xmas97treecaf  Caffrey at just four months old! P1010012  Snoozing in Saratoga. About a year old now. PC240001  Oh Mommy! DaveAlliCaff  Our wedding day on New Year's Eve, 2001. I remember a few funny looks when this shot was taken, but it seemed so natural to me to have my doggie girl in the picture.
12-25-02FromAuntieToAlli  Part of the Christmas gathering in Norwich, CT, 2002. P1010003  The second of six homes Caffrey moved to with us. This is the view from our apartment in Norwich. We had to keep looking carefully for a place that would rent to a family with a pet, and a big one at that. She was 80lbs in her prime. Plus, it had to be a decent place for all of us - easy to take her out for a walk, etc. P1010004  This was her small run that I took her to every morning and evening. Nice view of the river. P1010005  Enough room to toss a frisbee!
P1010006 P1010007  And good sniffs in the air :) P1010008 P1010009  A happy girl...such a good, good dog. Never a mean sound or look.
P1010010 P1010011 P1010012 (2)  I always thought she was the most perfect Lab ever born. Tall, lean, red-haired, beautiful eyes. P1010013
P1010014  I loved how she would lay down next to her frisbee, very close to it. Very possessive of it :) P1010015  Paw touching frisbee. And coffee mug handy! 2002 KrugInReview  Slide show of Caffrey's 5th birthday - a day I have not forgotten. We went trail running, then a swim, then an ice cream cone! I made it a point to give her a very special day. I also remember a doggie birthday party later in Coronado with doggie friends of Caff's, including Jenni's Sierra. Oct 2000 Brandt Lake  At Brandt Lake. I am missing a picture somewhere of a camping trip with her. She was so freaked out sleeping outside at night that she took my tent down twice by wrapping it up with her leash. I had to get out of the tent and free her up. I remember spider webs on my face! yuck! I finally brought her in with me and she collapsed on me heavily, exhausted!
SnipImage(3)  Christmas in Connecticut. SnipImage(4) SnipImage(5) SnipImage(2)
SnipImage(6)  So Dave was getting home from sea while I was traveling in NY for Merck. I guess I left him a package and a sign :) Alli and Caffrey  Now we're in FL, enroute to Coronado. She LOVED having a beach at her doorstep. Brought home "fossils" - bird bones she had dug up in the sand. 10-9-2003CaffreyAtAirport  Getting ready to fly to CA! I remember crawling in the crate first, treat in my mouth, to show her that it was ok. 10-13-03OrderComingFromChaos (19)  Now we're in CA - Coronado.
10-13-03OrderComingFromChaos (20)  Reunited with my puppy girl! It's 2003 now. 2003-11AlliCaff  One of my favorite pictures. Clearly, no kids in the picture yet. I was just devoted to her. 2003-11-16BBQ CoronadoDaveAtSea (5) 11-18-03Gardening (6)  Our Coronado deck.
11-18-03Gardening 2003-11-27ThanksgivingDaveCaff  Thanksgiving for Caff! 2003-11-27ThanksgivingCoronado  Yum! 2003-11-27Thanksgiving(2)  Seconds?
12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (10) (Large)  Up at Gramma's for Christmas 2003. 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (12) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (13) (Large)  Loves playtime! 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (14) (Large)
12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (15) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (17) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (18) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (19) (Large)  That's brother Doug playing, too.
12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (2) (Large)  Ooops! Might have gotten a swim in Gramma's pool! 12-3-2003CaffAtOli'sCA (16) 12-3-2003CaffAtOli'sCA (5) 12-4-2003CaffAtOli'sCA (9)
12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (20) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (21) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (22) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (23) (Large)
12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (24) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (25) (Large) 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (5) (Large)  Caff looks gorgeous here. But look at my face! huh? too funny! 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (6) (Large)
12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (7) (Large)  Getting ready for a kiss! 12-25-03DoggiePlayTime (9) (Large)  Puffer cheeks! 12-26-03It's been Fun (3) (Large)  Time to leave! Hop in! 12-26-03It's been Fun(4) (Large)
AllisonMorningFrisbee01 12-3-2003CaffAtOli'sCA (3) 12-3-2003CaffAtOli'sCA (2) 10-26-04GetReadyForDave (2)  Getting ready for Dave to come back from sea. Everything got spruced!
