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Division Playoffs

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Uncle Doug  Tito Pig! You are so handsome. This is my brother. The pictures were taken when their daughter Isabella pushed the professional photog's shutter button. Uncle Doug2  Good job, Isabella! 20150303 161059  Sam helping with trash! 20150305 171717  Ben at a basketball practice. Coach Tomine is the best. We really lucked out with an awesome coach!
20150307 091432  Ben creating an ice rink in Minecraft. 20150307 091800  Here it is! 20150307 091833  Nice work, Ben! 20150307 132001  The end of season lunch at Casa Rojas for Ben's basketball team - just after their final game which they won by a point! Go Scorpions :) They were undefeated! From there we went to Sam's next ice hockey playoff game in Lynnwood. Busy Saturday!
20150307 132147  Coach Tomine saying nice things about Ben, how he's a happy kid and a hard worker. 20150307 154041  Ben loves his trophy! 20150307 154157  It goes everywhere with him. 20150307 154311  They are both missing teeth!
20150307 154324  Trying to get a nice face! 20150307 154239-1  Nice picture, Ben ;) 20150312 133131  Emmy after a great ride and trail ride. Enjoying her lunch. She looks sleepy :) 20150312 133207  Bye, Emmy! See you on Monday!
20150313 153839  These custom puck trophy stands were made by Hap's Dad, Frank. Can you believe it? Each child and the coaches got one! 20150313 155519  Just incredible. Thank you! The stands are made from cherry which he used on the stairs in the gorgeous home he is building for his family. 20150314 154557  End of season party - hitting up the counter for slushies! 20150314 154611  It got so busy in there that some of our wonderful team parents and siblings went in to serve :)
20150314 155341  THANK YOU!!!! 20150314 162658  Coach Pike handing out awards. He is saying Sam is Mr. Patience - waiting to make the play. 20150314 163136  Coach Pike's boy, Dylan, our star goalie. Without him we would have had a different season! 20150314 173203  Whiffle ball between tournament games for Aaron's birthday!
20150314 181559  Eating pumpkin pie for the party because it's pi day - 3.15.15 :) 20150314 181610  Nice! 20150314 181714  Thanks, Juli! A great time! 20150314 185020  Nicole's whole family visiting!
20150315 101644  Lining up at the end of the tournament for medals. 20150315 101701  It's officially end of hockey season! 20150315 103128  A bit sad, taking the name plates off. 20150315 104118
20150315 104108  No more name plate. I wonder who will get this number next season? 20150315 124248  Just in case we ever lose the playlist - this is the mix Dave made for our rockhound road trip last summer when I drove around on a rock hunting trip up to British Columbia with the boys. What a great time! 20150316 135820  Ben is a daredevil. This is 10 ft up. 20150316 174408  Sam has an unusual way of doing work on his computer.
20150316 174415  This is how he attends his online class. 20150316 174421  Silly guy! 20150316 180425  Boys practicing music. Look who I get to fold laundry with! So cute! 20150316 184850  Sam doing "percussion" he said. Nuts!
20150317 164318  Roller hockey meet-up - last time to skate on the old surface! 20150318 094237  Breakfast outside! Yum! 20150318 140016  Trying to get a selfie with Emmy. OMG. 20150318 140040  Let's try again.
20150318 140057  I deleted more than 2/3 of them, too! 20150318 140100  Is this over yet? 20150318 140825  Do you think that red section is hot? I'm told it's insulated enough I wouldn't feel a shock, but I have to say I am careful each time I thread a chain through that space between wire and wood to close a gate! 20150319 160735  Boys in the truck waiting for me while I lunge a horse :)
20150319 174033  Out to McDonald's after getting Ben's MMR shot. Long story. I vaccinated him early when we went to Scotland for my brother's wedding because they were having a measles outbreak. 20150319 174050  I thought two doses, even if one was early, would provide immunity. I got an exemption for him to get a third dose. Then I got a titer because now there's an outbreak in CA and people here travel there over break. If measles came to Ben's school, he'd have to stay home for 21 days because he's considered under-vaccinated. Turns out the titer was low - he wasn't immune. So we got a third dose anyway! 20150319 174146  At McDs horsing around. Learning about what a seizure looks like...because that is a side effect. The boys wanted to know. Of course it led to nonsense! 20150319 174318
20150320 170859  Haircut time! They just love it! 20150320 170920  Nice jobs, though! 20150320 181722  Shopping at the commissary with them is so fun. 20150320 181731  They do take up a lot of room in the aisles but they make good choices and got some great stuff!
20150320 182027  They also have a lot of fun buying cakes and bread mixes! 20150320 182106  And plenty of strawberry and chocolate milk mix. And Chef Boyardee. 20150321 123300  Out on a 5K jog around Battle Point Park. Such a good time! 20150321 123354  Those boys are great runners.
20150321 123408  Sam toughed out some shin splints. It's different running when you're nearly the size of an adult. He's 100 lbs now and very muscley. 20150321 161207  Ben has been 60lbs for two years I think! But here he is with Gordon - born on Ben's 4th birthday. 20150321 161220  Taking Gordon out for some nice grass nibbles on the lawn. 20150321 161224
20150321 161245  Awww Gordie! 20150321 161312  Gordie would prefer that a girl would be out here with him enjoying it, too. 20150321 161318  Gordie making his rooster call to say "Hey! There's AWESOME stuff here!" 20150321 204618  Knee hockey in our house goes on several times a day, even just before bed. We're not alone, apparently. Other hockey families say their kids go bananas with the knee hockey, too. Our floors have lots of happy memories scuffed into them! We'll just have to refinish them some sad day when knee hockey isn't happening nightly.
20150323 190307 20150328 125645  New roller hockey surface going in! 20150328 184218  This dog is hilarious - and a town legend! 20150328 184256  We saw Zeppa while out to dinner with friends from hockey.
20150328 184301 20150329 131819  Testing out some hockey gear from my wonderful ice hockey families! 20150329 143032  Some of the ice hockey kids are going to play roller hockey, so we're doing a little meet-up to get some time on the skates. 20150329 143036  Fun to see all the trucks and kids and gear...
20150329 144745 20150329 145814  Hockey moms are so devoted :) 20150329 151529  Just for kicks we put this cookie on the hood to see if any crows would eat it. They didn't, so we drove home with it on the hood (Dave didn't notice before we drove off - part of the fun for the kids!). 20150329 151602  It stayed on really well, especially once it flipped up and onto the windshield wiper!
20150330 143156  Got a roofing nail in my tire, but the folks at Island Center Auto patched it right up! 20150331 142120  Out on a jog over Spring Break with some friends. 20150331 142130  I got the jogging stroller fixed up to be our sag wagon/ gear storage. It was a big hit! 20150331 143209  The kids did so great!
20150331 143229  We even picked up a few extras along the way. IMG 3826  It ended up being quite the crazy parade, thanks to all the fun kids and parents who decided a jog around the park sounded fun! 20150331 144742  Drumsticks for all afterwards. 20150331 144755  Yay!
20150331 144800  Nice face, Ben! 20150331 144814  Lisa and Brie :) Lisa jogged in jeans with this dodgeball the whole way! 20150331 144844  And Finn had no shoes! 20150331 153241  Enjoying some time in the park with storms all around us. We were in the only slice of sun on Bainbridge.
20150331 153249  Such a nice time hanging out while the kids played - no one else was there at this usually very busy park. 20150331 153622  It was stormy everywhere else, as you can see! 20150331 153740  But the kids were on a nice flight in this wooden plane. Ben watching fixer upper  Ben watching Fixer Upper with his new toy bulldozer from Gramma and Richard! Thank you!!!