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Mov-02162013-001 Pic-02232013-004 Pic-02232013-006  Out for some beach time to see the USS Ronald Reagan pull through then to Island Cool yogurt in Lynwood Center. This newly developed side of the street is cute. Pic-02232013-010  Grownup Eagle came along for yogurt. Mommy and Daddy have to dash off to the school auction...in like minutes!
IMGP8619  Mom sent us a feed to an owl mom hatching her babies, so Ben and I decided to do some play acting. He is a very good character actor. IMGP8663  Surprise! Dad's space-a plans came through and he hitched a ride on a C17 yesterday from NJ! We are so delighted to have Dad visit! Here the boys are getting to go into Calico Cat toys and buy a treat with money from Grammie, who unfortunately could not get away to join Dad. We are so grateful she encouraged him to go even though she couldn't come. IMGP8665  Here's for you, Grammie! Thank you! Squinting due to rare sunshine :) IMGP8666  Out on another low tide beach walk at Fort Ward to look at bunkers.
IMGP8667  HUGE drift wood. IMGP8671  Impressions from shells into the sandstone. IMGP8672  Here we are! Then a nice drive up and around the hills of the south end. Got to see the ferry slooping on by against the backdrop of clouds, sun and mountains. Very NW day. Pic-03032013-002  The crocuses are popping up all over. I love them!
Pic-03032013-003  And heather. IMGP8675  Dad got into dom time. He was really good at it. IMGP8676 Pic-03032013-007  Dad!
IMGP8681  And some relaxing after a long day... Pic-03032013-010  Out throwing football with the boys. Pic-03032013-011 Pic-03052013-001  On a jog early in the morning before school. I can see cows out in the field. I just want a pasture so badly. Ben asked today - "Mom, how much does a pasture cost?" He is favoring livestock now...so I nearly have a majority vote. I just need one more voting member. Gordon doesn't count.
Pic-03052013-002  Buying up heather :) Pic-03052013-003  Michael at Bay Hay dug up a crocus for me to take home and transplant. Pic-03052013-004  Here it is! Pic-03052013-005  Loading up :)
Pic-03052013-008  Teaching domino tricks to the team leaders prior to Friday's Domino Day in Art Class. Pic-03052013-009  This is a fallback. Pic-03052013-010 Pic-03052013-012  Ben is proud of this mini-mommy house!
Pic-03062013-001  Learning to build a cube. Pic-03062013-002  And a wall. Pic-03062013-003  And the rolling stone proved very difficult! Pic-03062013-004
Pic-03062013-005 Pic-03062013-006  Doesn't always work. Even mommy was up at night trying to figure out the spacing. Pic-03062013-007  Dad built a Lego template to get the spacing just right for some reliability when we went to Domino Day at school. Pic-03062013-009  Ben in swim class. Can you see him, fist up? He is always clowning around!
Pic-03082013-001  Hmm...for sale! Pic-03082013-002  A nice fire with dad. Pic-03082013-003  And the chickens :) Pic-03082013-004  Hi guys!
Pic-03082013-005  Yup, good fire. Pic-03082013-006  Hi chickens! Pic-03082013-008  Mom, the first star came out! Pic-03082013-010  Love you, Dad!
Pic-03082013-011  Making shapes with glowing sticks. Pic-03082013-012  Always fun. Pic-03082013-013  Especially if you put the really slow timer on. I didn't have time to grab that setting this time. IMGP8711  Waiting for the ship to pull through.
IMGP8714 IMGP8716  There she goes! IMGP8717 IMGP8719  Pretty big compared to the ferry.
IMGP8720-001  And Mt. Rainier! IMGP8725  Heading back home now. Loved eagle and the flag :) IMGP8726  So cute! Pic-03092013-001
IMGP8729  Time for dinner! Need to do just a tad bit of clearing... IMGP8730  Hate to mess this up, though! We pick up 1000 dominoes nightly. Mov-03082013-002  These are crazy Ben movies. Sorry if you get no sound. They were chasing me with a box over their heads. The game was called "box tag." Mov-03082013-001  He's saying how he makes toys in the box for kids at school.
Mov-03062013-001  Then the kids broke the toys. Mov-03052013-002  And he had to make more. Mov-03052013-001 IMGP8733  Out for a nice walk and managed to grab three generations in one frame!
IMGP8737  Not easy to do! IMGP8738  Ok...again! IMGP8742  Hope you enjoy all these :) IMGP8743
IMGP8749 IMGP8750  I fell off the log as I was taking the shot. IMGP8752  Ok! Whew! Made it to the log just in time! IMGP8757  Outtakes.
IMGP8758 IMGP8760  I'm talking to Dave about a llama. Can you tell? IMGP8761  Sillies! IMGP8765
IMGP8772  Sam wasn't feeling well, poor guy. IMGP8773  Real season of illness for everyone this year. Months of it. IMGP8774  Back home for a fire and more dom time. IMGP8777  But this guy isn't slowed down any.
Pic-03112013-002  Dad managed to catch a flight home from McChord too soon! We RACED down to catch roll call and thankfully it all worked out really well for him. We miss you, though, Dad! IMGP8780  Typical table at dinner time. Pic-03132013-002  Sam is old enough to work on his laptop at the aquatic center while Ben is in for swimming lessons. Gives Sam some down time before homework. Pic-03132013-001  Daffodils by the mailbox are a Bainbridge tradition. Someone went around and planted many many of them.
