Guillemot Cove

IMGP8805  This is the hike I went on April 11, 2005 - just 10 weeks after Sam was born. Nice to revisit it! IMGP8807 IMGP8808 IMGP8809  Learning to read :)
IMGP8810  Gorgeous views of the Olympics from the valley. IMGP8811 IMGP8816  Panorama. IMGP8817  The biggest madrona we've seen!
IMGP8818  On a lesser traveled trail. IMGP8820  Hmmm... IMGP8823  Trillium! IMGP8826  The Stump House!
IMGP8827  Old cedar stump which was actually lived in during the Great Depression, as legend has it. IMGP8828 IMGP8829  On our way back. IMGP8830
IMGP8832 IMGP8833  HUGE maple. IMGP8835  Wow. IMGP8837  Goofs!
IMGP8839  This is St. Patrick's Day - nice holiday hike. IMGP8840 IMGP8841 IMGP8842  So sweet.
IMGP8844 you like my mustache? IMGP8813  Lots of coughing in this family. Oh my goodness it's been a year!