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Gibbs Lake

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Pic-12022013-001  A favorite spot on my running route... Pic-12022013-003  A wild game of soccer with Miss Esther looking on! Pic-12022013-004  Ingunn is out playing hard! Pic-12022013-005  Kai and Sam made hot chocolate for themselves then walked back through the woods.
Pic-12022013-006  Cheerleader! Pic-12042013-004  Showing a real-world application of an array :) Pic-12042013-003  Ben is a very good salad maker now! Pic-12042013-005  And Sam is grilling up some salmon and rice. Can you believe it?
Pic-12052013-001  At guitar lesson. Sam sure is getting big and good at his guitar. Wish he would practice more, but we want music to be a hobby, not a chore. Pic-12082013-007  Crazy mommy testing out bangs! Look at the boys' faces :) Pic-12092013-001  Thanks, mommy! Pic-12102013-001  At Tedeschi Trucks Band concert with Dave!
Pic-12142013-001  Wood chopping together! Pic-12142013-003  Sam is really getting strong! Pic-12142013-004  Ben is chopping his first piece solo! Pic-12142013-005  Go Ben!
Pic-12142013-006  He was very careful, and look how proud he is now. Pic-12152013-001  Taking a lot of donations to GoodWill. They were very happy to pick out the best things. Pic-12152013-002  Now at ACE getting some holiday decorations. Pic-12152013-003  Crazy guy!
Pic-12152013-004 Pic-12152013-007  Trying to get a picture of Sam is hard! IMGP0238  Doing "fat elf" rides to clean the floor - shhh...the children don't know the motivation! IMGP0239  They thought it was hilarious! Put Windex on the bottom of a sheet and your floors clean right up. Plus if you have the kids pull, they tire out.
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DSC00085 Molly ornament