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playmorning1  A visit to Aunty Carolyn at Playmorning on base. She is so fun! before trimming  Playing ball outside - this is a decent "before" picture - before 2000lbs of greenwaste was removed! IMAG0181  Rowing a bit :) IMAG0182  I spazzed out trying to rescue a frisbee from the roof for the boys and created a HUGE lump on my shin which then developed a hematoma, and infection, requiring a visit to the ER and two kinds of antibiotics. A month later, it is still not closed.
DSCN4057 IMAG0185  Smoothie boys :) Sam guitar Komo Mai  Sam playing some guitar to a favorite song by Eddie Kamae. Sam guitar Golden Stallion  Sam's other most favorite Eddie song. Sam is very eager to begin learning guitar, when we move to WA.
IMGP2861  Old friend Neil and girlfriend Edie visit for Neil's CDR pinning aboard USS Missouri. IMGP2869  We took them on a short little hike through a bamboo forest. IMGP2870 IMGP2872  Neil's brother, sister-in-law, dad, mom and neice and nephew all came to Hawaii!
IMGP2877  Super long bamboo pole! Great job Rachel and Tyler! IMGP2880  A waterfall was part of the excursion, too. IMGP2882 IMGP2883  Now for the pinning. We were up at and at it really early! An event not to be missed since the boys don't see their Dad in uniform. We were honored to represent the family while Dave was away.
IMGP2884 IMGP2885  Saying the oath, pledging to protect and defend the country. IMGP2888  New bars being pinned on by mom. IMGP2890  Dad handing over the new cover.
IMGP2893  Absolutely love Neil's family. They are so awesome! IMGP2898 IMGP2903  I thought the sky was really cool that morning. DSCN4160
IMAG0192  We ran down the beach this way! People were really looking at Ben "surfing" :) IMAG0194  Meeting up with playmates at Lanikai Playground! bubble machine  Mommy bubble machine! This was good for at least 15 min of entertainment! IMAG0198  Clearing out the canal after a big storm.
IMAG0199  This guy came through a couple times. Ben LOVED watching. IMAG0200  There is my disgusting sore, still not healing over and continuing to swell. It was time to take action at the ER. IMAG0201  A little surgery to dig out the hematoma, then stuff some packing in with antibiotic on it. Dr. Lee and I  had a few laughs about why I didn't become a doctor - organic chemistry being the first of two insurmountable hurdles, the other being sputum. Apparently the latter is a common obstacle. IMAG0202  Hematoma out, borders of redness marked, on second antibiotic now, and packing removed. This is painful - like an 8 out of 10 believe it or not - and hard to sleep. But happy to be making progress.
IMAG0203  decided to measure, too... IMAG0204  16 days after injury. Starting to close up and become less red. Clearing the canal  Movie of canal clearing! IMAG0206  Feeling vulnerable and frustrated, hobbled under a playground while the boys romp above me. I was really bummed about having to stay off my leg (theoretically with it up?). I prayed for patience and learned humility. The boys offered me a "latte" with sugar on top...I asked for a big dollop of hope, too! I also realized just how much I admire soldiers who suffer injury and yet go on as if it is nothing. For all those who have sacrificed so much in the past (think of the Rev War soldiers who would have to throw boots on and hike another 12 miles in the snow to another front) and those of today serving around the world in nearly nameless places...for all of them I am happy to relearn and say the Pledge of Allegiance (which Sam's class is also saying now).
rain watching  Watching the rain fall with a trusted friend. IMAG0211  A baker's dozen little peep-peeps! IMGP2907  We had to pull over and stop to see them! So precious! IMGP2910  Love these little guys!
IMGP2911 IMGP2912 IMGP2914  He really wanted me to catch one...and so I finally did. IMGP2915
IMGP2916 IMAG0213  Looks far worse than it was! He is laughing here! IMAG0214  Loved this toy that friend Sam brought to the playground gathering! IMAG0216  We are lucky to have an informal "hiker hui" of friends ready to gather for an outdoor outing about weekly!
