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IMAG0104  Ben helping jump-start the truck :) IMAG0107 IMAG0108  Fireside checkers at the Big Island ... a left-over cell phone shot miscategorized. Oh well! IMAG0109  Another one!
IMAG0111  Dave waiting to get us some coffee before heading to the airport. Another misplaced cell phone shot :) IMAG0114  Wally Amos at story time! Ben library2  The kids were just enraptured. What a guy. IMAG0119
Ben library3  Getting a hug! Ben library4  Checking a book out of the library... Ben library IMAG0122  Sam built a "club house" out of ropes and palm cuttings.
2011-02-03Kapa'ele'ele trail KahanaValley (2a)KingBen  Ben on a hike with his buddies. IMG00051-20110203-1143  That's Camden, and they are KING OF THE HILL! IMAG0125  A neat garden in Kahana Valley. IMG00052-20110203-1232  Sitting on the truck waiting for mom to pack him in :)
L1060269  On a hike with our buddies! L1060270  Love my girlfriends! This is Tamara, Ang, and me with my fishing line necklace that I made the day before. I found the line on our morning beach jog and tied a heart-shaped rock to it. L1060275  Kahana Bay... L1060277  Dense old-growth forest.
L1060278  Now where is that other fishing shrine? L1060279  Pointing out letters :) L1060280 L1060281  Camden does his, too!
L1060286 L1060289  Love my friends! L1060294  Beautiful garden in Kahana Valley. We got a personal tour from Jessie. L1060295
L1060296 IMAG0127  Sand-stache! IMAG0128  After-school swim - a Friday tradition. Then pizza at Bob's. Dave used to be able to meet up with us but the past couple years he's been very busy even on Fridays. We bring  him home a slice. 2011 Feb Ben talking about singing loudly  Ben talking about singing "woudwy" (loudly).
IMAG0130  This is a stretch, mom! IMAG0132  Watching second-bump - that's what he calls it. Fascinated with bumps in the road! L1060315  Oh, nice Ben! IMAG0145  A butterfly release! Two ladies and a male this year!
IMGP2771  Counting pieces in a tall tower - 201! Brought this enormous tower in for sharing time at school and asked the kids to estimate how many pieces. He remembered many of their estimates to share with us at dinner. I think I guessed 226. IMAG0147  One of the many forts erected out of driftwood on beaches in Kailua Bay this year. IMAG0149  Lounging at a playground and watching a little girl. He is something, isn't he? IMGP2771 (2)  One of our favorite spots.
IMGP2772 IMGP2773 IMGP2778 IMGP2782  You don't always see these very muted colors here in Hawaii. And when you think of the place you probably envision the lush greens, tropical blues of the water, deep blue skies, purple plumeria, red ginger. But there are some very muted days, too.
IMGP2783 IMGP2784  Love seclusion. We are often off the grid on weekends. IMGP2785 IMGP2787  Dave has this picture on his computer as a desktop. We love it.
IMGP2788  Trying to get Dave in a picture with me! IMGP2789  Have to head-lock him :) Love you! Ten years together this 12/31/11. Wonder where we'll be? IMAG0151  Another massive creation going to school in my "roof rack". It's a working ferris wheel! See the black box? That's a motor! IMAG0152  Somebody busy working on the beach.
Platelet lecture sm  Very funny lecture by Sam about platelets. Trying to get Ben to listen...well... ali'i lunch  "Ali'i" lunch - ali'i means leader, royal. This is after a hike - clean up and eat up! Then nap while Mom works. We have very precarious timing trying to fit in all the adventure we want and stick to Sam's school schedule and my work demands. IMAG0161  Off to the commissary with two helpers! I have a new policy for Sam, who is very (VERY) full of ideas about what to buy. He peruses the aisles, reads the labels, and then presents me with options at the end of the aisle so I can have some think-time as I walk down the aisle. I don't use lists, I just use recall and improvisation. Crazy, I know. I am not a good wife. IMGP2827  Another Engino project. This set is for 6-14 year olds I think. Sam absolutely loves it. This is a spinning swing thing. We looked up the difference between centripetal and centrifugal force for this. He spins a lever (in his left hand) and that turns the central pole which spins the swings.
Spinning Engino Project  The spinning swing thing in action! IMAG0162  At the Y! Back to swimming time for mommy! Taking it a bit easier on knees and back might ensure they are around for the long haul ;0 Ben in Grammas car  Bye Gwamma! IMG 2125  At the beach after school again...on Friday. Doing a family circus act!
IMG 2128  A new friend, Cinnie, who so graciously and gently helped me through losing Caffrey. I am so grateful for the serendipitous meetings on the beach that have transformed our network of friends and extended ohana here. Cinnie happens to be part of a Lab rescue organization and a former nurse. She is so wonderful. She led me to her vet, Dr. Haddock, who was also absolutely incredible. IMG 2132 IMG 2139  Sam got some compliments from bystanders about his body surfing. He doesn't use a boogie board much - maybe because his is still broken! We need to get him a new one, but in the meantime he just body surfs and has very good timing on the waves. IMG 2133  I did it!
IMGP2834  At Sea Life Park! IMAG0163  To cheer some sick boys up I made these for dessert. Droolie, slobbery strawberry pirates. IMAG0165  A haircut for handsome guys! IMAG0166  What is this face?
IMAG0168  The best part. IMAG0169  Then to Ft Hase beach to swim and dive. IMAG0170 IMAG0171  "This has hematite in it!"
IMGP2837  A fort we built together! This was so fun to do. IMGP2839  A little shade, too. IMGP2840 IMGP2843  All three in one shot! Wow!
IMAG0172 IMAG0173  Building a tripod so we can take a shot of all three in the lean-to. IMGP2849  And we did it! IMGP2851  There's the fort and the tripod.
IMGP2852 IMGP2855 IMAG0174  You can see by the jugular vein in his neck that he is talking about something. Ben speaks with force, always, loudly. We are trying, but even when he isn't speaking loudly he is speaking forcefully. Wonder where his personality will take him. IMAG0175  See? Not talking. No jugular.
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