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Daddy is home

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Easter weekend

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IMAG0292  This boat washed up on the beach and sat there for a while. It was interesting to check out. IMAG0295  Captain Ben! IMGP3123  This is the school's reading log upon which we record books read after school, as well as family time, fitness, healthy eating. A group of parents (including myself) revamped the old log to make it more comprehensive and something the kids could fill out as well. It also doubles as a school calendar. IMAG0296  Making pancakes! Daddy is away in Japan right now. Took me a while to get the griddle temp just right.
IMAG0297  Found a swing down in Waimanalo that we hadn't known about before. Thanks for the tip, Giji! IMAG0298  Pretty cool! IMAG0301  Sam spotted this tree on Bellows AFS - he identified it correctly as a fig tree! IMAG0302  Amazing little figs!
IMAG0308  Leaving church they spontaneously held hands. How nice! They are off to get donuts. Very quick walk to scout them out. Ben has Mr. Purrfect with him in his left hand. A little red cat we found in a geocache several years ago. Mr. Purrfect is supposed to behave well at church. Ben tells him how and takes charge of him. IMAG0313  Then to North Beach tide pools after church. So great to have our little cove back now that the sands have been carried away! IMAG0321  And we found Giji and her crew there, too! IMAG0326
IMAG0329  Big lava shelf to play on. Sam is cooking limu for us. IMAG0330  Now...for an eating adventure. We went to a local ramen place to try it out. Never had ramen before. Very tasty! But hard to manage for boys until they get the hang of it. Here Sam is demonstrating very good technique! (Having ramen in honor of Daddy who is still in Japan at this point.) 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (10)  Or you can do it this way. 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (11)  They LOVED whipping them up by suction!
2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (2)  Thanks for joining us, Gramma, and taking this shot of all three of us! 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (3) 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (4)  These are for Daddy's benefit. I think he is very scared to take the crazy crew out to ramen. That is the province of daring moms and tutus. 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (5)
2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (6)  Such a lot of food! Had to try it all! 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (7)  Attractive, huh? I look like a bottom feeder (mouth points down if you are a fish who feeds from the sea floor - we learned that at Marine Munchies!). 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (8) 2011-04-04RaiRaiRamen (9)  Hungry yet? This was miso ramen. Loved it.
biking to school2  Our morning jog to school caught by Gramma!!! biking to school  Hi Sam! "No taking pictures, Gramma!" Kindergarten run to school  Now you can see our gorgeous mountains on our way to school. IMGP3127  A field trip organized by me for Sam to meet a children's author who converted some traditional fairy tales into Hawaiian stories.
mommy shark  Mommy shark! fish  Swimming through the fish! IMGP3129  Mission Houses Museum where the author was speaking. IMGP3130
IMGP3131  Kawaiaha'o Church - the first one built by the missionaries, as seen from Mission Houses Museum. IMGP3132  Talking to Sam about the missionaries, I think! IMGP3133  Hmmm...good picnic! IMAG0333  "Don't bother the builder!" Sam loves to work with knots and build these incredible "intruder traps" he calls them. This one got the pest control guy good! All I heard was a few "aaah! ooooh!" as his hose got caught! Good job, Sam!
IMGP3139  Oh boy...Some naughtiness allowed by mommy while Daddy was gone. Do you see the fraction cards on the table? See movie next for what we got to do with each correct association. The harder the problem, the better the reward if Sam got it right. Even working up to correctly writing 14/3! Farting fractions  Uh-huh. Daddy not so pleased, but they loved it! IMAG0336  Rainbow! little man with hands in pockets  Such a fashionable guy!
fixing the stroller tire  Fixing my stroller. IMAG0337  This is the company my sister in law works for (Mary, Tita Bear). She is the VP of Public Relations for Michael Kors. I want to look like this lady when we move to WA. Right. IMAG0338  Making a basket using a float as a shape. Found him on my beach jog. He does computer programming for his day job, and was just out early in the morning finishing this up before work. ben circus 2  Ben likes to do this circus act with mommy, then flip on his way down.
Ben's circus act circus act  Getting heavy for this at 40 lbs but he doesn't know that! tree sam  Climbing a tall plumeria tree on base. passing cheeto  Oh boy. Another naughty mommy treat. After a busy day hitting playground then commissary after school, thought they should get to have some Cheetos and Cheezits. After all, Ben's friend Camden gets to eat Cheezits for a lunch meal while out on the trail! It is a full blown food group - did you know that? Ben is getting a Cheeto from Sam.
cheeto paws  Oh yeah. IMAG0341  The lifeguard's ATV is also of great interest every time we go by, so this day we decided to go ask if we could check it out. They said he could sit on it, too! The one lifeguard told me a funny story about how he ran into a tree one day because he was looking down at the ocean while riding along the ridgeline of dunes. Poor guy must have felt really dumb! He bashed up his nose and lip pretty good! IMAG0342  Tamara, Camden's mom, handing out freeze pops after playing at her house! It is always fun to see what other moms have in their pantries! We love a good pantry raid! Tamara has a good house for that with two young boys and one teenager at home. clothesline art  Sam really wanted clothespins from the market, so Gramma bought them. He went out and created this art project - on each page is part of "One, two, buckle my shoe | Three, four, close the door...".
