Daddy is home

Daddy is home  Very cute video of Ben watching a plane land, which could well have been Daddy's! Daddy is home IMGP3146  Walking around on a little hike at Turtle Bay. IMGP3152  Out holo holo at the North Shore where we found a natural butterfly garden (vs a man-made one in a botanical garden setting). The boys were trying to attract the butterflies to them! Do you see two off to the right?
IMGP3144 IMGP3147 IMGP3165  Lots of laughing and silliness! IMGP3174  And very messy eating! Ben was so hungry he went back for his scraps of burger after eating his dessert! I think he dunked it in his melted ice cream!
IMGP3168  Yup. Looks like he sure did! IMGP3175  Bought some huge balls at Walgreen's. These are always a huge hit with the boys!