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IMGP0037  The makings of our scary haunted pit - Sam's big pit that he has been digging with some spooky glow-in-the-dark web! IMGP0038  Sam is a dark rider (from Lord of the Rings). IMGP0039  Mommy not in too many pictures. I still have my sticker on from volunteering at school. It was a wild afternoon. From school we went to the dentist (only appt open when I rescheduled for the boys one sunny afternoon when we wanted to stay on the playground), then came home and decorated, started a fire, heated up chili and got ready for the party, all within an hour! No daddy at home. IMGP0042  Putting candle lanterns up in the woods. Pointing one out to light - this was our opening ceremonies - walking around with a few early arrivers, beer in hand, to light.
IMGP0044  Fixing a ghost :) IMGP0047  Scary guests arrive! In all we had 19 - I think 14 kids and the rest grown-ups? IMGP0050  A very bad surgeon! And my co-conspirator in so many parties, Vicki. IMGP0052  Making designs with our lighted glow sticks.
IMGP0053  We got them glowing in the fire light. IMGP0055  I love this! IMGP0056  A little scary if the kids don't pay attention to what they're doing... IMGP0060  I found my fire pit had blown out the bottom at the last instant just as I was trying to put a Dutch oven full of chili on it. Excellent timing! I propped the bottom with rocks and hoped for the best. It held.
IMGP0063  Such a fun party!