Day 1 of Camping Trip to San Juan Island
DSC01986  On our way to San Juan Island to camp with Dad for Father's Day weekend and my birthday! DSC01990  First of two ferries! DSC01991 DSC01992  I am just CRAMMED in here for three days.
DSC01997  Eagle waiting to drive off the ferry :) DSC01998  So is Steve! DSC02002  In addition to boys crammed in back with me, I had two pillows and multiple animal friends, books and Rubiks cubes! DSC02004  When I got a little stir crazy I bothered Sam :) which, of course, he loved!
DSC02005  This is my view for 5 hours! 20150617 100214 DSC02007  A nice little stop for lunch on Whidbey Island, in Coupeville. DSC02008
DSC02009 DSC02010  That's an eagle out there! DSC02012 20150617 113311  Hmmm...inspiration!
DSC02015  Now we're almost to the second ferry. We're at Deception Pass. Very tricky water for boaters - swirling in the channel far below. Marilou - we're working on SEVERAL three-generation shots throughout these folders. Here's one! DSC02016  A view of the bridge. DSC02017 DSC02022
DSC02023  Sam is constantly solving, the whole trip. Multiple cubes. He's back in a cube phase! DSC02024  Ben found a balloon which he quickly befriended. DSC02025 DSC02026
DSC02027  And tried to take good care of! DSC02029  Where is it? DSC02030  Made it into the truck again! 20150617 130425
20150617 130535 MAH02020 DSC02032  Ferry #2 from Anacortes to San Juan Island (Friday Harbor). DSC02034
DSC02037 DSC02039 DSC02042  Playing a little jelly bean hockey. DSC02043  Friday Harbor!
DSC02046  Almost there! 20150617 144035 DSC02047 DSC02049  The most adventurous jelly bean in the world is still with us!
DSC02050  Driving to our campground! DSC02051  San Juan Island is small - maybe 12 miles top to bottom. DSC02052  Time to get some wood! DSC02054  Pushing UP HILL :)
DSC02057  Pounding in stakes. I have 10 years of these pictures - the ceremonial pounding :) 20150617 151243  Jelly bean makes it to the campsite! DSC02058 DSC02059
DSC02061  Dad making a rope contraption for his rain fly. DSC02062  Ben is a huge help setting up ;) DSC02064  Our site, looking out to the water below! DSC02065  Love these camping cubes!
DSC02067  They hold all our clothes - mommy and two boys. DSC02068  Dad gave these awesome tools to the boys to use for campouts! They are in our special camping tools bin. DSC02069  Dad hanging our camping flag. We have inherited it - thank you so much! It is an honor to fly your flag! DSC02070
DSC02071 DSC02073 DSC02075  On a little walkabout... DSC02076  This field is at the campground.
DSC02078  A nice beach tucked away. DSC02082  Cold water but very refreshing! DSC02083 DSC02087
DSC02088 DSC02089  Warming up some chili we made in advance. So yummy! DSC02090 DSC02091
DSC02092 DSC02094  Why does this spatula have a butt? DSC02095 DSC02097
DSC02098  Fritos and sour cream - yum! DSC02099  Dad on KP - kitchen patrol! DSC02100 DSC02101
DSC02102  S'mores! DSC02104  And sunset - around 9:30pm. DSC02105 DSC02106
DSC02107  If you do these last two pictures back and forth quickly... DSC02111 DSC02114  We came back to the site to find Sam had decorated himself in charcoal. He'd been rubbing away at a burned out log. We're not sure why. He really loved that "It stained EVERY-THING, Mom!" DSC02115
20150617 211435  Maybe this one is my phone background...