10-26-04GetReadyForDave (6)  Gramma is a great groomer! 2004-11-24Thanksgiving (131)  Thanksgiving in Coronado, 2004. We had 11 people staying in our 500 sq ft apartment! Dan is on the deck! Thanksgiving (130)  Look at the fun we had! Hi Grant! Good morning! Thanksgiving (126)  Poker with the guys.
Thanksgiving (128)  Eight months pregnant with Sam! 12-23-2004CoronadoChristmas (18)  Seven years old here. In her prime, and well loved :) 12-23-2004CoronadoChristmas (20)  Such a cute apartment that was. Loved it. See the tiny tiny tree? 12-23-2004CoronadoChristmas (24)  Oooooh! I sniff something!
12-23-2004CoronadoChristmas (13)  What's in my stocking!? 12-23-2004CoronadoChristmas (28)  Awww. 12-28-2004LoadingInCoronadoRain  Getting ready for another move - to WA this time. 1-2-2005FromOli'sToWA (4)  On our way now to WA.
1-3-2005TripToWA (10)  I am 37 weeks prego. Hoping I don't pop on the way! 1-4-2005ArriveWA  Not bad, mom. You did ok with this place. 12-29-2004LeaveCoronadoToWA via Oli (2)  Bye Coronado! (We're on the beautiful Coronado Bay Bridge.) P1291531  Mom and Caff waiting for us to come home with Sam!
P1291544  I think she is frowning!!! Too funny :) Like "hmmm...what is this? a new toy? for whom?" 1-22-2005PoulsboHome (6)  Lounging in Poulsbo, WA. 2-27-05JenGaryGiftAndDaveAlli (16)  And now there are four of us in the family! 2-27-05JenGaryGiftAndDaveAlli (17)  That's better, Caff. Pose for the camera :)
2-27-05JenGaryGiftAndDaveAlli (20)  I remember taking her on a walk that February afternoon. I think it was the first day I could really walk with Sam and Caff. Sam was a month old exactly when this photo was taken. 3-27-2005Easter (20)  Easter is always fun - treats for doggies in eggs, too! 3-27-2005Easter (24)  Found one! 2007-01-15 Caff on Kailua Beach  Now in Hawaii!
2007-12-24MakingSantaCookies (4)  Making Santa cookies! IMGP6269  Sam gave Caff a good grooming every time she shed, which was very frequently here. IMGP1711  Nice guy grooming his doggie. p7200002  Ben lounging on Caffrey. He really loved his doggie and would often go sit next to her and pet her, or give her cars to play with. I just wish I'd known how special those memories would be to me now and had taken more pictures of them together.
ATT00284 (2)  A too-infrequent beauty day for Caff, but you can tell I still loved to take pictures of us together. I love you dearly, Caff and am having such a hard time letting go of you. I know you know how much you were loved. Thank you for loving us back! 10-5-01AllisonAndMorningCaffrey 10-5-01DaveAndCaffrey 10-6-01WineAndPopcorn02
10-7-01AllCaffNoseToNose02 10-7-01AllisonAndDave 10-7-01Alpo01 10-7-01Alpo02
10-7-01HomeDecorSiteOfFutureHDTV 10-7-01KitchenUnpacked 8-01DeckCaffPawOverHead 8-16-01DaveMaryDSRAll
8-16-01DougAllCaff 8-16-01DSRAlliCaffLick 8-16-01MaryCaffDSR 8-25-02BrookCaffAlliLesPhotoSmall
8-25-02BrookCaffLesAlli 8-25-02LesAlliCaffrey Saratoga8-16CaffreyFingerLick02 Saratoga8-16CaffreyFingerLickAlliDesk