2015 Family portraits

Best family photo shoot EVAH! ;)
DSC01833  Testing the camera timer for family portraits! All in our Skene tartans, thanks to Gramma for having a new one made each year for the oldest growing boy. Gramma is holding in Richard's belly and Dave looks like he's about to fly away! DSC01834  Just waiting for the boys now. DSC01835  Dave: "Sam! Stop shooting please. For the third time! Time to take that hoodie off!" DSC01836  Ok...we have one boy. Just need the other one.
DSC01837  Ah! Here he is! Excited to take his pictures! Sam: "AAAAAACH! It's the worst DAY of MY LIFE!!!!" DSC01838  I wonder what's under that hoodie. I hope a vest. DSC01840  "Ok Sam, here you go!" DSC01844  I wonder how many pictures it will take to get 6 people to all smile at once?
DSC01845  Ok - we've got the back row cooperating. DSC01846  Oh no! DSC01847  This is - hands down - my favorite! Look at Gramma's face! She doesn't even know about the Super Soaker yet! DSC01848  Sam, you have SO many faces!
DSC01850  Oh my goodness! Another one! DSC01851  Ben is lecturing: "Sam, if you KEEP doing this ALL day, we will HAVE TO STAY OUT HERE DOING 500 THOUSAND SHOTS!" Look at Dave. He spends much of his life like this, poor guy. DSC01852  I thought we'd finally gotten a good one! DSC01853  "Boys! I'm going to CRY!" (Not her real words.) Sam is gritting his teeth - "Mom, ONE more, that's IT!"
DSC01854  Nice! Richard is thinking - "It's dang cold out here and now it's raining!" DSC01855  Ben: "How hard is it, really, to take just one decent picture?" DSC01856  This is our best shot - do you agree? DSC01857  A little selfie with my handsome husband!
DSC01858 DSC01859  Richard and Gramma having fun! DSC01860 DSC01861
DSC01862  Are we done yet? DSC01863  "I love you, Oli!" Richard is longsuffering!!!! DSC01864  In sickness and health, for richer or poorer...sun and rain...