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Pic-03282013-003  At the airport ready to fly to San Diego! IMGP8859  After a long week of work and school and a lost hen and 4 errands in 41 minutes, we finally arrived in San Diego! IMGP8861  Yay! Sand! Sun! IMGP8864
IMGP8865  We're on the Naval air station so a lot of planes coming and going. IMGP8866  Looking back over our shoulders, this is the Navy Lodge where we stayed - the red roof is the older building. There is a huge new building to the right. There are also cottages, to the far left. IMGP8872  Sand snowballs :) IMGP8873  Aiming for the birds?
IMGP8880  Drip castles by mommy. IMGP8883  Very proud of this tide pool :) IMGP8886 IMGP8888  Awesome sushi dinner :)
Pic-03282013-001  We've arrived! What is that bright globe in the sky? Daddy is pulling up to pick us up. He was in San Diego on business already. Do you like Eagle's roost? Pic-03282013-004  Sam had ALL this in his backpack! IMGP8890  Next day, Friday, to the Globe Theater in Balboa Park. It was closed, but I nosed into the ticket office to talk to the nice man who works the desk. He showed us pictures of the inside and told us some of the history. IMGP8891  Ben loves this building. So do I.
IMGP8892  Gotta have the vacation self-portrait smooch. Sorry. We are both very tired. Dave was up at 2:45 am for a drill the day before and I had an absolutely frenetic couple days on deadline before flying out. IMGP8896  At the San Diego Zoo! These monkeys are so cute. Tedious seeing zoo pictures, I know, so I'm only posting ones of my crazy animals :) IMGP8900  There they are! Watching a gorilla clean his toes! IMGP8901  And scratch while eating lunch :)
IMGP8902  Nice hairdo! IMGP8903  Very big birds! IMGP8905  Eating lunch while lounging :) IMGP8908
IMGP8911 IMGP8913  Hi Grown-up Eagle! IMGP8915  Hi Mom and Richard! IMGP8916  Crazy boys don't do hugs - they just go nuts!
IMGP8919  They loved this snake - a python! IMGP8920 IMGP8922  Eagle really liked seeing all the reptiles, too. IMGP8923  A little rest break while the rest of the family feeds on snacks :)
IMGP8926  Eagle says this guy is pretty big! IMGP8928 IMGP8929  Hanging from an elephant tusk! IMGP8930
IMGP8933  I think this has the texture of camel hair - yuck! IMGP8934  There's mom and Richard! IMGP8936  Off to the zoo store... IMGP8937  Ah yes - these will do nicely!
IMGP8941  Pythie! A new treasured friend. The boys are so nice to their new animals. They get the royal treatment. I love to see their sensitive sides, even if they are not often directed toward mommy! IMGP8943 IMGP8944  We spent much of vacation like this, with our new snake friends to keep track of :) 2013-04-01 (42)  Rattlesnake!
2013-04-01 (43) 2013-04-01 (44)  Can you find the second snake? 2013-04-01 (48)  Ben was so gentle playing mom's piano which she just had moved from her San Marino home. IMGP8945  At the Easter Vigil at the basilica.
IMGP8946  Fr. Junipero Serra presiding. IMGP8947  The Boy Scouts started a fire outside for the fire liturgy portion. The vigil was more than 2 1/2 hours long! IMGP8948  The paschal candle being lit. 2013-04-01 (51)
2013-04-01 (52)  Oh my goodness...it's only 1/3 of the way through. 2013-04-01 (53)  Transferred to mommy now! Pic-03302013-002  Out on a bike/run to the playground! Pic-03302013-003
Pic-03302013-004  Such fun boys - I love you! Pic-03302013-005  Doing some mining at the playground! Cracking rocks by dropping concrete on them! Pic-03302013-006  Wonder if this is ok? Certainly a little suspect, especially with bare toes! Pic-03302013-007
Pic-03302013-008 Pic-03302013-009  Now barefoot! Sam is a strong guy! Pic-03302013-010 Pic-03302013-011  He is so active he nearly falls off things because he starts boogy-ing and forgets where he is. I have to snap quick!
