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2011-01-27BeachWalkAlliFootPrints  Gramma also sent this picture to me - I love it. This is me pushing Ben after dropping Sam off at Kindergarten in Kailua. This particular picture happens to be ON Sam's 6th birthday in 2011. This is what Ben and I did nearly every morning. I miss those days! 2011-01-27SamBdayVolcanoCake (3)  And here is what I did later that morning, with Mom and Richard's help running to Honolulu for dry ice! We are doing a volcano cake experiment for the kids in Sam's class. They REALLY  liked it, and it was fun for us to do. Look how Ben is packed in there? He is nearly 3 here. Pic-07292013-002  Just another view from one of my running routes. This is Port Madison. Pic-07302013-003  Dahlias in full bloom now!
Pic-07312013-001  Out on a jog with Sam for the first time! All the way to Bay Hay and back (3 miles). We had a lot of fun, and everyone who went into the coffee shop that morning, we knew! Everyone! It was like the unexpected party in The Hobbit. So funny! Pic-07312013-002  These boys polished off some "spare" croissant. Pic-07312013-004  Back at home now. He is pretty good looking all sweaty :) stretch after jog  Stretching out afterwards.
nutrisystem2  NutriSystem lunch - always a big hit! Pic-08012013-001  My cow friend. I moo to this guy when I run by. He mooed back once :) globe trotting  This globe is so much fun. You work against the timer to identify 10 countries (or rivers, states, continents). So great for geography. I have learned a lot! Bay Hay  At Bay Hay with Gramma and Richard.
garden  Morning garden inspection :) photo 2 photo 5 Moms bday  It's Gramma's birthday! We picked a bouquet from the garden, one flower from each of us.
Pic-08042013-001 Pic-08042013-002  Then we took a drive out to Port Gamble for breakfast, and Dungeness Spit for a walk. Such a nice day. These are in Port Gamble. Pic-08042013-003 Pic-08042013-004  As big as your hand!
Pic-08042013-005 Pic-08042013-006 Pic-08042013-007  As big as Ben's head, too! Pic-08042013-008
Pic-08042013-009 Pic-08042013-011  Nice walk on the beach. It is 5.5 miles long - very narrow spit that is growing at a rate of 12 feet a year. Lighthouse at the end. Pic-08042013-012  We didn't get all the way to the end because we wanted to build a fort. Pic-08042013-013
Pic-08042013-014  Ben quickly made a new friend. Pic-08042013-016 Pic-08042013-020  Building a fort with Daddy! DS
Pic-08042013-021  So strong! Yikes! Pic-08042013-022 Pic-08042013-023 Pic-08042013-025  One for each of us :)
Pic-08042013-027 Pic-08042013-028  The door. Pic-08042013-029  Looking into the kitchen. Pic-08042013-030
Pic-08042013-031  All done! Pic-08042013-033 Pic-08042013-034  Big enough for mommy! Pic-08042013-035
Dungeness Spit  You can see how long the spit is. Pic-08042013-037 Pic-08042013-038 Pic-08042013-041
Pic-08042013-042 IMGP9736  Some time with Sam in his rock quarry, cracking rocks open and examining the minerals. IMGP9737  Studying where to do the next crack. IMGP9738  "Ohhh! Mom! Look at this!"
IMGP9741 IMGP9742 IMGP9744  Planning the next crack. IMGP9746  I had such a nice time with you out there, Sam.  Thank you!
IMGP9747 IMGP9748  Chickens having such a pleasant time while we work. IMGP9749  Plums are ripe! IMGP9750  Ben's word wall.
Pic-08062013-003  Another library-sponsored event - fossil time. Pic-08062013-004  Then to Rockaway Beach to see the tide pools because it was low tide. We had one of Sam's friends with us, Axel. Pic-08062013-005  Careful, Gramma! Such a trooper. Pic-08062013-006  Seattle in the background.
Pic-08062013-007  And another friend with us - David. Pic-08062013-009 Pic-08062013-010  Big starfish. Pic-08062013-011  Big fat jellyfish!
Pic-08062013-012  Ferry, and way beyond that Mt. Baker. Pic-08062013-013 Pic-08062013-014  Narrow little ledge - erosion on an old pier from the mosquito fleet. Pic-08062013-015
Pic-08062013-016  Pretty fun to climb. Pic-08062013-017  Cool, huh? Made me a little nervous crossing it. Pic-08062013-020 Pic-08062013-021
IMGP9751  Seeing if whipped cream spreads like shaving cream :) Not so much! IMGP9752  Seeing if Richard will notice something amiss... IMGP9753  Ahhh! IMGP9754
IMGP9755  And still, he kisses her!!! IMGP9756  Love this shot! Pic-08072013-001  Out on another jog with Sam. Yay! Pic-08072013-002  So handsome! Seriously! Getting a reward at Bay Hay again :)
Pic-08072013-003 Pic-08072013-004  Hmmm...a Da Yan Zhan Chi in there? Stickerless? Speedsolving cube? Pic-08082013-002  Another run snapshot :) Port Madison. mattress shopping  Mattress shopping for new bunk beds!
