IMGP9879  Here we are, finally, at the Mt. Zion trail head. I've been wanting to do this one for two years now. Long fire road to get there, but look at all the other people who decided to come! Cool! IMGP9880  Ready to roll! IMGP9882  Found a new setting on the GPS - see the one in blue? It is vertical feet per minute. Another way to see how fast we're climbing, especially relevant on a steep hike, which this one is. It's why we hadn't come yet - all the reviews made me think it was other-wordly. It wasn't. Nothing that we haven't done before. IMGP9885  Funny face time!
IMGP9888  A family tradition! IMGP9889  Hmmm...Sam is nearly through with the series so this was intriguing! IMGP9890  Both boys pondering Narnia :) IMGP9891  A sense of the trail. Really nice to be out there, climbing.
IMGP9892 IMGP9893  Boy boys carrying their own waters in new Platypus bottles. IMGP9894  Funny guy! They switched off leading really well this time. It's only taken 3 years of trying to get them to do that! IMGP9895  Summit snacks!
IMGP9897  You can't see Mt. Baker, but we could. Nice up there! They really enjoyed packing their snacks up. We were at the top in one hour, flat, to the minute. It was 1.8 miles and 1,300 ft elevation gain to the summit, which is at 4,300 ft. Pic-08312013-001 IMGP9900  And we ran into a family from their school! How funny! IMGP9901  Seeing who we can "raise" on the walkie talkies this time :)
IMGP9903 IMGP9909  No end of fun! IMGP9910  The faces are so funny! IMGP9911  So pretty in the valley.
IMGP9913  Love this shot. IMGP9915  Love you boys! Thanks for being there with me! I enjoyed every step :) IMGP9916 IMGP9917  Now for some really silly stuff!
IMGP9918  A mosstache!!! IMGP9919  Ben looks bald! IMGP9920  On the way down we had to see if there were any interesting rocks. And there were! We filled the back of the truck with a few good specimens. IMGP9922  He's checking them all. Probably spent 15 min doing this?
Pic-08312013-002  Yeah! Ice cream! Pic-08312013-005 Pic-08312013-004  Sent these pictures to daddy on Long Island where he was at his cousin's wedding :) Pic-08312013-009  Eagle waiting for a drip!