Day 2 - American Camp, Lime Kiln and sock roasting
DSC02116  Coffee time! Can you see Dave's face in the lid? DSC02118 DSC02120  Hot chocolate for boys! DSC02121
DSC02123  Turkey bacon! DSC02125  Why do the eggs have a butt, now?!?!?! DSC02127  Our campsite. DSC02128  Daddy working hard.
DSC02129  Dad on KP again! DSC02130  Trails nearby. DSC02131  A little walk around in Friday Harbor. Always so relaxing to walk around with with the boys. They are so peaceful and calm, such good conversationalists and window shoppers. :-? DSC02132
DSC02133  The ferry pulling in. DSC02134  At a coffee shop. Sam doesn't miss a crumb. DSC02135  At American Camp. This is a really interesting and beautiful place. The Americans and British were both claiming ownership of the island at the same time in the late 1800s. The Pig War finally erupted in 1859 over the shooting of a pig, disrupting the peaceful joint colonization. Ownership was resolved by a German arbiter in favor of the Americans. DSC02136
DSC02137 DSC02138  Expansive and beautiful place. DSC02139 DSC02140
DSC02141 DSC02142 DSC02143 DSC02145  For Uncle Tom!
DSC02146  A redoubt built for protection, by Brig Gen Henry Martyn Robert, of Robert's Rules (later). DSC02148  The story... DSC02147  All dug by hand! I know how hard that is having shoveled a few things myself. DSC02149
DSC02150  Where's Ben? Haven't seen him in a few minutes. DSC02151  Ooooh...there he is! DSC02153 DSC02155  Seems like fun to climb.
DSC02157  I made it up. Climbing IS fun. I think I'm marginally hooked now.Bouldering especially. DSC02159 DSC02160 DSC02161
DSC02162 DSC02164 DSC02165  Might enjoy a little seat here for a bit! DSC02166
DSC02167  Nice wildflowers! DSC02168 DSC02169 DSC02170  At Lime Kiln point - nice lighthouse and sea glass searching.
DSC02172 DSC02173 DSC02177  Just have to keep an eye on the tide, so we can get out. DSC02178  Nice!
DSC02180  Ben's great find. DSC02181  Sam's. DSC02183  Ok, got the kids out the other side safely, by counting wave sets. I ran up instead of counting for another set because I wanted to be sure they were ok. Oh well. Wet feet never killed anyone. DSC02184  Then it started to rain, so we drove north to Roche Harbor. Some say "Roach" but I'm opposed to that for obvious reasons Mom will know well. Others say "Roash" which I think is preferable.
DSC02185  Very pretty gardens! DSC02186 DSC02187 DSC02188  Theodore Roosevelt stayed at Hotel de Haro!
DSC02189  Windows slope - very historic building. DSC02190 DSC02191  Bocci pretty popular here! DSC02192  STILL raining 3 hours later, so what could be more sensible than load up the boys with a massive ice cream cone before piling in the tent for the evening?
DSC02193  Same sunset view, day 2. DSC02194  Well, just sprinkling so might as well have a fire and dry out my socks. DSC02195  It really works! DSC02197  However, Ben said "Mom you're causing stinky sock precipitation from your evaporation!!" I guess he imagined the evaporation from my socks was causing a rain cloud right overhead and the drops to fall on us!
DSC02198  They dried out and got nice and leathery on the bottoms. DSC02202  I think the beer choice caused the rain! DSC02204  Ah yes. Warm feet. DSC02205  And drier shoes.
DSC02206  Boys doing some kind of ninja boxing routine before bed. Another not-so-wise plan, but why be all uptight while camping, right? DSC02207