IMAG0157  Hmmm... IMAG0160  Bamboo is so fun to climb around on! 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (6)  Up to the top! 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (17)  Shaka guy :) We're on a bunker at the top of the hike - snack time :)
IMAG0158  "I like to move it! Move it!" 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (12) 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (14)  A big cold but such a good sport. Neither of my boys EVER complains. They may be a bit cranky sometimes, but they just don't complain about being tired, hungry, cold, sick. How is that? They sure do make their needs known, though. They just don't complain. Neat boys. I admire them. 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (7)
2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (8)  Look at that shirt. Gross, I know. Yogurt covered raisin residue, and a lot of DROOL. Ben drools and drools, still. He is not teething. We are teaching him how to close his mouth a little more! ha ha! 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (9)  Picking out the choicest nummies! 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers  Honolulu in the voggy haze. 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (20)  Lots of time for kids to just play and have fun. We moms have a great time catching up with each other and laughing about the ups and downs of full-time motherhood and comparing our lives with those we sometimes come in contact with (such as, the moms who have maids and kids in preschool but who don't work).
2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (23)  Ben's 4 yr old buddy Camden. 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (24)  Such a cute guy! I love you, Ben! 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (26)  Ang and Rachel, and Tamara. Love the bamboo forests. 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (28)  Wow  all three of us are in one shot!
2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (3) 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (32)  This just doesn't get old :) Ben loves to hang from just about anything! 2011-02-15Pu'u 'Ohi'aHikers (39)  Stabbing something. "Mom, I POKED it!"