Pic-03132013-004  Not sure what shenanigans are going on here. Pic-03132013-005  I think Ben is pulling the trash in while Sam is being crazy. Pic-03132013-006  Yup! Pic-03132013-007  New basketball hoop!
IMGP8781  Out for a hike with a little buddy - the son of the previous owners of our house! IMGP8783  Too fun. IMGP8786  They had matching colors on. IMGP8787  Ben is hiding - he did this a few times and I literally could not find him.
IMGP8789  Ready to race! IMGP8790  "Mom, is it a blurry one?" IMGP8791  Two boys racing. IMGP8793
IMGP8794 IMGP8796 IMGP8798  Ben blur. Pic-03142013-001  Hiding again!
Pic-03142013-002  Sam practicing guitar. Pic-03142013-005  Box tag! Pic-03142013-003  Oh no! Pic-03142013-004  He got me!
Pic-03162013-001  Planning a tree house location. Pic-03162013-005  Asleep in the tree like Racky was. We used to have a raccoon who snoozed in this tree, higher up. Pic-03162013-006  This is a really nice spot, he says. Summer is the time to build. With Richard :) Pic-03162013-007  Little man likes it, too.
Pic-03162013-010  Making sure Daddy is spotting mister crazy. Pic-03162013-011 Pic-03162013-009  They love having a roosting bar to hang out on in the afternoons. It's like the happy hour spot. All the chickens except Merlin are on this bar and the one below. Pic-03162013-013  Baby lambs a few houses away!
Pic-03162013-015  And cows!!!! I met the farmer by chance while out jogging and later in the day I took the boys over. She invited me back to see the menagerie! We had our neighbor's daughter with us. It was really fun. Pic-03162013-018  Hi cows! They drink the milk raw. Pic-03162013-019  Baby Katahdin lamb. Very hardy. Need no shelter, and the moms don't need help eweing. Or calving. Or is it lambing? I think it's lambing. Pic-03172013-002  Mosstache time! Or is the the wool of the elusive St. Patrick's Day sheep?
Pic-03192013-002  Ben helping clean our very dirty floor! Lots of foot traffic :) Pic-03192013-001  Dentist time! Pic-03202013-001  And baby lambs again! Out on a walk with a friend. Pic-03202013-002  Randomly stopped by an ambulance crew while on our walk to be given a sticker. Ben is so funny - he said he wasn't interested in a sticker! I said - hey, I'll take it! :)
Pic-03202013-003  He has this little camera from the dentist's treasure chest of rewards. He took "pictures" all the way down to Bay Hay and back :) Pic-03202013-005  And collected earth worms which we marinated in an empty coffee cup. Got a little messy squeezing them through the wire. They knew they didn't want to go through. Pic-03202013-006  Come on! See the yicky wet fingers?? ICK! Pic-03202013-007  More! Chicken riot going on below.
Pic-03212013-002  Minecraft is big at school with a group of boys. Have you heard of it? It's a video game. Well, these miners decided it would be fun to dig a real mine shaft. (Sort of mommy's idea, but disguised as their idea. We bought land so they could do this, among other things. How much trouble can two boys make?) Pic-03212013-003  An hour later they had a hole 3 ft x 3 ft and 18" deep. Pic-03212013-004  And the chickens were delighted with the dustbath trench Ben dug! Pic-03212013-005  See? Oh, is this for me? Why thank you!
Pic-03212013-006  Earthworm while bathing? It's like chicken spa time. The boys had so much fun digging with their fellow "miners." Pic-03212013-007 Pic-03212013-008  Mommy is hoping we don't get in TOOOO much trouble with Daddy. Pic-03222013-002  Gordon overseeing all the nonsense.
Pic-03222013-003  A friend is over pretending he's a chicken, too! Pic-03222013-004  Merlin is watching carefully...the mine shaft is now four feet deep! Pic-03232013-001  This is funny. Mommy had an off night. She was audited multiple times with no warning. The inspection just happened spontaneously. Dave has this uncanny way of surgically uncovering deficiencies. We have two kitchen scissors. One was missing. He thought it must be in the dishwasher - it was. But that made him wonder if he could find the other one. He couldn't. Urgh! The ONE time he decides to positively identify the location of BOTH one of them is definitely MIA. I couldn't find it at all. It gets worse from there. I was corrected on proper usage of "brandish." Then the hand soap. We had JUST run low on it. I added a touch of water to extend the life. Dave's pet peeve...he asked "Didn't we buy several of these?" He doesn't like how when you go in for a big bolus of soap, when there is water in it you get shot right in the chest instead of getting the nice blob of soap you'd hoped for. I understand. THEN, he sniffed the whipped cream I'd made for the miners' hot chocolate steamers. I had forgotten to add sugar. I was so peeved by now regarding all the deficiencies that I huffed out to my white board which tracks my entire life and wrote them all down then took a picture. Just in case anyone ever forgets...Dave vouches that he is the most relaxed guy on the planet to live with. He is WONDERFUL - don't get me wrong. This is NOT an indictment. It was funny. He asked why I took a picture and I lied of course. Then I fessed up and we both laughed. He drew the arrows from "Duh!" Love you, honey! Glad I provide such amusement. But the chicken coop runs like clockwork. Pic-03232013-013  Cows by Treehouse Cafe! They are back! They disappear for months, then they come back. Or maybe it's a new flock. Herd!
Pic-03232013-016  Another great day out for many walks, followed by beach time. Pic-03232013-004  Fort building with a new friend. Pic-03232013-005  Pretty great, guys! Pic-03252013-001