Day 3 - English Camp and home
DSC02208  Ben waking up...I have a tradition of taking morning time pictures while camping. It's not so widely loved by everyone so it's getting a little hard... DSC02209  See?! DSC02211  Solving before coffee? DSC02214  Hi Daddy!
DSC02215 DSC02216 DSC02217  Dad is already packed up! Whoa! DSC02218  Good job, Dad! You're the best!
DSC02219 DSC02220  Need coffee! DSC02221 DSC02223  View from our site. A really nice morning after the rain!
DSC02224  Dave is making a special warm treat for the boys. Granola and warm milk. DSC02225 DSC02226 DSC02227
DSC02229  Family picture time!!! DSC02230 DSC02231  This one isn't too bad... DSC02232  This one is remarkably crazy!
DSC02233 20150619 092728  I want to build something like this - the cabin was built by a homesteader from Maine. 20150619 093212  A little beach exploring before heading out. 20150619 093225
20150619 093233 20150619 093640 20150619 093746  I miss tidepool time with the boys. It's just not the same here, but I know I'm biased :) 20150619 094128
DSC02234  Back to Roche Harbor for breakfast. DSC02235  This is a really nice place. DSC02237 DSC02238  The malt vinegar smells like my socks, per Ben.
DSC02239  Yes, timer came, too! DSC02240  Good food at the little diner on the marina! DSC02244 DSC02245
DSC02248  Nice showers, too! DSC02249  Cottages for rent sleep 6, and to the left is a pool. This is all on the same property. DSC02250  Nice restaurant where we ate the prior afternoon. DSC02251  Love the outdoor fireplace.
DSC02252  Quite a nice place for a wedding - there was one going on the weekend we were there. DSC02253 DSC02255  Checking out English Camp now. DSC02256  Formal gardens!
DSC02257 DSC02260 DSC02261 DSC02262  This is the north end of the island.
DSC02263 DSC02264 DSC02265  Cool building! DSC02266
DSC02267  Graveyard on Young's Hill. DSC02268  We hiked off-trail straight to the little summit as we had a ferry to catch. DSC02269  Pretty cool views! DSC02270  Dad watched from the graveyard below.
DSC02272 DSC02273 DSC02274 DSC02276
DSC02277 DSC02278 DSC02279 DSC02280
DSC02281 DSC02282 DSC02283 DSC02284  Amazing views!
DSC02285 DSC02287  Most adventurous jelly bean is STILL with us! And that's a new friend, Dylan the Orca. DSC02288  Hi Eagle! DSC02289  A neat game Dave got for us to play.
DSC02291  Ferry ride home! DSC02292  The most excitement was wondering if we'd catch ferry #2 in time! We did.