Pic-03302013-012  See? Now we're dancing on the high rock! Sherriff station in the background. Pic-03302013-014  Heading back on the bike path. 2013-04-01 (50)  Some treats for the boys! 2013-04-01 (61)  Fun times visiting Joseph and Lelu on Easter Sunday!
2013-04-01 (63)  We think that more than 160 eggs were hidden! 2013-04-01 (66)  Mary and Isabella with Lola Cari :) 2013-04-01 (69)  Sam stops at nothing to find all the treasures! He even lost a slipper on this venture :) 2013-04-01 (70)
2013-04-01 (73)  Snakes like to eat eggs, I think, right? 2013-04-01 (75)  Lots of time to learn chess! 2013-04-01 (76)  Tickling Benji :) 2013-04-01 (77)  Looks like the Mexican flag. Look at the lips and the concentration! So delicious :)
2013-04-01 (79)  At a nearby playground. They always need to be climbing on rocks and walls. Everywhere they are on walls! 2013-04-01 (80)  So pretty! 2013-04-01 (81)  Picking out a polished rock - agate and crystal for Sam, bizmuth for Ben. 2013-04-01 (84)  Carrying the snakes all over ;) We will miss these days when they are little and so cute.
2013-04-01 (85) 2013-04-01 (87)  Richard has a fountain that Ben loves to play in. Each time we visit we get him a little boat to drive around in the fountain. He talks to the characters and makes them jump off the "high dive." 2013-04-05 (13)  Playing football with daddy! 2013-04-01 (88)  Off to watch horses schooling prior to a horse show!
2013-04-01 (89)  Sam is WAY out there in the arena helping put a jump back together for Mickey Hayden, a well known trainer we happened to bump into. He is SUCH a nice guy. Said we need more guys to become horsemen! 2013-04-01 (90)  There's Sam after helping Mickey. The rider is Lane Clarke. He is known for Grand Prix wins, jumping over 7' jumps. The horse he is riding is worth $80,000. He is schooling it for the owner who will show it over the weekend. The Grand Prix horses are worth $500,000-$1,000,000. This is a totally different horse world than I grew up in. Today, many horses actually have ear plugs in so they are not distracted! IMGP8950  Out on a walk on a horse trail near Gramma's. I didn't remember much about this trail because the last time I jogged it I was looking over my shoulder the whole time, worried a bit about big CATS - it is a bit remote out there. I carried large sticks with me and played Springsteen on my phone so as not to surprise one. So I told mom "It just has one big hill, but then it's a ridge walk." Well...that was sort of true! IMGP8953  This is mustard! Fields and fields of it!
IMGP8955  Ok so there were many of these ups and downs, and the ground is dry so I was worried about mom pulling one of her slipping acrobatics :) She kept saying not to worry...but I felt badly for not remembering well! It was 4.5 miles by the time we were done! IMGP8956  Gotcha, Sam! IMGP8957 IMGP8958  Hi honey! Having fun? Sam enjoys chasing lizards who are trying to bask on the fence you can see in the background.
IMGP8960 2013-04-02 (2)  Oh boy! This was funny. Ben put on these boxes after seeing Robot Combat League (see JPL folder for connection) and started boxing us! 2013-04-02 (1)  Talking about People Smashers. And Spider Smashers. 2013-04-02 (3)  They got into this after seeing the episode of Robot Combat League featuring Paulo Younse, the engineer they'd meet at JPL the next day. Thanks! I got it pretty good!
2013-04-02 (4)  Yeow! Even with a pillow for defense he really got me! 2013-04-02 (6)  Ha ha - see his moves! 2013-04-02 (1)  I won! 2013-04-02 (6)  See the left jab? This guy has some moves!
