Easter weekend

IMGP3208  I made spiny sea cucumber bread for our Easter Egg Hunt! It actually came out really well. See the hole structure? The little spinies were made with scissors instead of slicing the bread to let it rise. IMGP3209  There's a better look at it. IMGP3210  Can you see the poky things? Looks like the sea cucumbers we saw a week ago. IMGP3212  Second annual Easter Egg Hunt with Eddie and Myrna.
IMGP3213  Myrna made fabulous gift bags for a card exchange. She is SO much fun with the boys. Can you see Eddie laughing on the deck? IMGP3214  The boys hid eggs for each other, then hunted them. Ben put his all in one group. Like a nest. IMGP3215  Easy to get that way! IMGP3216  They were good hunters.
IMGP3217 IMGP3218  Charging around all over looking. IMGP3220  Very remote stash! IMGP3223  Comparing loot!
IMGP3225  Ooops one more! IMGP3227  Counting eggs! IMGP3228  Lots of music and dancing were had by all. I have tons of video to go through of Sam playing uke with Eddie, and then Mahealani joining us! This was SUCH a fun night - the party lasted more than 3 hours - right up to bathtime. What fun. We are so lucky to have these dear friends to help us absorb every last bit of Hawaiian culture we can before we move. IMGP3231  On our way to church - best way to grab a family photo with boys strapped down so they can't go anywhere!
IMGP3233  Thought you'd enjoy a few of these for the faces captured. IMGP3234 IMGP3235 IMGP3238  That's Mr. Purrfect. You remember him. We found him in a geocache some years ago. He goes with the youngest boy to church - the boy is responsible for the cat, to teach him how to behave. Plus, when a plush toy falls, it makes no noise!
IMGP3239 IMGP3245  Donuts after church! Wow. IMGP3246  Then tide pools on North Beach. What a great day! IMGP3248  Ben has just learned dunking his head under to look around.
IMGP3251  That's Dave way out there in the middle of the frame with a yellow shirt. He's checking on the big fish. IMGP3253  "Mommy! Daddy is too far OUT!" IMGP3256  "There he is!" IMGP3257
IMGP3259 IMGP3261  I tried to get a picture of all of us. Only a few would cooperate. I ran to jump into this one. IMGP3263  And one of us. Dave was nice about this one. 2011-04-24EasterKrugKailua (1)  Easter Dinner! Roast...yum!
IMGP3264 2011-04-24KailuaKrugEaster (1) IMGP3265 2011-04-24KailuaKrugEaster (2)  Yorkshire pudding!
IMGP3267 2011-04-24KailuaKrugEaster (3) IMGP3268 2011-04-24KailuaKrugEaster (4)  Massive! Thanks Gramma and Richard! It fed all of us again tonight!
IMGP3269 2011-04-24EasterKrugKailua (2)  Reading while watching Sam play Angry Birds on Richard's ipad. Ben is SO good about just looking. 2011-04-24EasterKrugKailua (3)  The Lego house Sam has been building for months - it's our WA house. Two levels inside. Very intricate. 2011-04-24EasterKrugKailua (4)  After dinner they both ended up here.
2011-04-24EasterKrugKailua (5)  Richard might be getting a bit hot after roast in his belly and two boys, but he was very sweet about letting them pile on. Sam had a question about the game, so he came over first. Then Ben followed to keep watching :) 2011-04-24PupcakeMaking (1) 2011-04-24PupcakeMaking (2) 2011-04-24PupcakeMaking (3)