Sam's 10th

Sam's 10th birthday
20150127 111710  Salmon bellies for Sam! 20150127 130559  And Minecraft "Dorito ore" brought into school! Sam's favorite snack is Doritos :) 20150127 152056  Doing homework with a buddy before practice. DSC01867  Getting the 15 passenger van ready to take a bunch of boys down to stick and puck time for Sam's birthday!
DSC01868 DSC01871 20150201 114052 DSC01877  Getting on the ice! I think there were about 15 kids and two coaches, plus some siblings and parents. Hap's dad, Frank, was on the ice as well.
DSC01879  Ben played with the big kids! DSC01880  Look at him go :) DSC01881  Getting a briefing from Coach Pike before the play starts. DSC01882
20150201 123105  It was like a great game of pond hockey - cross ice made it possible to get a lot of action in a small space. 20150201 123115  It's really fun to watch the coaches mix up the play and skate around all those kids! DSC01885 DSC01890  Sam is in the Devils jersey.
DSC01891 DSC01892 DSC01896 DSC01897  There's Ben waiting to rotate in.
DSC01898 DSC01900  Coach Chris intent on a play! DSC01902  Pike and Wilson going at it! DSC01903  Go Frank!
DSC01907  Chris just scored! :) DSC01909 DSC01911 DSC01912a
DSC01912 MAH01874  A few more videos of the action. It was really wonderful to see all the smiles! Everyone had such a great time! MAH01887  It happened to be on a weekend where the kids had come close to winning two winnable games, but unfortunately ended up a point down. This fun on the ice reminded everyone what hockey is all about - the love of the game! MAH01924
20150201 133831  We had pizza for everyone and it got so nuts with the drink requests that I asked the girls at the counter to just keep track of what the kids ordered and I'd pay all at once - open bar! 20150201 134032  $20 in slushies later! MAH01925  On the way home! No devices, boys! Time to entertain your driver! :)