IMAG0218  On our way back from the tsunami evacuation. We couldn't get back into Kailua, so we "camped" out in the truck the rest of the night along with a lot of neighbors. The boys were such troopers - we really ended up having a good time together if you can believe that. It was all very interesting...a great way to kick off spring break because it turned out to be only very minimal damage here in Hawaii. We were very blessed and so thankful for God's mercy on us as many of us imagined a much bigger incident potentially happening. Many hours of nervousness here from the warning at 9am to the actual arrival at 3am, and throughout the rest of the day as the surges continued. Ben doing Bruce Springsteen  Ben caught on film doing one of his characteristic performances. This is why he is often hoarse, and why we have to keep reminding him to take it easy on his voice. For those who think that might be impossible to teach a three-year-old (he is 3 in May), well, it is nearly impossible. But doable, for sure. IMGP2920  Jenni and Tres (on right) arrived in Hawaii just in time for the evacuation as Tes' carrier pulled in from a deployment to pick up family members for the ride back to the mainland (called a "Tiger cruise"). It was so wonderful to see these friends again after 5 years spent on opposite sides of the world (they were in Sicily). We'll all be back in WA in a few months. IMGP2921  Me and JavaJ!
beach gang  Josh and Ang came down to hang out for a few minutes, too! the guys  That's Tres' dad - such a nice guy! the girls  The four gals :) IMGP2922  Richard, Barry (Tres' brother) and Aidan (Tres' nephew).
IMGP2924  All of us! Thanks to the beachgoer we nabbed to grab this shot of us :) IMGP2926  Well, almost all of us. Ben decided to observe vs join. IMGP2928  1, 2, 3...jump! IMGP2930  Again!
IMGP2931 IMGP2932  Tres and Dave were in LDO school in Pensacola at the same time in Aug 2003 I believe...right Dave? IMGP2933 IMAG0222  Building our WA home...the boys envision a loft for the boys (see ladder at R?) where they can have pillow fights (including throwing pillows out the window!). Mommy built a little ramp that they can slide down from their loft, right into the truck for the ride to school. Or a conveyor for groceries which would dump them right into the kitchen. We also have a horse in our WA "home" and a fire pit outside. This is what we did for about an hour one weekend morning while waiting for word from Dave who had to go into work much of the weekend after the Japan crisis hit. He was subsequently called to Guam to help.
IMAG0223  Ok - so we're prepping our house for sale and things start to break, of course, right? The dryer is waiting for a new motherboard. But I really like this style of drying anyway. It is oddly relaxing. I love it. IMGP2936  Back out on the trail with Jenni for an afternoon ramble! IMGP2937 IMGP2939
IMGP2941 IMGP2942  And another massive bamboo pole. This one was about 16 ft. The longest ever retrieved and carried home. Sam managed it all the way down the trail then back again to the truck where Jenni and I lashed it to the racks for the ride home. IMGP2945 IMGP2947
IMGP2950  Love the afternoon sun. So peaceful. IMGP2951  Mr. Bossy with his pole. IMGP2952 IMGP2954  We even had a vine tie on the back to serve as warning to drivers following behind.
IMGP2959  Jenni got to take my SUP out for a spin! IMGP2962  And she's up! It was really choppy so she did great managing it! IMGP2963  A graceful dismount :) IMGP2965
IMGP2971  The boys really enjoyed playing in the water under Richard and Gramma's watchful eye while I went for a jog. I still can't go in the water, can you believe it? Now 25 days post injury. Still not closed. IMGP2974  Back out with worn out knees and a good workout had :) IMGP2975  Sam and Ben are both very adept boogie boarders by now. IMGP2983  That is one big board!
IMGP2984  But we managed pretty well with board, boys, coffee... IMGP2987  Smoothies afterward! IMGP2982  The boys enjoying the surf, Ben doing a funny dance... IMAG0226  Well-boy exams - Sam is doing his eyes here. Thought it was so cute that Ben sidled right up next to him.
IMGP2994  Lunch at the bowling alley after a run around the fishponds, a stop at the exchange for some stuff (socks for bowling among other items), and then a playground. A BIG morning of romping around! IMGP3001  This is one ridiculous lunch - PB/J with chocolate dipping sauce on Texas Toast! IMGP3003  Yum! Earned by a guy who just did a 5 mile trail bike followed by playground time. IMGP3004  Fresh strawberries inside, too.