2013-04-02 (7)  Now for daddy! 2013-04-02 (9)  Now on the feet??? 2013-04-02 (14)  Nice family outting :) Aren't these trails amazing? 2013-04-02 (15)
2013-04-02 (16) 2013-04-02 (17)  Mom enjoys hands-in-pockets-hiker. Not so good for breaking a fall, though! 2013-04-02 (18) 2013-04-02 (19)  So funny on the way back from dinner. All three boys in the back row. They loved it!
2013-04-02BackSeatDadChat  Funny back seat sillies thanks to Captain Underpants - I have banned that book! 2013-04-04 (1)  The horse show about a mile from Mom and Richard's. We stopped in for a few minutes. 2013-04-04 (5)  Funnel cake! 2013-04-04 (7)
2013-04-04 (8)  Caspar's State Park. 2013-04-05 (40)  I got to go riding, too! This is Leah, the horse I rode 3.5 years ago! Such a sweet girl. 20 years old now. 2013-04-05 (45)  The trainer, Cherilyn, put me through my paces. 7 days later I am still feeling it! Just what I wanted, though. 2013-04-05 (47)
2013-04-05 (48) 2013-04-05 (15)  A couple movies follow. 2013-04-05 (17)  I had such fun - but was SO sore! For a week! 2013-04-05 (49)  My boys were kind enough to come watch. I can't shake the horse bug. I'm actively looking for a way to reenter the horse world, somehow, with limited time and money.
2013-04-05 (51)  Nothing like owning your own horse and keeping it on your own property. I hope to someday? Nice to be back on a white horse. Somehow I always end up with a white horse :) 2013-04-05 (53)  Lunch and mission tour afterwards. IMGP9006  A tour of the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Such a pretty place. IMGP9007
IMGP9008  Swallow nests up there. IMGP9010  Family picture! IMGP9011 IMGP9013
IMGP9014 2013-04-05 (56) 2013-04-05 (57)  This is the old stone church. It was built 200 years ago but fell in 1812 during an earthquake, during mass. The basilica is in the same style and layout. 2013-04-05 (58)
2013-04-05 (62) 2013-04-05 (64) 2013-04-05 (65)  "Mom, why did Pilate want to kill Jesus?" in loud whisper. 2013-04-05 (66)
2013-04-05 (67) 2013-04-05 (2)  Gardens and tanning vats to create leather. This was a very active place in Fr. Junipero Serra's day. Over 1000 people worked here. IMG 0025  See? On the walls again. IMG 0026  Running in opposite directions :)
IMG 0027 IMG 0028 2013-04-05 (8) 2013-04-05 (9)
2013-04-05 (10) 2013-04-05 (11)  The original adobe walls. 2013-04-05 (12) 2013-04-05 (14)  Kinda hard to read the signage - can you tell?
2013-04-05 (16) 2013-04-05 (17) 2013-04-05 (18) 2013-04-05 (19)
2013-04-05 (20) 2013-04-05 (21) 2013-04-05 (22)  Intruiged by arrows! 2013-04-05 (23)
2013-04-05 (26)  Better look at swallow nests. San Juan Capistrano is famous for the swallows returning every year to nest. 2013-04-05 (27) 2013-04-05 (29) 2013-04-05 (30)  Mom thinks we're doing a nice lesson here about the olive press. But we're plotting how to catch a lizard!
2013-04-05 (31)  See 'im?! 2013-04-05 (34) 2013-04-05 (35)  Reaching around walls, sneaking up from the other side, bashing our heads on things we don't see as we try to get them. 2013-04-05 (36)
2013-04-05 (37) 2013-04-05 (38) 2013-04-05 (39) 2013-04-05 (1)
2013-04-05 (69)  Daddy and Richard cooking up last breakfast! I hope we never repeat the crazy airport morning, though. That was so relaxing, until we found out we'd missed our plane! Thankfully it was delayed. MY GOODNESS!