IMAG0346  Boogie boarding after school I think - last Friday. IMAG0347  Sam and Ben are quite good at boogie boarding. IMAG0349  They love it! photo  Then look who showed up right behind us! Ledward Kaapana! Wow! He just started playing and we knew he must be famous with his slack key and incredible falsetto. I just don't recognize people by face very often, so we asked and were so surprised to find out it was him. He is a legend here, and Grammy award winning to boot. It was just unbelievable to have him chance to sit down behind us and play while the boys were swimming. What an incredible experience to share with mom.
IMAG0351 IMAG0350  Another band just walked down the beach, too! VIDEO0009  Ledward playing one of our favorite songs. I am concerned you may not get audio on this one...I don't know why or where it went. Google Wahine Ilikea by Dennis Kamakahi for an incredible experience. IMG 2995  And another favorite! This one should have sound.
IMAG0352  Beach jog ending spot, waiting for Gramma with a book. Maui is faintly visible to the right of Moku Nui, although I don't expect you'd see it. IMAG0354  Maybe here - like a long hump along the horizon just to the right of the island (Moku Nui) that you can see clearly. mini bruno  Found another friend! This Marine family is visiting from Okinawa. Carol and family  After spending a long time chatting, as we were leaving I told her how to find me (alli @ outdoorohana.org) and she said "Oh! You're Alli? Of Outdoor Ohana?" Too cool! I can't tell you how often that happens now. So glad my little website has made inroads in helping people explore the island as a family.
photo 2  Ben likes the cappucino foam! IMAG0356  We stopped by to watch these guys fill a big hole the other day, and when we came back the next day Ben pretended to be the inspector :) We asked if we could maybe put a palm print in since we're moving and they LET us! IMAG0357  There it is! On the Kailua Beach boatramp! Ben's right hand. IMAG0358  Thanks guys!!!!
IMAG0361  Here are pictures of my beach buddies - the folks I see out every morning. This is uncle Kevin! IMAG0362  And uncle Steve! IMGP3184  Mom and her bracelet, hand carved by "Ponch" at Hawaiian Heritage Jewelers! IMGP3185  A really cute ladybug at Bellows!
IMGP3190  Climbing banyan trees :) IMGP3194 IMGP3195  Hmmm...what is Daddy doing? IMGP3196  Whew. Nothing in there, but time to head you-know-where.
IMGP3198  Shave ice for lunch?! IMGP3199 IMGP3200  I came outside to find Ben working on his ATV with a little pillow for his head (his blow-up ball). IMGP3202  Fixing things requires turning it upside down, of course. Got to get at that drive shaft.
IMGP3203  Telling me all about what he's doing. IMGP3204  Now you can listen to him, too :) IMGP3206  Only for the brave - start this one downloading, go grab your shower, and come back. It is a big one but so classic. It shows the backyard in shambles and boys being boys. One is without a shirt, the other without shorts. There is some near-disaster at the end involving a 10 ft bamboo pole and the journalist (yours truly). This one actually makes Dave laugh. If it's too disturbing for you (there is some screeching) then just turn off the volume and pretend it's a silent film. IMAG0367  At Palikilo beach where we found some really interesting spiny sea cucumbers. We made a little habitat for them so we could study them. This is the morning Ben finally figured out how to snorkel - take a breath then look around under water. Happy experience for him to figure that out! Wahoo!
IMAG0368  Now he can see these guys, and many other creatures, much more clearly! IMAG0369  Morning jog on Easter weekend while Dave and Sam are at uke lesson. Maui again visible between the Mokulua Islands. IMAG0370  A fantastic drip castle! IMAG0371
IMAG0372  More beach buddies! This is Travis. He is married with a little 2 yr old boy. He comes down to work out on the beach because he's training to join a pro football team here that his cousins are on. He wants to bulk up. I taught him how to do pushups with his head pointing downhill on the sand to make it a little tougher. Such a nice guy! IMGP3282 IMGP3283 IMGP3284
IMGP3285 IMGP3286 - Copy IMGP3286 IMGP3289
IMGP3291 IMGP3292