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IMGP0028 Pic-10032013-001  We have spent much of Oct. sick. Here is Sam's visit to Dr. Brown. He is on the same changing table he was placed on as an infant to be measured. He has really grown. Like how he is relaxing with his cube while waiting for throat culture results? Pic-10042013-001  The Harvest Fair creation! Sam is home sick from school so Ben is holding up our family's end of the Harvest Fair entry with a patty pan squash from the garden. Pic-10052013-001  Farmer Karen with my massive pumpking in the old BOB jogging stroller!
Pic-10052013-005  Boys both not feeling well but still able to go pick out pumpkins and enjoy the hay maze. Pic-10052013-008  Ready to head home? It is a gorgeous day. Pic-10052013-009  Kinda like pushing the boys! :) stroller1  Shari Bradbury photos (these three) - she is a great photographer and enjoyed the stroller setup, so took a few shots. Thanks, Shari!
stroller3  I like how Eagle is proudly perched! Pic-10072013-002  Now Ben's turn at the doctor! Pic-10072013-004  A stop at the "coughee" shop! ("Ben, please wait outside so we don't cough on everything.") Pic-10072013-005  Creating paper bridges after school with a retired architect. Such a great two-session course. Only $5.
Pic-10072013-006  This ended up holding $6 in pennies! Sam's bridge was the second strongest of the bunch. Pic-10072013-007  I had a bunch of sanitary practices going on to keep the rest of us from catching the plague. Pic-10082013-001  Ben was sick, but really didn't want to miss his field trip to the pumpkin patch. Pic-10082013-002  His class :)
Pic-10082013-003  Funny face! Pic-10102013-001  This is what the boys from two families do after church - crazy "kick wrestling"! They LOVE it! They roll around wrestling, yelling and laughing! Pic-10112013-003  Like my ride? And my coffee holder? Pic-10112013-004  Thanks, Michael, for helping me cut out that hole in the shavings bag!
Pic-10132013-001  A visit to a farm for cider, pumpkin slingshots and other fun. Pic-10132013-007  This was pretty fun. I got on, too! Pic-10142013-001  Found the last rose to bloom while out on a jog. This was on Sunrise Dr. Pic-10142013-002  This is how the bridges were tested!
IMGP9974  Ben took this picture :) IMGP9975  Sam took this one. It is his HUGE pumpkin! Pic-10162013-001  I thought there was a hail storm but upon further reflection, all this "hail" was by a bus stop. Most likely from a drink! Pic-10162013-003  Out on a trail run near home.
Pic-10162013-004  Bright orange mushrooms on the same trail run. IMGP9976  Sam showing how to use origami to teach fractions. I thought this was really cool. Going from 2/6 to 1/3. Pic-10172013-001  A little number talk with Ben. This one has to do with ways to get to 12, and how to make even "teams". Pic-10182013-001  We'd really wanted to go to this but just couldn't make it in the evening on a Sunday. Sorry, Leo!
Pic-10192013-001  Fall foliage on my runs. Pic-10192013-002  I love this farm. Pic-10192013-005  Ben LOVED this piece of red beach glass. Great find! IMGP9979  More domino building again! This is all 2000 coming out to play.
IMGP9983  Learning to chop wood. IMGP9994  He is a hard worker and will keep at it, being very careful. IMGP0003  Ben using the mallet to help me. IMGP0005  "Watch your fingers, Ben!"
IMGP0013  I love you, boys! SO much! Pic-10222013-002  Potatoes from our garden! Pic-10242013-001  50 lbs of feed :) Pic-10242013-002  Chickens looking hungrily at their feed!
IMGP0015  We tip-toed around as this creation came together. Now there are 2000 out waiting for the big set-off! IMGP0019  All done! IMGP0024  At IslandWood doing our annual History Mystery trail acting gig where we portray a day in 1906. I assume the character of Mary Skene (an ancestor of mine who was 42 in 1906, as chance would have it). We show what life was like then for people walking the trail in their Halloween garb. I brought potatoes and wood to chop this year. IMGP0025  The boys in something akin to period garb.
IMGP0026  My potato patch. Should I mention this weekend Dave is away for the week, the boys have a stomach bug, but are between pukes, and I pulled my back out the day before and can barely stand up straight? I couldn't bail on this, though! IMGP0027  All the wood we hauled in from our own property to show the kids how to saw - and let them try a little. IMGP0029  My best attempt at 1906 frontier woman. Chaps, too. And Skene scarf.