Pic-08092013-002  Richard built this with Ben - such a nice mentor. Unimog at dinner  Unimog putting corn on the plate. New bunk beds  Putting together new bunk beds built by a really nice man out in Port Ludlow. So much fun to know the builder. They are made with Douglas Fir, which is all around us. They're rock solid construction - deck screws and everything. lights1  Getting a peek at all the lighting Richard installed. It is GORGEOUS!
lights2 lights3 lights4  We feel like we are living in a resort now. lights6
lights5  Finally, flag is lit up, too. nasturtiums  Thanks for getting us some of these, Mom! Pic-08112013-001  A little birthday treat for Richard - it was his birthday the day he left :( Pic-08112013-002  Cool treehouse we found on a neighbor's property during the studio tour.
Pic-08112013-003 Pic-08112013-004  Ben likes the roof :) Pic-08112013-005  Great rope net to climb up. Pic-08112013-007
Pic-08112013-009 Pic-08112013-011  Meeting some neat artisans on the studio tour - this is a beaded snake! Pic-08122013-002  All the projects Richard and Gramma have accomplished while here for 6 weeks - and I'm sure this isn't all of them! Pic-08122013-003  Mountain biking with my boys :) Always fun!
Pic-08162013-002  Finishing the summer reading program! 100 hours for Sam and 10 for Ben (learning to read, too!). Pic-08162013-004  Sam earned a SHIRT! Pic-08162013-005  Picking out an animal to put on the board with his name on it. Pic-08162013-007  And Kitsap County Fair tickets!
Pic-08162013-008 Pic-08162013-009 Pic-08162013-011  Hatching plans to beat mom at flag football :) Pic-08162013-012  So cute!
Pic-08162013-013  Love it! IMGP9762  A neat visit from a real geologist who works for a consulting company here on the island. He was kind enough to stop by on his way to a wedding reception to check out Sam's big dig. Thank you, Matt! IMGP9763  Tools of the trade - geologist hammer, and coffee! IMGP9764  This is how you crack rocks open. Use your foot to stabilize it.
IMGP9765 IMGP9766  Talking about gacial till, the formation of drumlins, and soil horizons. IMGP9767  Glaciers raked down Bainbridge, creating ridges and valleys. We live on top of a ridge, called a "drumlin." IMGP9768  Cleaning off our finds before cracking.
IMGP9769  Now friends are over to play in the fort/test pit. IMGP9771  Making knives and other weapons for The Hobbit tomorrow! IMGP9772 IMGP9773  New rock display shelves - velveteen on the bottom, just like the museums, with an LED light on top to make the crystals sparkle.
IMGP9774  The whole display as you enter the boys' room. The picture on the top is Sam in safety glasses. So funny - I just found out that is what he was thinking when he drew that self-portrait. IMGP9775  A close-up now. IMGP9778  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! And we really appreciate the rock hammer - that is a fantastic tool. The loop really makes the crystals come alive - we love seeing the minerals up close. We will enjoy growing into the Manual of Field Geology, too. Thank you soooo much! That was a lot of fun. IMGP9780  Ben and Anna in their "pantry."
IMGP9782  They found a potato! They promptly hid it in their pantry for a treasure hunt. Pic-08212013-001 IMGP9798  Woke up to this guy in the SHOWER! Hobo? Or large house spider? IMGP9799  Ben is learning to tell time from the wide variety of clocks around! Out here, if I say come in for dinner at 5:30, they can tell what time it is while shooting hoops. How cool! Thanks, Richard. Another great feature of that sprinkler timer!
Pic-08232013-002  Sunflowers are opening up! Pic-08232013-003  In the "RV" going to the Rock Ranch :) IMGP9800  Out on a hike now and we noticed that Aspect consulting helped build this bridge. Awesome! We know someone there now! IMGP9801  Great boardwalk that Aspect helped install. The large stump is really impressive. Such a huge tree that was.
IMGP9803  Hey Matt, we found a stone that was mauve inside! IMGP9804  There it is! IMGP9806  Daddy is really into this rock thing now! IMGP9808  Another huge stump!