IMGP3005  Liking it! IMAG0228  Now to Sea Life Park for more Spring Break fun! IMAG0229  A new shark "feature" for lack of a better word. Look at Ben's reaction! IMAG0231  Finally warming up to it and showing his OWN big shark mouth!
IMAG0233  Puffer was looking right at Sam! IMAG0234  Got small treats for boys - they love the gift shop! Then to Sweet Home Waimanalo for smoothies! IMAG0235  Giving $5 of his own money to the Red Cross for Japan relief through a site that matched donations. papaya break
landscapers IMAG0237 IMAG0238 IMGP3010  Mommy decided boys should have a bbq pool party and invited some friends and Gramma. When the rain came, everyone figured surely mommy would have sense enough to call it off. But we were already at the pool with all the stuff, so the party went on despite pouring rain! I read clouds pretty well so I figured I'd wait it out holding the grill cover over the flames until the rain subsided a bit.
IMGP3011  And the band played on! IMGP3012  Jumps! IMGP3013 IMGP3015  The "power stroke" as Sam calls it.
IMGP3021  Smiling boys! IMGP3027  Shallow dive :) IMGP3028  Love the splash here! IMGP3030  Trying to get all three in one self-portrait!
IMGP3033  The sun popped out for a bit! IMGP3034  Cute boys had a good Sat - Moke's for pancakes, then uke lesson, then Aikahi playground with Tamara and boys (Josh, 7, and Camden, 4), then nap for Ben, then bbq pool party, then full moonrise with more friends. IMGP3035  Landing! IMGP3039  "Mom, I want one THIS big!"
IMGP3040  Sitting jumper - a classic Ben move. IMGP3042  Ready for dogs! They are using frisbees for plates because the paper plates are just a tad soggy by now! RMT 0690  Ready for full moonrise! This is the ready-for-anything outfit with cargo pocket for flask, headlamps, camera, phone. IMGP3048  Wind and rain howling...and determined not to lose Ben this time. He has reflective gear on and both boys have been briefed about staying close. I turned my red headlamp on when dusk fell so they could find ME as well!
IMGP3050  Mom got some bling! Authentic Hawaiian heritage bracelets! IMGP3053  That's Sam and Ben playing with Tamara's boys, Josh and Camden. IMGP3056  There they are - Josh in back and Camden with red shorts on. Playing frisbee! IMGP3059
IMGP3060 IMGP3062  See the weather!? IMGP3063  "Mom, I found a T!" IMGP3064
IMGP3065  Tamara brought glow swords! They really hung onto those. Worked like a charm. Highly recommended. The other kinds the kids are not too enamored with and just don't hold onto them. They'd have to be duct-taped. IMGP3066 IMGP3073  Now it's cookie time! IMGP3074  Thanks to Gramma for bringing these fabulous Foodland cookies. That's Joshua.
IMGP3075  And Ben! IMGP3077  Sam! IMGP3078  Alli and Ang! IMGP3079  Little Jedi!
IMGP3080  Hi Josh! IMGP3081  And finally, after much ado, the SUPERMOON peeked out from behind dense clouds to cheers from the crowds who had braved the wait! IMGP3084  That's red from my headlamp :) IMGP3089  I let the boys take their glowsticks to the bath. I am sure the packaging says not to or something, but it also said non-toxic. So whatever. Hopefully no boy parts will be glowing, but that would sure make the next well-boy exam interesting!
IMGP3098  They had cookies by the light of their sabers! In bath, of course. IMGP3099  What are you looking at, mom? IMGP3100  Unauthorized use of glow stick. IMGP3102  Oh no! Another boy being crazy!
IMGP3103  Happy last night of Spring Break, boys! I hope you had a good time. I sure did! IMAG0239 IMGP3067  Ben and Camden playing swords. IMGP3104
IMGP3107 IMAG0246 IMAG0258  Believe it or not, this is progress. moustache  Tomato sauce mouthstache!
