Spring Break

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IMGP8858  Pork ribs with Dave's awesome homemade marinade. Pork is from Rolling Bay Farm - local farm friend! Pic-04082013-001  Stretch math - or applied math - mentoring on Mondays Pic-04082013-003  Picture sent to Daddy at work :) Pic-04092013-001  Out for a jog - finally light enough in the morning so I can jog before boys get up. This is from Sunrise Drive - appropriately enough!
Pic-04092013-003  Spring has sprung for sure - look what's popping up! Pic-04092013-004  Ok - now we are really on a roll - continuing to take pictures while out on jog. Peeked in on these little chicks at Bay Hay to see what they were doing at 6:40am :) EATING! Pic-04092013-005  These are cherry trees down by Bay Hay. Pic-04092013-006  And our magnolia! Back home - time to get boys up and dressed!
bike jumping  Bike jumping movie! IMGP9021  Here are a few favorite shots :) IMGP9024 IMGP9025
IMGP9031 IMGP9032  Sam is a strong guy. IMGP9033 IMGP9040  Ben very proud of himself!
IMGP9042  Yay! Pic-04152013-002 IMGP9048  Now for something very naughty... IMGP9049  A different angle, plus an interview.
IMGP9050  Ben wanted in on the action. IMGP9051  This is how deep the excavation is! IMGP9054  On a hike at Green Mountain with friends April and Amy and her kids. IMGP9055  Silly boys!
IMGP9057  Another A team! IMGP9058  This was a great time, thanks ladies! IMGP9059  Always horsing around, right? IMGP9060
IMGP9061  Daddy blowing a whistle with a raisin box! IMGP9062  The little hobbits (or trolls?) loved hiding and scaring us! IMGP9066 IMGP9067  Or were they going to the bathroom?
Pic-04092013-001 (2)  Overloaded with eggs! A few neighbors are coming by to buy eggs, enough so that I could switch to organic feed and the chickens can almost pay for their own food. Pic-04102013-002  Out on a jog - pretty trees! Pic-04162013-001  This is a reflection in a puddle. Pic-04212013-003  Snapping pictures of things we like in the garden.
Pic-04212013-004 Pic-04252013-002  Ben really wants this. I ended up getting it for him because he really really helped me out during dissertation prep week for one of my clients. He let the chickens have recess while he guarded so that the little girls could eat in peace. Pic-04272013-001  Over to the Burke Museum at UW to talk about geology. This is Sam's collection. He's identifying them and chatting away with staff. Pic-04272013-002  He really loved the gems!
Pic-04272013-003  Lots of dinos, too! Pic-04272013-004 Pic-04272013-005 Pic-04272013-006
Pic-04272013-007  Pretty impressive museum. Pic-04272013-008 Pic-04272013-009 Pic-04272013-010
Pic-04272013-012 Pic-04272013-013  Now a brief tour of the UW campus. This is the library - the very quiet room. And this is a huge dictionary. Sam was pretty impressed! Pic-04272013-014  Wonder if he'll be walking these grounds some day in 10 years? Pic-04272013-015
Pic-04272013-016  Such fun to have a family visit to a college. Our first such. Sam was very intrigued with the campus layout - it reminded him of Balboa Park. He was curious that it was so big, and wonders just how much work it is to be in college. Pic-04272013-017  Walking back along the quad. Pic-04272013-018  The Earth Science building. Pic-04272013-019
Pic-04152013-001  Stretch math update :)