Veterans Day

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Pic-10302013-001 IMGP0084  Looking at salmon with our friends, one of whom is an environmental scientist. Pretty neat to hear him talk about his work as we saw salmon swimming up to spawn! IMGP0086 IMGP0088
IMGP0090  Watching the salmon jump and squirm upstream! IMGP0091  An old home on the property. IMGP0092 IMGP0095
IMGP0096  It was so great to have Dave with us. IMGP0098 IMGP0100  We'd like a cabin like this :) IMGP0101
IMGP0102  At a rock and gem show in Edmonds, thanks to Sam's interest. Very cool! IMGP0104 IMGP0105 IMGP0106
IMGP0108  A neat butcherie. IMGP0109  German conversation club! Pic-11202013-001  Sam is on a basketball team now - practice is on Wed at 6pm-7pm. The coach is really nice - a dad who volunteers his time. Sam and Ben both LOVE basketball, so we caved in and signed them up. :) Pic-11212013-003  Ben is taking lessons from Randy Parris now!
Pic-11212013-005  Sam is getting absolutely huge! Both boys are on huge growth spurts. Pic-11222013-001  Loved these leaves out on a jog. Pic-11222013-004  This is Emmy, the horse I have been riding! I am so lucky! She is furry :) Pic-11232013-001  Sam won 2nd place in a math competition last weekend as a third grader in a field of third and fourth graders. Pretty cool! He got a certficate, too!
IMGP0207  Several videos of the boys playing guitar and ukulele with their Dad yesterday. IMGP0208  We were thinking about how Sam played ukulele when he was five. He really had a progression and strumming pattern down. Maybe if we're lucky the boys will put on a Christmas concert for us :) IMGP0209 IMGP0211  Sam is playing his Dad's guitar!
IMGP0213  More boy music jamming! IMGP0214  Last one... IMGP0215  Picking out a Christmas tree! IMGP0217  Sam was really helpful putting up the lights with Daddy.
IMGP0219  Richard got into the spirit, elf hat and all! IMGP0221  Thank you, Richard, for helping even though you caught a cold. Hoping you are feeling better really soon. IMGP0223  Mommy elf :)