IMGP0110  Welcome Isabella, Mary, Doug and Gramma (on left) and Mama Cari and Richard on the right! This is breakfast the first day (Sunday) of their week-long visit to our house. 2013-11-24IzzyPlaysWithKrugs (1)  Ben had a wonderful time playing with his little cousin. He was SO gentle with her. Pic-11232013-002 Pic-11272013-001  Mama Cari and Isabella out at Battle Point playground with us :)
Pic-11272013-002 Pic-11272013-003 Pic-11272013-004  Doug and Sam practicing some lacrosse. It was so fun seeing Doug give him pointers. Pic-11272013-005
Pic-11272013-006 IMGP0111  Cowboy chili bonfire party to kick off the week - this is Sunday evening. I invited a few neighbors and was lucky enough that about 20 people came! Patricia was spot on bringing macaroni and cheese, and Edie brought dessert. IMGP0112  Of course I had activities of them might possibly have been chores of mine disguised as an activity. We also had the caber toss, and I found a tire in the woods, so that became a discus. Turns out one of our new friends just happened to be a discus thrower! He really sailed that tire! This one is leaf pulling... IMGP0113  This one is Phil showing us how the leaf pull is done!
IMGP0114  And this is Doug on the caber toss! IMGP0115  My fire heating the Dutch oven. 2013-11-24CowboyChili (8)  Phil and Colin 2013-11-24CowboyChili (4)  Dave working the Dutch oven - thank you, honey, for manning the chili station!
2013-11-24CowboyChili (2) (1)  What story am I telling? DSC02425  The RV pad is under construction so the heavy equipment is still in the background. IMG 3495  Out on a fishing trip with Doug on Tuesday. Monday was spent going on a jog and getting to see the town. IMG 3499  It was a little cold and windy out in the early morning. I was thinking to myself - how did I get roped into this? Am I going to be sick to my stomach? I was already trying to fight off a cold...
IMG 3501  These guys waked us pretty good. We are heading north to Whidbey Island. IMG 3503  Doug checking out the fishing prospects so far. IMG 3504  I'm freezing my tail off but having fun! IMG 3505  You call these...what? Spooners?
IMG 3506 IMG 3507  My first catch ever - or is it? IMG 3509  Mom huddled by the heater having a great time! IMG 3511  We actually spotted a pod of orcas that were previously unknown! Our Capt (Matt - called it into the Orca Network! I got to see a double breach!
IMG 3513  That's the south end of Whidbey Island! IMG 3514  Doug's catch! IMG 3517  My first catch! IMG 3520  Wow!
IMG 3521  How do you hold this thing? IMG 3524  Groovy! A King Salmon! That is a top shelf fish! DSC02596a  We took a bunch of normal pictures then I randomly did this - part frozen, part hysterical with catching a fish! IMG 3525  You hold it out from your body so it looks even bigger!
DSC02621  Look at that big FISH! DSC02624  This is how it's done, folks! We caught four, kept three. You keep hatchery fish only. And they have to be at least 22" long. fishing movie DSC02720  Back at the dock! Thank you SO much Doug for this very memorable trip!
DSC02817  While the fish was being cleaned and gutted, this little juvenile seagull was waiting expectantly for the innards. Look at the little mouth open! DSC02840  This poor fish's lunch was a bit interrupted! IMGP0116  Doug made fabulous sushi from the fresh caught salmon! IMGP0120  That is quite a roll!
IMGP0121 20131127 Krug 0004  Doing a photo shoot on Wednesday in our Skene tartans - this is a family tradition for many years. Glad to keep it alive - thanks for pulling all the tartans together, mom! 20131127 Krug 0012  Here are just a few of the photos the photographer took. (Courtesy Shari Bradbury - 20131127 Krug 0014  Poor Dave was at work and couldn't get away. I hope to PhotoShop him in still...
2013-11-27AlliDougWoodSplitting (5)  Some fun time with my brother lumberjacking :) IMGP0123  Mom preparing the stuffing. It is now Thursday morning :) I have gone to a Turkey Trot with some friends - I ran up to their house via some trails then Dave picked me up. He played ukulele with Christine's Dad (Tom - from Long Island as well!) and then we high-tailed it home to rescue the boiling potatoes. IMGP0125  Neil Hoffman and Edie Spears came up. They are engaged now! IMGP0128  Making the legendary cranberry sauce!
IMGP0129  Sam was in 7th Heaven - I found him out by Dave's new rock wall with his safety glasses and geology hammer in hand. He'd found crystals inside the rocks used for the wall! IMGP0130  Edie looking on! IMGP0132  Taking Isabella out on a hike in our woods for a little bit while Mary relaxed. She walked all the way out to the boys' fort, learning to watch out for slippery roots! We also talked about "windy, windy!" and moss and lichen. IMGP0134  Listening to and looking for birdies.
IMGP0137 IMGP0139  Trying to take good selfies. I would take one, then show her the result, see if she liked it, then try again. She had pretty much the same face each time! IMGP0142  Yellow leaf! Find yellow leaf :) IMGP0143  Soft moss.
IMGP0147  Moss on tree bending over trail. IMGP0150  That was fun, Isabella! Thanks for the walk in the woods! IMGP0153  She loves Benji-Benji! IMGP0154  Doug has been busy chopping wood and making kindling.
IMGP0155  Learning stump dancing from Sam, who is guarding her back so she doesn't topple. IMGP0158 IMGP0160  Watching Daddy play with cousins. IMGP0161
IMGP0163 IMGP0164  Cute little sweetie! IMGP0165 IMGP0169  Carving time!
IMGP0170  Plating up! IMGP0172  Dave has been working ALL day making dish after dish! IMGP0174 IMGP0175  Thank you for spending Thanksgiving with us!
IMG 3542  I got in a little riding before we went to Seattle. It was great for Doug and Mary to come and see where I ride. Isabella saw "horsie!" This is Emmy, a beautiful Irish Cob. IMG 3543  Getting groomed first. IMG 3551  Dressage lesson with Janet Grunbok - a very experienced trainer who I am thankful to have found. IMGP0177  A trip to Seattle on the last day (Black Friday) to see Pioneer Square and Pike Market.
IMGP0178  Pioneer Square. IMGP0179  Walking through downtown. IMG 3561  An Underground Tour in progress. IMG 3562
IMGP0180  Oh boy! This is Sam's favorite store - Agate Designs! A mineral and gem store. IMGP0181  Doug and I like this one :) IMG 3566  Pike Market! IMGP0184  Now we're hoping for fish throwing!
IMGP0186 IMGP0188 IMGP0189 IMG 3564  Seattle Art Museum (SAM!)
IMG 3568 IMGP0191  The original Starbuck's. IMGP0192  A shrimp statue! IMG 3569
IMGP0194  Running to the ferry! IMGP0195 IMGP0200  A little present for Isabella from Benji. It's BenBear! IMGP0201  Walking to the beach by Treehouse Cafe.
IMGP0203  Being careful that she doesn't go out in the road. IMGP0204  A little breezy out! IMGP0205  Ben entertaining Isabella with another crazy dance. IMGP0206  Sam looks like a crab caught in a net!
Pic-11282013-002  On a turkey trot trail run :) Pic-11282013-003  Dave playing with Christine's father, Tom, who also happens to be from Long Island and plays the ukulele!