reload! Eduardo is dumping rocks right now. I'm helping him back up. I didn't care if he ran over bushes or scraped the blue spruces. Just back right on up... IMGP6660  Yeah! I stopped counting at 10 boys. I think we had 11. And neighbors. And the neighbors' friends. And intrepid moms! It was so fun! IMGP6661  Pizza time!
IMGP6662  Those rocks came in handy! We decided hungry or not it was time to eat or you'd get shot while trying to eat later! IMGP6663  Sure enough, the pizza got a soaking. I think from SAM! IMGP6664  Little Ben somehow waltzed through it all and hardly a drop on him! Unbelievable really. Vicky made these great "body armour" trash bag suits which the boys put on pretty readily once they got some good soakings. The black kept them warm when they were soaked - it absorbed the sun and trapped heat. No one went hypothermic. IMGP6665  Now it's time for me to get in on the I ventured out of the reload/safe zone...and got immediately HAMMERED! That's my own son gunning for me in the foreground!
IMGP6667  This really did not help much. You can't shoot and hold a shield. I guess the Romans did ok because they didn't have guns? If I had my machete I'd be good. Goggles came in handy protecting the eyes from the head shots (which were theoretically not allowed!) but I did get a SuperSoaker UP THE NOSE! IMGP6668  Thanks to Pat and Susan for taking some pictures. I really couldn't snap many while at war. IMGP6671  Such a fun group of boys! I really enjoyed getting to know them. IMGP6672  He's serious!
IMGP6673  I think they were shooting me in the mouth - I was a little thirsty! IMGP6674  Brave girl! IMGP6675  Trying to shield our neighbor friend! IMGP6676
IMGP6677  Oh Brie! You're here! Thank goodness! What are we conspiring about - I don't remember! Brie is laughing. That's trouble! IMGP6686  My co-conspirator Vicki, who made the awesome BODY ARMOUR! Countless lives were saved today! You are truly game for anything! IMGP6678  Look at that face! She was so funny - why is everyone shooting me when I don't want to get wet? I finally got her into a trash bag body armour suit, tried to get her jumping up and down to warm up, and sat her in the sun somewhere safe. She was cold! I suggested keeping her feet out of standing water, too. She warmed up and had a good time :) IMGP6679  That face says they're up to NO GOOD!
IMGP6680  That's the safe zone for reloading. Vicky was manning the hose to keep the buckets filled up. IMGP6681  I love all the action shots. How in the world was this area vacated? Must have been an OtterPop run! IMGP6682  Go Vicki! I couldn't have done it without you! IMGP6683  Two teams - Ninjas and Pirates, and those who did not suit up! Free agents? Free radicals?
IMGP6684 IMGP6685  Now it gets a bit crazy - they have eaten AND had OtterPops. Hold on tight... IMGP6687  Brief movie showing the action...and of course some commentary on how we could QI the whole process for next time! IMGP6688  Some good action shots here - I put the camera on high speed mode. It's a waterproof camera...
IMGP6689 IMGP6690  This is in the middle of the water balloon fight, so we had the two tents and teams in the open area, out of the woods for this part. IMGP6691  And more brave moms showed up! IMGP6692
IMGP6693 IMGP6694 IMGP6695 IMGP6696  This has got to be my favorite photo. I think it says it all - and was in the middle of me getting bombed!
IMGP6697 IMGP6698  Two brave boys with broken arms came, too! These guys were so tough - I could tell this guy's arm was starting to hurt a bit from pumping the action. We tried to switch up the gun position to help. I'm not sure it did. He was such a good guy. Thankfully there were no new injuries. IMGP6699  Oh no!!! IMGP6706  Are we playing baseball with super soakers?
IMGP6707  Someone grabbed the hose! Oh no! IMGP6710  These are the best water balloon fillers on the planet! Risking life and limb doing painstaking work. IMGP6711  Uh oh! We're winding down the party and really making good use of all of our weapons. Sam is wondering how many gallons we used. I may just have to find out. Would be kinda funny to know. Thankfully there's plenty more in this part of the country. We don't it's not so bad. Our water usage is super low, folks. Don't worry. IMGP6712  Oh my goodness - is that a MOM stealing the hose and going after those boys?
IMGP6713  It IS! Unbelievable! :) I think it's on jet! Too bad the flow rate is pretty low here - we're at the top of the hill... IMGP6714 IMGP6715  Now it's going bananas! IMGP6716  See that smile?!
IMGP6717  By now some of the parents are arriving for pickup. They have taken cover on the front porch. Some of them had to go back to work and wanted to be a bit dry. IMGP6718  Is it time to cut off the water yet? I think Kristina was the brave photog taking a lot of these pictures! THANK YOU! IMGP6719 IMGP6720
IMGP6723  Now that I am getting a chance to sit and look at pictures I'm really enjoying our time together. I couldn't process everything at the time. I didn't notice the cool boots earlier. IMGP6729 IMGP6730  Uh oh! Sneak attack! IMGP6731  I'm gonna get you and put you in my prison!
IMGP6732  Oh no you're not! IMGP6733  I'm kinking the hose before I get another dose up the NOSE! IMGP6735 IMGP6736
IMGP6737  What are they thinking about? IMGP6738  Oh boy! IMGP6739  Look out! IMGP6740  Sam is getting you, Brie!
IMGP6741  And I think you've got him back!!! IMGP6742 IMGP6743 IMGP6744
IMGP6745 IMGP6746 IMGP6747  What a great way to kick off summer. Thanks for all the fun, guys! You moms are really brave! Looking forward to some hikes together :)