Stadium tour

DSC00477  On our way to a tour of Seahawks stadium for part 2 of Sam's birthday. DSC00488  Pioneer Square! DSC00494  And here we are! We had 12 kids and 7 stellar adults. DSC00496  In a private suite...nice!
DSC00500  Cleaning up after the big party several days prior after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl! DSC00503  Freight elevator on our way to the FIELD! DSC00506  Go Stanley! This is where the visiting team runs out. #SC00507
#SC00510  They said NFL rules prevented us from throwing the ball or running on the field, but we sure managed to have a good time anyway. (Seriously, though!?) #SC00511 #SC00513 #SC00515
#SC00516 #SC00517  We can sure make it look like there's a lot of action going on! #SC00519 #SC00520
#SC00521 #SC00523  Love these pictures! My camera decided to eat them later and not offload them, so these took an inordinate amount of care to get. I had to download a picture retriever and go hunt them down off my camera card. So glad I did. Thanks for playing along, Phil! #SC00524 #SC00525  Phil played football in high school and college!
#SC00526 #SC00527 #SC00528  12th pigeon (the "12th man" is how the Seahawks refer to fans). #SC00530  Great day for a view of the stadium.
#SC00532 #SC00533  Seattle-ites not used to the sun so we are all squinting! Funny thing - we actually had 12 kids on this tour. One had to leave for a basketball game by the time we took this photo. The lady in the purple used to work for the Seahawks, so that was pretty cool to have her perspective. Such a great group. Thanks so much for a good time, guys! #SC00543 DSC00549  An expansion joint in the event of an earthquake.
DSC00552  In the press box. DSC00554  And the broadcast booth. DSC00555 DSC00557  Big Bertha across the street boring a 2 mile long hole to replace the viaduct.
DSC00560 DSC00561  Awww - a little friend for the only girl with us :) DSC00562  Looking for LUNCH! DSC00567  Ah - yes! Yum! We got it to go from a great Meditteranean place and managed to catch the ferry. Good thing - Sam and Connor had a basketball game at 4pm. A long day!
DSC00570 DSC00574  Capped off by Skittles, a Seahawks trademark. That was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for joining us, guys!