Burns Night

IMGP8356  Ben has been building and building, too, using Sam's dominoes during the day. Like his tall tower! IMGP8358  Here's Sam with a 10x10 pyramid - a personal record. IMGP8360  Peering down into it. IMGP8361  And the topple - I think Sam recorded this video himself...
IMGP8368  And now it is time for Burns Night! It is the celebration of Robert Burns' birthday. We've got haggis in store, fire, some Highland Games and just plain old good times with friends. IMGP8369  Ummm...did you know that rarely Hemlocks do grow coconuts? IMGP8378  Here is the caber toss! This log is from our Christmas tree. It's probably a good 25 lbs. I did trim off all the spiky branches so as not to poke an eye out. The other small one on the ground is for the kids. You run up to the hose and launch it. The idea is to make it travel straight out from you, end over end, and see how far you can get it. This is Matt giving it a go. He had duty down at Ft Lewis the night before so poor guy just got up a few hours before coming over. IMGP8380  Ben launched it really well!
IMGP8382  Oh yeah - he gets the lei for now - King of the Camp! IMGP8383  Now Dave is going to give it a hurl. IMGP8384  Go Dave! IMGP8386  Yay Melodie! I think it's as big as you are - you strong girl!
IMGP8388  And my turn - Melodie took some good pictures :) Thanks, Melodie! I am grateful to have a record of my winning caber toss! IMGP8389  And great work getting the fence in, too, so I can always show Dave just how far mine went! That is mine beating Dave's marker (the bat)! Can you believe it? IMGP8391  That's how far I get launched past the hose once I spring the caber. IMGP8392-001  Fun times! I'm handing the lei over to Ben to wear...until I steal it back :)
IMGP8393  You are SO funny, April! Soooo good to have you back! IMGP8394  Go April! See all the kids watching? They thought it was pretty cool to be throwing logs at this party. IMGP8395 IMGP8396  Go Ian!
IMGP8398  April decided a picture needed to be taken of this happy girl, wearing her fairly won lei :) IMGP8399  Jeremie really enjoyed practicing his technique. IMGP8400  Oh - isn't that funny - there's a coconut up there! IMGP8401  He can't resist going for it. Jeremie is so funny - he said he's like a Lab, if there's something to retrieve, a game to be played, he's all in.
IMGP8402  Got it! IMGP8404  The next "event" was hurling the coconut. Well, they are not very fresh here, so they are a little brittle I think. Jeremie's throw cracked it wide open! IMGP8406  April's first bite of haggis! IMGP8407-001  Ooooh...not bad! Love this picture of you, April!
IMGP8408  Ben taking good care of the SPAM - another mystery meat in a can, and emblematic of the other culture represented - Hawaii!!! I cut the SPAM on the grill with my machete - an innovation this year that raised some eyebrows. Usually we fillet it on a piece of wood but I took a shortcut and did it right over the fire. A little tricky, but it was done. People were really laughing when they saw the machete turned into a spatula. Only a few were lost down into the fire... IMGP8410  April demonstrating some technique to avoid twisting the caber :) IMGP8409  And THIS was the suprise of all surprises...can you hear the faint sound of bagpipes in the distance? At first we all thought Dave had switched up the music...I could NOT believe it. I am giggling and exclaiming quite a bit at the beginning, my apologies. I was very excited. My friend Ben is also wearing a Maui Fire Dept shirt. How appropriate! We had so much fun. I simply cannot believe how much fun that was. Unforgettable. Thank you to everyone who came, endured the Games, and made it such a fun night. IMGP8411  Oh, yeah...the sap on the hands. Some were wondering where they could wash their hands off after throwing the caber. I was like huh? Wash it off? It smells fantastic and is not dirty - there's no norovirus in that! Plus it helps you hang onto your beer bottle that much easier. I did finally relent and showed a few people where the faucet was :)