photo 6  An after-school hike with Monica and her daughter Zoe. We met Monica at Kalapawai one morning and she is a professional photographer, interested in some other hike ideas. IMGP2791  There's Zoe, who is 7. They had SO much fun climbing! IMGP2796 IMGP2799  A real jungle gym!
IMGP2800  The three-toed sloth :) IMGP2802 IMGP2803 IMGP2805
IMGP2806 IMGP2810 IMGP2813  Practicing faces with mommy. IMGP2814  Another funny face!
IMGP2815  Kisses for my little man, while big one climbs. IMGP2817 photo 7 photo 1  These shots are from Monica's iPhone.
photo 8  Another Monica shot - nice one! photo 3  Thanks, Monica! IMGP2819 IMGP2820
IMGP2823 2011-02-14LikekeFalls (25) 2011-02-14LikekeFalls (26) 2011-02-14LikekeFalls (27)