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2015 Family portraits

Best family photo shoot EVAH! ;)

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Sam's 10th

Sam's 10th birthday

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DSC01813  A nice family walk in the neighborhood to welome in 2015 ;) DSC01814 DSC01815  The crazy parade! DSC01816
DSC01817  Ben is saying "Fetch, Mommy!" DSC01818  Dave trying to pretend he doesn't know us. DSC01819  Their favorite time of all. Family photo shoot. I use the same log every year. It's getting slipperier (is that a word?). DSC01820  But that lets me slide in at the last minute.
DSC01822 DSC01823  Hiking home. DSC01824  This elf was trying to scare us! DSC01825  Here's a new photo shoot location perhaps? We just needed to try it out.
DSC01828  Bad boys! DSC01829 DSC01830  Ben is dancing and singing loudly. DSC01831  Now Sam is, too.
DSC01832  The chickens can line up and take a picture nicely - what's the big deal? 20150101 125835  I might have tried a little experiment to see who would come and carry this off. It ENTIRELY disappeared without any crumbs left. The perpetrator must have walked on its hind limbs and carried it. Bears? Sasquatch? We saw a masked bandit the next day when the motion sensor light went off. He came back for more! 20150102 154730  I made a little forest bouquet out of stuff that would stay green even when dry. Martha Stewart strikes! 20150102 154805  Looks better without my mug distracting you, right?
20150103 181547  At a birthday party for AJ who turned 10. It was roller skating! Thank you, Vicky! 20150104 165527  Getting scratchies :) 20150105 152528  At German Stammtisch with Nathan, our tutor. He is so wonderful with the kids! We went for a walk in the woods looking for animals and plants and puddles - all new vocabulary words. 20150105 162053  Ben at basketball practice trying his new shoes out!
20150105 162238-1  Uncle Dan, he loves those new basketball shoes! Thank you! 20150106 202507  Snuggled in watching football! 20150108 152742  Learning how to send email with Gramma! He LOVES to send it now! 20150110 101329  At Ben's first basketball game!
20150110 102240  Proud big brother wearing his ice hockey jersey, looking on at the game. Sam has a game right after this. But first I have to go to Wal-Mart and buy a birthday present and take Ben to a party. I had everything precisely timed. 20150110 102548  The timing didn't quite work out as well as I'd hoped. Ben didn't want to change clothes in the truck so he did his stiff-as-a-board routine, taking up some time. 20150110 103154  Ben worked really hard and played most of the game. His team won! Ben is the youngest and not the strongest player, so the coach wisely gave him a lot of game time to get the jitters out. Ben has a great work ethic and keeps his chin up even if he misses a play. 20150110 143452  Warming up for ice hockey!
20150111 110340  Pancakes for breakfast! 20150111 110420  With lots of amazing berries and syrups! 20150111 114633  I set up an older computer which had a hard drive failure - got it repaired by the Geek Squad and set it up for the kids. WOW am I glad I did! The Fresh Paint app for Windows 8 is FANTASTIC! 20150111 115026  Decorating his bird in watercolor.
20150111 115125  Learning how to blend and erase. 20150111 115141  Sam is learning Java so he can mod Minecraft and make his own armor, ores, biomes, etc. He just finished a 12-part course and published his own mod which he then imported into Minecraft! 20150111 115149  Sam at work. I'm going to try to get his computer programming software onto the big computer as well. He needs a bigger screen. 20150111 115213  Showing me around the new world!
20150111 115259  That's Sam with his "Ultimate Sword" that he designed himself, pixel by pixel! 20150111 115318-1  You're so cute! I love you little Minecraft Sam! 20150111 115859  With a ghast in the background. 20150111 115923  He's running!
20150111 115935  Go Sam! 20150111 120243  An ore wall, showing all his new custom ores, including copper, sapphire, geodes, aquamarine and malachite. Great way to combine love of geology and gaming! 20150111 120421  Achievements, too. 20150111 120611  Here's the code...
IMG 8733  This is out on a walk at Fort Ward. IMG 8735  Trying to get a hug! IMG 8738  Walking with these boys is ridiculous! They are so loud and so nuts! Dave finally took them by the scruff :) IMG 8740  One scruff and one pants - laughing all the way!
