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Pic-01272014-002  On our way to Sam's flag football party. I tied a drum to Ben with a bike inner tube. :) Pic-02052014-007 Pic-02052014-005 Pic-02052014-003  Ben at robotics club, filming a 4th grader working on an experiment. He seems to fit right in. I volunteer to help out with the club, so Ben comes along as well.
Pic-02052014-001  The horse I rode on the trails, Sugar, is on the right. She is a good little girl, fun to ride. Pic-02042014-010  We made crumb cake one afternoon last week, and ended up chomping massive bits of it outside with our friend Ingunn because it started snowing. So we had to celebrate! Pic-02042014-007  There's Esther. That is how Norwegian babies nap - so snug! Pic-02042014-006  Hi Ingunn! That was fun!
Pic-02042014-002 Pic-02042014-001  This was funny but I couldn't get a shot in time. I looked down the driveway and Ben was caged in the soccer net like an animal - he'd gotten stuck in there! It was so funny - he was laughing. Pic-02012014-002  This was the to-do list before friends from church came over for dinner. We are part of a dinners for 10 group, and 15 came (including kids). So there was much to do and no one was helping me, so I put "M" next to everything I did as I completed the task. Look what happened to all my "M's." Hmmm. DSC00444  The big dinner party!
Pic-01302014-001  Doesn't this look like a flying duck? How weird! Pic-01262014-005  Ben loves blackberry smoothies. And I love his mustaches! This was in the market after church. We were having so much fun, and causing a bit of a scene. Oh well. Pic-01262014-002  See? What's not to love! Pic-01262014-001
DSC00473  Chopping wood. Such a great helper. DSC00472 DSC00471 DSC00470  Putting the axe down before getting more wood.
DSC00469  Looking at his pile of "work product." DSC00468  Ooops! This is why we always put the axe down when we move. Sometimes we are a little clutzy. DSC00467 DSC00466
DSC00465  He is very careful. DSC00464  Putting the pieces back together like a puzzle. DSC00460  Friend and neighbor Kai over shooting hoops. DSC00457  While these guys watch!
DSC00456  Three of them in the maple tree! DSC00453  They would love chicken dinner but amazingly Merlin and Gordon haven't lost a hen to them yet. DSC00452 DSC00451
DSC00450 DSC00447 DSC00446 089  Making Valentine's crafts together. We went to the hardware shop for inspiration and this is what we came up with. Chiseled initials then burnished.
091  Nice! 093  Sam did a great job making 24 of these. 095 096  Even the coping saw. Imagine all the saw dust on the floor. ;)
photo  Our friend, 5th grader Nate, caught this picture at the last basketball game. WHAT a riveting game that was! Like being at the Olympics! The kids played their hearts out and lost only by 2 points. It was a great, close game. WP 20140215 001  Building together in Minecraft - literally taking turns tiling that huge floor with quartz and gold. It was so cute, even if I don't like how much they love Minecraft. It is so all-consuming! But it is very cute when they share a world. WP 20140215 002  Sam did a great job rebounding at this game - something he is good at doing because he's so big. His coach's only suggestion - don't be such a nice guy. Get in there. So he did. WP 20140215 006  And here he goes dribbling up to make a play! Sam also debuted a move he's been working on - dribbling behind his back to the alternate hand. I must say we were pretty impressed when that tricked popped out in the heat of play. One of the other dads, also a coach, was like "Whoah!"
WP 20140215 009  Getting a brief coaching minute during a time-out. The game is almost over and they are one shot from tying it up. WP 20140217 001  Ummm...this was a little funny. So Dave came home from Japan and in my opinion had been a touch cranky. I thought I was being a good wife, not being demanding as he recovered from jet lag. But as the days wore on I felt a more intense need to be acknowledged or THANKED for SOMETHING. Soooo...I jotted down on the white board what I wanted him to say. Something like "Thank you for taking the boys to church and for being such a model of faith and industry." You know, something not very self-gratuitous. I left a place for him to sign his name underneath. This is what appeared the next time I walked by! WP 20140217 002  And this appeared later! WP 20140217 003  Sam has built a domino tower with 1700 doms!
WP 20140217 006  Then this neat field spelling his name. Not as easy to do as you might imagine. WP 20140217 007  The field being set off. First video with my new phone. WP 20140218 001  Now we are at Big 5. We are interested in trying roller hockey, so we watched the 1980 Men's Olympic hockey win over the USSR this morning (original footage) then set off to get us some blades (there is no ice rink nearby, so we are joining the local roller hockey team). Ben's skates will fit size 1-4 - they have a slide-out feature which is really cool. Sam's skates, we later learned upon checkout, were 70% off!!! He got them for $21.97!!!! WP 20140218 002  When I went to gather up all the gear, I realized I couldn't get out of the store, so I went to get a gear bag. Meanwhile Sam and Ben were learning to skate around on the carpet (the recommended way to get your bearings). The store wasn't crowded, thankfully, but can you imagine hearing a thud every now and then and wondering what might have gone down?
WP 20140218 003  Ah yes. All stowed now. Nice. WP 20140218 004  At Wilkes to try it all out. I managed to get my own blades on, too. We had a blast! WP 20140218 005  Sent to Tito Pig, who we called for some advice on our way over. He said, "Start by going straight, then coast into a turn, then learn to stop, then go backwards. In that order." He learned to play ice hockey when he was in 9th grade. Legendary bravery! WP 20140218 007  Ben has wheelies on - he wanted some SO badly. These have pop-in wheels in the back. Turns out they are much harder to learn than blades. Poor guy. But he is very good at cradling that ball/puck.
WP 20140218 008  Here's some video I caught as we were winding down. This is one hour into testing out our blades. WP 20140218 010  This last one is pretty funny. 20140222 125403 20140223 104841
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