Pic-03232013-002  This wetland has a bunch of little trails through it that are a bit "rogue" - they are not official trails. I offered to explore the network and document it for our park manager as Ben and I are trail stewards. To me it justifies a bit of questionable exploring - we are doing a favor, after all. Dave doesn't quite agree. In any case, GPS in hand we went to check it out and found some duck hunting hides and a bunch of neat ponds all connected in the wetland. Pic-03232013-003  Pretty! Pic-03232013-006  Just a meandering watery wetland with a lot of grasses. Pic-03232013-008  Peaceful.
Pic-03232013-009  A hawk exploring. Pic-03232013-010  Meigs' old hunting cabin? Pic-03232013-011  Apparently a lot of birds around here. Pic-03232013-012  A neat ironwork owl eating a mouse.