DSC00575  We got 2" of snow and man did we make good use of it today :) DSC00582  We were on our way to church when we found animal tracks we really wanted to follow... DSC00584  Can you see this large cougar track? With a tail track to the right? These were next to the raccoon tracks in the previous picture. I think it must be the rare side-tailed raccougar. My hand is there for scale. DSC00585  Then we drove around looking for hills to test the 4WD in. Found our way over to a dear friend's house who is very good about drop-ins. We had a great time!
DSC00588  These guys loved trying to get each other, then me! DSC00591  Ah yes! Nail the cameraman! I told them to aim for me in a later shot and you know what? They are GOOD SHOTS! They got my camera smack on the lens! It is not a water-proof/shock-proof/Alli-proof camera but I warmed it up and it seems to be ok now. DSC00593  Love these pictures :) DSC00594
DSC00595 DSC00596  And they are enjoying the fight! DSC00604  Another hill to try. We heard there was some sliding down this one so we decided to take a turn at it. It was fine. You just can't lock up your brakes. DSC00607  Sam making HUGE stomps!
DSC00614  Cute boys! So much fun! They were really enjoying the whole adventure. DSC00620  Hiding to get his brother! DSC00633 DSC00636
DSC00640 DSC00652 DSC00654  Ben really enjoyed nailing the truck with big snowballs! DSC00655  He's going, in a deep growly, gravely voice: "SOMEONE needs a CAR wash! heh heh heh!" Then SMACK went the snowball and more growl-laughing!
DSC00656 DSC00657  Sneaking around to Sam's side. Sam and I were inside snickering, warm and dry, while he stalked us! DSC00658  Love this picture! He had us caged, and he loved it! DSC00660  ha!
DSC00662  Suckers!