Sam's Birthday

IMGP8414  Sam's party had an orienteering/lostproofing/survival skills workshop built into it by Chris and Kim Chisholm of Wolf Camp and Wolf College. They are really nice people. Here they are showing the kids how to squat to stay warm - not sit on ground and not stand. They're also learning to breathe to keep their muscles supplied with oxygen. At the same time, Chris is sharing a story of his childhood when he got lost with his brother in Germany - they were around 18 years old. IMGP8416  Sam blowing out his candle - not ON the cake as EVERYONE is sick. Not spreading germs. IMGP8418  Learning balance and awareness of surroundings. IMGP8421  Now they're building an Eagle's Nest to provide insulation against the cold ground for an injured buddy in their survival scenario. This is out at the boys' fort in the woods.
IMGP8424  Learning how insulation (where Sam is) can really help guard against ccccold :) First debris (leaves) then fir boughs and ferns. IMGP8426  Ok now let's all warm up! IMGP8428 IMGP8432  Learning map and compass skills. This was really helpful!
IMGP8433 IMGP8434 IMGP8436 IMGP8438  This team found the chicken squeaker!
IMGP8442  Finishing up at the school for a treasure hunt. They had a great time! IMGP8443 IMGP8445  Ben - this isn't YOUR party! IMGP8446
IMGP8451  Ryan giving Sam his present - a gas mask! IMGP8452  And these are from Gramma and Richard - very very cool and on the wish list! IMGP8453  Ben handing presents over to be opened :) IMGP8454  Really cool puzzle thing.
IMGP8455  From Mom and Dad now... IMGP8459  A real pocket knife! IMGP8460  Daddy showing all the features. IMGP8462  This was a big hit. He understands the responsibility.