IMGP9809 IMGP9814  Checking inside another rock! IMGP9818  This is getting a lot of good use! IMGP9819  Again? :)
IMGP9821 IMGP9824  Wonder what this one is? IMGP9826  This is what Ben sees around him all the time. I have a bunch of pictures from our waists down because Ben was photojournalist :) IMGP9827
IMGP9828  Great shot, Ben! IMGP9830  Another funny shot :) IMGP9831  Nice! IMGP9832
IMGP9833  Now for some rocks we found in our "mine" today. Daddy had some fun cracking things open. Nice to get some POWER down there. We brought him all the ones which had beaten us during the week. Interesting ring in this one. IMGP9834  And striations here. IMGP9835  More green rocks down there - some olivine perhaps. IMGP9836  This is pristine glacial till. It's a bunch of rocks rolled together like a dough. The dirt is very dense and crumbly. This would eventually become a rock with time and pressure.
IMGP9837  Interesting rock on top was from the trail. Maybe citrine, Sam thinks? Very gold. The bottom is a peridotite from our mine. IMGP9838  Closer look at that possible citrine. IMGP9839  The peridotite. We are still really excited about this find. Peridotite is from the mantle, so 10s of miles down. Rocks are formed during a huge, long composting process. Some are formed quickly during volcanic eruptions, others undergo the glacial till to rock process much more slowly. These rocks can work themselves up to the crust (where we have a chance of finding them). Eventually they may find their way back down to the mantle as the tectonic plates move over each other. I think I sort of understand. I'm sure I'm vastly oversimplifying and missing a lot. It is so fun to have this world literally opened up under our feet. I am so thankful for curious boys! IMGP9840  A quartz with green in it - maybe more olivine or peridotite?
IMGP9841  A lot of pink in this one. IMGP9843  This is the mauve one that I find so interesting. Pic-08242013-001  One dahlia is doing ok at least! The planters are still recovering from some kind of chemical assault. Pic-08242013-002  Daddy enjoying a ride in the "RV" to the rock ranch now :)
Pic-08242013-003  Silly Ben! Pic-08252013-001  Sam really likes this song at church. Pic-08252013-002  School dad in checkers! Ben is pretty good, actually! Pic-08252013-003  Harvested some kale - what was left after the chickens marauded it despite my hoops and nets! It was really good baked with goat cheese. That is my baguette behind it. Yummy dinner!
Pic-08252013-004  Here's the finger food dinner last weekend. Pretty good! Pic-08252013-005  They love meat and cheese. More salami, please! :) IMGP9866  Picture of the grass that mom worked so hard on to get the moss under control. Pic-08262013-001  A sunrise on Sunrise Drive! Out on a jog.
Pic-08262013-002  Looking toward Seattle. Pic-08262013-003  Peaceful way to start the day before the boys are up. Pic-08262013-004  We've had fun with friends (neighbors) this summer. Here the dominoes came out for some fun! They are building the Tower of Orthink from The Lord of the Rings. Pic-08272013-001  And now for some stick bomb time! This is what is going on behind me while I work! The last three weeks have been VERY busy. I've been working about 20-30 hours on three projects which all came in at once. One of them was writing content for mobile health apps, another was a CME slide set. The last one was some data analysis for the school related to predicting success on a standardized test so we can intervene more proactively to get kids the help they need.
Pic-08272013-002  Growing the stick bomb. We need more tongue depressors! Pic-08272013-003  Ingunn, our other neighbor who is mommy to little Esther, is a HS physics teacher! She really dug right into the stick bomb. She likes stored potential energy! I think that is what boys are, period. Stored potential energy unleashed rather violently sometimes into kinetic energy! Pic-08282013-001  SAM! The Seattle Art Museum. We're on our way to an urban dig with a friendly geologist. Pic-08282013-002  The play treehouse at REI.
Pic-08282013-004  In a rock store! We RAN to it so Sam could see it while Daddy waited in the truck at the ferry:) Pic-08282013-003  Ooooh... Pic-08282013-005  Seattle from the ferry. Pic-08292013-001  Making a yummy dinner while daddy travels to his cousin's wedding. This is for strawberry shortcake!
Pic-08302013-001  And here we are hosting a new student social - these are my helpers delivering freeze pops to the new kids so they feel welcomed and have a few friendly faces to look for this week when they start school. Pic-08302013-002  I didn't know Ben could do this! He came up and said, "Mom, watch this!" and went right across! Pic-08302013-004  Three Bens! One in fourth, one in third (I think) and one in K! Pic-08302013-005  Ben wouldn't stop picking his nose or making funny faces. :)