Pic-12182013-001  Our new shed!!! I'm standing in the RV pad where the old shed once stood. Pic-12192013-001  Ben is now taking lessons with Randy Parris, and using the ukulele Eddie Kamae gave to Sam when he noticed that Sam's little uke had been really worked hard in all his jamming. We are so lucky, and have such wonderful memories of Hawaii and the Kamaes whenever the kids play this uke. Pic-12192013-002  Hoping I remember to take a picture each year so I can see how big the kids get filling more of the chair. Pic-12222013-001  Out on a walk with friends at Ft. Ward.
Pic-12222013-002  That's an eagle way out on that piling. Pic-12222013-003  Fog, ferry and eagle. Very NW! Pic-12222013-004 Pic-12242013-001  After a  hike - heading to see the beach.
Pic-12252013-002  Sam is studying a Minecraft book :) New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 11-42-49 AM  New Year's Day Hike - 11 kids and 11 grownups! New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 11-43-29 AM  Two trail rules - no one alone, and stop at trail junctions to check with an adult New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 11-44-38 AM  Dave had just gotten done wrangling kids who went off trail - such a great husband to spend his day off with us!
New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 12-58-09 PM  Hi Susan! I'm going to catch something in that gaping maw if I'm not careful! New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 12-59-13 PM  Brie, Jennifer and Stephanie with naughty boys behind. New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-28-42 PM  Our poor waitress - we did call ahead and let them know that 22 people were coming.. New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-29-04 PM  Funny faces!
New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-29-14 PM New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-29-18 PM  Oh my - that really is something! New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-29-28 PM  Poor girl waited SO patiently for her pizza! New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-29-35 PM  Nice, Ben!
New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-29-42 PM  Sam put charcoal on himself from a burned out tree... New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-29-57 PM  Oh boy - another eye-crosser! New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-30-01 PM  Nice one! New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-32-13 PM  So nice of Vicki and her mom to come join us! Cam was an amazing kid wrangler - an impromptu flag football game got underway at Brie and Keith's house afterwards. I don't know how Cam kept up with it all. He said "It's easy!" when I asked him! Amazing!
New Years Day hike 1-1-2014 1-32-33 PM  The rest of the crew keeping an eye on kiddos while they wait for their pizza. Happy New Year! That was really fun! Pic-01022014-001  Great map and markings now - I've been doing this for years just with a general sense of where I am! Pic-01022014-002  We mountain-biked the whole trail system. Pic-01022014-004  Then went to Bainbridge Bakers. Look at this FACE! So funny.
Pic-01032014-003  Steve longing Emmy before I ride. Gorgeous day! Pic-01032014-001  I bought a longe line and whip so I could practice with "naughty horses" who make my line slack by cutting off my circle. Very good practice! Pic-01032014-002  These boys were harder to longe than Emmy! Pic-01032014-004  They had so much fun, begging for the next turn!
Pic-01032014-005  Ben was the only good horse, walking, trotting and cantering on command. Mov-01032014-001 Mov-12102013-001 Pic-01052014-002  Haircut time!
Pic-01052014-001  The new axe from Tito Pig - we all fight over it! It's awesome! Pic-01052014-003  Ben is really getting good at this. Pic-01062014-001  Sunrise from Sunrise Dr - on a jog. Pic-01082014-003
Pic-01132014-001  Building a robot with Daddy. Jan 13 Mindstorms 1  Mindstorms EV3. Jan 13 Mindstorms 2  hasDaddy is checking work - he hasn't even changed out of his work attire yet. Jan 14 Mindstorms 2  He's working!
Jan 14 Mindstorms 1 Pic-01172014-001  More fun neighbor boys - this is Stanley throwing - a football through the tire. Dave says this is not the prettiest yard adornment, but I love looking out the window at it. I feel like I am in real BOY country. Pic-01192014-001  VERY gnarly piece of wood to chop! Pic-01192014-002  Sam ticked off that I laid claim to the new axe first :0 Feigning REAL upset!
Pic-01192014-003  Ben listening to The Boss while we chop. Nothing could be better. Hard manual labor with The Boss. Pic-01192014-004  Dad showing us how to make "pencils" :) Pic-01192014-006  And he really helped me finally beat that gnarly one! Pic-01202014-001
Pic-01212014-006  The fog of my breath on a jog while taking picture - I fogged up the lens. Pic-01222014-004  A 3D printer making Lego gears! How amazing! I truly did NOT believe these were for real. Pic-01222014-005  But here's one the school was able to purchase with a grant from generous parents who fundraise at our annual auction. Pic-01232014-001  Some special beer for Mom and Dad - upon Sam's 9th :)
Pic-01242014-001  I love cows. Here is one watching me talk to it while out on a jog. Pic-01242014-002  I took Sugar out on a trail ride last week. That was really fun! Pic-01242014-003  And my friend Steve on Tino - he is Emmy's owner, and Tino is his wife Therese's horse. Emmy and street sweeper  Video clip of me walking Emmy down to a lesson, past a VERY loud street sweeper. Thankfully he stopped.