IMG 8742  3.4 mile walk for Mom and Richard, who haven't had a chance to walk much while they've been up here visiting. IMG 8770  Some nice quiet time at night with Daddy! IMG 8771 IMG 8772  Playing Shut The Box! with Daddy.
20150112 191450  Working with Randy using new guitar from Nana and PopPop! IMG 8870  This is too funny...doing some auction errands. This is a donation from Rolling Bay Cafe (THANK YOU!). IMG 8874  Baked potatoes are SO good! IMG 8875
IMG 8876  You can even eat the insides then fold them up like a burrito. Did you know that? 20150114 093837  Ben has the flu, poor guy, but still has his sense of humor! He said "Control, SIT!" when he went to sit on the exam table (as in CTRL + Shift on a computer keyboard). He learned lots of keyboard controls with Gramma when he got his own email account. And Gramma caught the flu, too :( 20150115 170828  Starting to feel a little better after Tamiflu. Eating a crunchwrap slider at Taco Bell - that was his sick boy dinner wish :) 20150117 133500  Apparently these are much coveted auction items - this is at the school where Ben played a basketball game.
20150117 140128  6 days after catching the flu, playing in the game. He's a trooper! 20150117 140142 20150117 140854 20150117 141235  He still ran hard even though he must have been tired!
20150117 141425  Getting his hands on the ball more often and making some plays. 20150117 141530 20150117 141541 20150117 141652  Good defense ;)
20150117 141700  Not sure if this is legal, but he butt-bumped a guy who was pressing in too close. 20150117 142048  There he goes again! 20150117 142051 20150117 142825  He just said later - "I had itches on my cheeks."
20150117 143052  Getting a compliment from the coach for looking up and tracking where the other players are. 20150117 143105  Looking at Mommy during the compliment - he is so cute! He will look over to me during helpful criticism (coaching) and compliments to see my reaction :) You can see big brother here as well - Sam carefully watches the game and calls every foul. 20150117 152958  At lunch/dinner afterwards - watching ice hockey! 20150117 164209  Burning the flu tissues!
20150118 161339  A celebration after the Seahawks earned their second SuperBowl! We cut up our tree and had a bonfire, and cooked SPAM :) 20150118 161343  First we did some caber tossing :) 20150118 161809  Pine needles make some good fire cracker-like noises! 20150118 162125
20150118 162211  Showing Ben how to do the "clean" press? Or is it the "snatch"? I don't know! 20150118 162415  I did it! 20150118 162419  Cute boy feeling much better. Just a runny nose. And Gramma is on the mend, too, thankfully! 20150118 163906  Snap, crackle, pop!
20150118 163954  I had a nice time with the boys. 20150118 181432  SPAM by flashlight :) 20150118 181510  Yum! We didn't even have one vegetable, unless you count the ketchup. I'm ready to eat salad for breakfast today! And I can't even begin to describe how THIRSTY I was! IMG 8868  The end of a lesson with Janet, continuing to work on canter position. I think I might have deleted the vids from earlier in the week with some spooks and bucks. Oh well! Thanks for the videos, mom!
20150119 135556  Ben is a crazy skater! Look how he zooms around all these people! 20150119 143354  More terror on the ice! 20150119 154129  Sushi boys! I let them both pick out sushi platters before ice hockey and look what they got! Wow. The next time I encouraged a little more restraint! 20150121 154328  Hockey shoot-out after school :)
20150121 161910 20150123 170656  Ben enjoying picking out a drink with his "tip jar" money! 20150124 120656  Sam got a new stick for his birthday! ON his birthday - he had a game :) 20150124 122308  Joel helping get sticks taped up and waxed for extra stickiness. Thank you, Joel!
20150125 140008  It's chicken family portrait time! 20150125 140022 20150125 140202  Just enjoying seeing clean, mite-free legs! 20150125 140253  Chickens all have clean feet, too, because I totally cleaned out their gross pen and put down wood chips.
20150125 140332  Happy birds! 20150125 140341 20150125 150206 20150125 150218
20150125 150308 20150125 150324 20150126 192526  Lessons with Randy 20150126 192652  Go, Ben!
20150126 192906 20150128 160004  Esther coming over to play! 20150129 162045  Explaining a basketball play. 20150129 163046  Hi Kai!