IMAG0259  Making the best of a sick Saturday morning. IMAG0260  Continuing to nurse this thing. Such an education in wound management! OMG. Never never never gash your shin. Well try to not get a hematoma due to tremendous force upon landing. IMAG0261  Finally got a referral to the wound clinic at Tripler to get a jump on this thing. They put HONEY in it. Honey is a natural antibiotic, used as long ago as the Pharoahs. It biodegrades into H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) slowly, keeping the pH of the wound too low for bacteria to grow. Love going to doctors and learning new things. This is not off-the-shelf honey, though. It's medical grade. I tend to keep cuts unbandaged and forget about them. That was the wrong move in this case. Needed to be kept moist or a hard eschar would form and prevent granulation tissue from growing up from the wound bed, allowing epithelialization to finally occur. This was a deep wound which would have been sutured if it hadn't been so old. So...very...interesting. But really - missing out on 8 weeks of water time during our last few months here. Painful. IMAG0263  Sammy is running the Xray machine - ruling out a stress fracture or any bone involvement from infection. Probably not necessary, but hey, good to be sure. Both boys crammed behind protective wall of control room.
Tripler stairs  The stairs to the preferred parking (my preferred parking anyway) at Tripler. There are 88 stairs. Fun to do at 9 months prego, too. I never did get my stork pass. There was never a spot anyway. IMAG0270  Building forts with bamboo poles retrieved from hikes. Sam is reading about knots in his Dangerous Book for Boys - given to him by Tito Pig. IMAG0277  There he is reading in his fort. IMAG0278  Thought the bandana would be good for nose wiping. Ben didn't quite see it my way.
IMAG0279  Now doing homework. Took these shots for Dave. Alli virus  And this is how mom found me when she stopped by! I was rehearsing a little "no-spit skit" I am going to do at school about how sneaky viruses are. (There are reports of continued spitting among classmates at school and I'm really over it after weeks and weeks of illness this quarter. Well, one month plus a week about a month later. I guess it's par for the course, but a little hygiene lesson based in cool science might do the trick.) So anyway - viruses are like pirates - they take your cells hostage and create new viruses by hijacking all your cell's machinery. They are so DARN cool. Have to admire their fierceness. Tropical office  No looking at me. wandering bed  This traveling bed comes out often. Ben loves to "play sleep" on the toy bin. Maybe he misses traveling and setting up new beds in odd places? I do, too, Ben boy. Soon...
IMAG0281  Friends celebrating Amy's baby shower (Amy on left, thenme, then Brenda and Tamara). Love these gals - they and their boys are part of the hiker hui! IMAG0282  That's Ben and Sam! Just a different Sam :) IMAG0283  We spoiled the kids with juice bags! IMAG0286  Ok...another shot of the WOUND! Are you tired of seeing it? I am, too! This is with the honey in it. And after debridement (getting that necrotic stuff off the wound edges). Making reall progress now. I was told not to run on it, but I managed to jog with a latte in hand and not spill a drop so I think that counts as non-impact, right? My buddy in the Surgery clinic (the chief of staff) tended to side with me - you can't tell a runner not to run, that it was ok. But I am taking the weekend off and only fast-walking/jogging to keep up with boys on bikes and scooters.
Now listen to me young man  Ben likes to say this - something he learned from Richard. Too funny! space book  Reading after school at Gramma's cottage. It's been fun for Gramma to get to collect Sammy. I appreciate seeing what they do when they are having some nice one-on-one time. Kibou cards  At kibou card making class with Miss Kelly. She is starting a card making business from home. I thought she was fantastic! The kibou (hope) cards are going to Japan. Sam was the youngest and did really well. IMAG0287  That's one of his creations. We stamped some cherry blossoms, then chalked them, and glued the pieces all together to the cardstock.
IMAG0288  Gramma got to make one, too! Although hers came out rather uniquely. She wasn't at the table for the instructions (she was managing Mr. Busy-body) so she was at a distinct disadvantage. But hey, it's art! IMAG0289  Sam's two! IMAG0290  Sweet guy. Ben sings Imo Imo Hoku Iki  Ben singing Twinkle Twinkle in Hawaiian ("'Imo 'imo hoku iki | Ha'oha'o wau ia 'oe...").
Ben sings Imo Imo Hoku Iki