02-2015 Feb

20150202 132704  Ben's hockey stick is an absolute SLIVER! Look at how much he has worn it down with shooting on the concrete?! He's got a slap shot you'd want to duck :) 20150202 143159  German club! 20150202 143306 20150202 150808
20150202 201509  I LOVE THIS GAME! 20150202 201514  I seriously break a sweat. I am undefeated. 20150203 090656  Eagle couple up there in the tree! 20150203 090701  Can you see them?
20150202 191713  Playing with Randy during lessons. I'm sharing these videos so Nana and Pop Pop can see the boys use their new instruments (although Ben is still playing uke). 20150202 192327 20150205 170616  Ben at basketball practice. 20150205 170630  In new shoes!
20150205 170753  He's fast! 20150206 105531  Ben at our math circle on Fridays. I volunteer at school with two classes on Fridays. 20150206 200111  Waiting to go on the ice! 20150206 200336
20150209 113408  Rain or shine - nothing keeps the boys from shooting! 20150209 165456  Sam doing a prealgebra2 course online through Art of Problem Solving. Excellent course and interesting delivery - like a chat room. Sam really likes it. 20150212 160121  Clever hockey dad runs sticks up through some kind of big cardboard tube so he can get them in and out of the SUV without digging and breaking them. 20150213 082851  Nice view while out on a jog.
20150214 202705  My riding instructor, Janet, gave me these teeth she found in a drawer while cleaning. Halloween costume style teeth. Ben loved them :) 20150215 123011  Taking care of a cat for friends. This is Copernicus. Sam earned money for cat-sitting to pay his way to staying at IslandWood for his 4th grade outdoor ed overnight camp. 20150215 192819  At a Thunderbirds game! 20150215 193823  Happy Birthday, Kim!
20150216 144444  Dressage clinic with Bill Woods. 20150216 144619  This is Bye on Jaeger. 20150216 145306  Nothing better than an afternoon ride in the sun. 20150216 145322
20150217 111452  A holiday hike through the woods on February break. 20150217 111529  This was a great time! 20150220 155151  But both boys were sick a day later. 20150220 155221  Once again in the doctor's office. Trying to keep them from touching each other, me, or anything in the exam room. So - first time I've let them bring devices to the doctor.
20150221 143501  He can do 10 of these in a row! 20150221 143441  Ben has a pretty good dribble going :) 20150222 105531  Remembering how to do somersaults while waiting for the ferry! 20150222 105539  Ben is showing Sam :)
20150222 133846  Both boys sick, so I am carrying the snot rag bag to the ice hockey game. 20150222 133849  Nice coaches brought it to the bench for Sam. 20150222 144301  A great game!!! 20150222 144323  Both coaches had really big smiles on leaving the ice, with arms loaded - water bottles, sticks and snot rag bags. Such great guys!
20150222 170738  Coming home from the game. 20150222 170948  Daddy tired! 20150222 171010  Ben full of it :) 20150224 093413  Cherry blossoms in bloom! I thought of you, Mary!
20150301 114152  Playoff game #1 - still tied! This went to a shoot-out, which we won! 20150301 114203  The cheering section!!! 20150301 114338  First up for the shootout - Will! 20150301 152715  But everyone is still sick. I have an ear infection now. This is my daily regimen just to keep going. It's ridiculous. I was sick with a sore throat and sinus infection for a month. For 3 weeks of that time I couldn't hear out of my right ear due to eustachian tube dysfunction - the virus lodged in my ear!
20150301 114826  We won!!!! Now we get to advance the next weekend! 20150302 135709  I left a note for the boys to find when they got home. 20150302 190423  Music lessons are always fun! 20150302 193234  Ben is doing a great job. Eddie - We LOVE this ukulele and think of you every time he plays. Me ke aloha!