Hurricane Ridge

Pic-01202013-001 Pic-01152013-002  Ben loves this present from Richard - so do I!!! IMGP8319  Ok so now we're at Hurricane Ridge for MLK day. We are sooo glad to be up there! It is GORGEOUS! IMGP8320  I won't label each one - I need to get to bed! But I think you get the drift. We forgot sun glasses - you really never need them in a WA winter. So we got some up there - for all four of us!
IMGP8325  That's Dave's little head on his way to somewhere for something. IMGP8326  They liked this big crevasse for digging and sliding. IMGP8327  Now rolling a huge snowball downhill! Yes, Mom, I gladly got roped in to help :) IMGP8328  Uhhhh! Huge and heavy!
IMGP8333  It was so much fun sliding! IMGP8334 IMGP8336  Dave and Ben up on the little ridge there by the visitor center. Sam loved going off the "cliff" where the pink-suited girl is. IMGP8338  There are my three men!
IMGP8339  The moon behind Sam. IMGP8343  Look at Sam's face! IMGP8344 IMGP8346
IMGP8353  We wanted to launch Daddy - he was already on a saucer - but thought better of it! IMGP8354  Self-portrait time with my pack showing in the foreground. Pic-01212013-001 Pic-01212013-002  Trying to get Mommy, of course!
Pic-01212013-004 Pic-01212013-006  Getting another one! Pic-01212013-007  Oh yeah. This should do it. Pic-01212013-008  Yup - that's me going down on my rump while trying to take a picture! See Ben's yellow pants marching toward me?
Pic-01212013-009 Pic-01212013-011  Gotcha! Pic-01212013-012  More saucer time. Pic-01212013-013  He takes his sports seriously - he actually didn't do as much today as I thought because he hurt his leg playing football with all of us the other day at home. He is fine, but limping a little. I think a pulled muscle. Poor guy. He walked all over in the deep snow, but getting up and down a slippery slope with a saucer was a bit much perhaps.
Pic-01212013-015 Pic-01212013-017  More water for everyone! Pic-01212013-018  Love it - this is my cell phone wallpaper now. Pic-01212013-019  Two marmots :)
Pic-01212013-020 Pic-01212013-022  Sam was coming after me this time and look at his strange head shot at the bottom - it's because he slipped coming after me just as I shot the photo! Ha ha! Pic-01212013-023  Gonna get you again, Mom! Pic-01212013-024
Pic-01212013-026  Looking north toward the San Juans. Pic-01212013-027  It was really foggy down below - all the way for 200 miles to the east. Bainbridge was still socked in when we got home. Pic-01212013-028 Pic-01212013-029  So many good memories up here.