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Sam's Birthday

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IMGP8239  "Domino Man" spelled out in dominoes, then toppled. IMGP8240  Building a rocket with Uncle Steve - it's a "home day" - jammies on past noon! IMGP8241 IMGP8242  Undoubtedly this is a domino toppling "vid." Sam wants to start his own YouTube channel.
IMGP8243 IMGP8244  A domino cube, and Sam talking about building. He keeps all his 1000 dominoes sorted into drawers by color. Often, we all help pick up - it's good bonding time. IMGP8245  A party with a bunch of friends in the district who are working on STEM projects - Science/Technology/Engineering/Math. These are some neat moms, and we got to meet their husbands, too. See the funny glasses two of us are using? Dave and I got the silly idea to buy graduated cylinders, beakers and an Erlenmeyer flask. IMGP8247  Bonnie and I :)
IMGP8249  Jennifer, Annie and Amy. IMGP8250  Me and Greg. Dave made cocktails (from a prepared menu he crafted) for 16 adults. There were 9 kids here, too. Fridge dancing  This is how Ben wrapped up a cocktail party a few weeks ago...he is toooo funny. Uncle Steve put him up on the fridge as a gag and this is what he did when he realized it was the ultimate stage! IMGP8252  Next morning we're enjoying time with Matt and Melodie, Neil and Edie. The boys are in an Uncle Burrito. A chimichange? Burrito grande?
IMGP8253 IMGP8254 IMGP8255  They have so much fun together! Poor Uncle Steve, though! IMGP8256  Ben, you're not drooling, are you?
IMGP8257  Whew - back to football :) IMGP8258  Alli decided she'd had too much sitting around - it was time to wrap up the holidays by cutting up and burning the tree. IMGP8259  uh oh - the safety officer came out and said "That's too much stuff in there already." I rolled the tree farther away and tried to demonstrated that I could contain the thing. IMGP8260  Ben loved the festivities, and now Neil is out chopping up the tree so we can keep feeding it. That is his gorgeous fiance in the foreground.
IMGP8263  Uh - pretty high fire! Higher than the pergola! IMGP8264  Whoa! IMGP8266  My little buddy. IMGP8267  Trying to get Dave to take an anniversary picture...several days late :)
IMGP8269 IMGP8270 IMGP8272  Sam out playing football - excited about the game after watching some this afternoon. Nice to see Neil's truck in the driveway. They are moving back to WA! Aside from missing Josh and Ang, nearly the whole 2005-6 crew is here! Pic-01072013-001  Another Monday Math session :)
Pic-01112013-001  Treating Ben to a special date with mommy - hot chocolate and free cake at T&C after playground time early Friday morning. Wow. He was so happy! Sam was VERY jealous, too :) Pic-01112013-002  Eagle also pleased! Pic-01112013-003 Pic-01122013-001  Time out on the sand while Daddy is working - another weekend working for him, but we managed to get some really good time in the sun. I am scouting out good places in sand AND southern exposure for maximum sun.
Pic-01122013-002  Honu, just like in Hawaii :) Pic-01122013-003  Sam made The Globe Theatre after reading about William Shakespeare for the last couple weeks in a Landmark Series book at night. We all enjoyed learning more about his life. It inspired some interesting performances out on the driveway under the moonlight, too...the fall of Caesar is captured in a movie later in this album. Pic-01122013-004  A closer look at the stage. Pic-01122013-005  A nice walk with my boys along the beach, and Mt. Rainier is out there in the distance.
Pic-01122013-007  Yup - probably can't see it with my cell phone camera, though. Right in the middle of the frame. IMGP8274  In this photo, Steve is enjoying imitating how Sam watches football. ALL OVER THE PLACE - squirming, sliding off the couch, nearly upside down...it's so funny! IMGP8275  They boys were in stitches! IMGP8276  More giggles :)
IMGP8277 IMGP8278  Building a domino tower that got REALLY huge. IMGP8279 IMGP8281
IMGP8282  Launching rockets built with Uncle Steve! IMGP8285  They had such a great time - we all enjoyed the excitement very much. Steve used to do this when he was a kid. It was so nice to share those memories with him. IMGP8286 IMGP8290
IMGP8293  Safety officer in the background :) IMGP8296 Rocket launching  And we're ready to launch! IMGP8298
IMGP8299  Domino boys! Ben is so cute making his own fields and structures. IMGP8300  Needing a stool now. This is hours later...still intent on the project. Glad an earthquake didn't happen! IMGP8302  Just about done! IMGP8303  That huge tower? It's ready to be demolished!
IMGP8305  The birdcage! Ben and Sam loved this - they were laughing so hard! IMGP8308  When you cover a bird cage, the bird gets quiet, right? Not so much! IMGP8311  Ben and Sam were building a huge village all day on Saturday while Daddy was called away to work again (something about a large crane, a power outtage, and time in the emer op ctr). This is a village for Mini Mommy that Ben built. It was so cute to check in with them periodically and see what they were building, imagine Mini Mommy's life, and then go back to a report I was writing. I was doing some regression modeling amidst all this! It was gross out, and they really enjoyed some home time. Well spent. So clockwise from bottom left: an airport for Mini Mommy's plane (heliport?), then her gym where she works out, and then her house, complete with kitchen, bedrooms and a conveyor belt for her groceries to go in the front door (the part sticking out to the right), and then on the far right is her chicken coop :) Fall of Caesar  The aforementioned Shakespearean actors!
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