Pic-06242013-001  Lacrosse camp - Sam is in all white. Pic-06242013-002  This Japanese Samurai dance demonstration scared the b-jeebers out of Ben, but it was interesting. Pic-06252013-002  Great to see Sam in all this gear - pretty cool! Pic-06252013-003
Pic-06252013-007 Pic-06252013-005 Pic-06252013-004  Ben and I went on a bike/run around the pond and park while Sam was in practice. Pic-06252013-008  A little rainy that week in late June, but good for muddin'!
Pic-06252013-010  Super Man needs a break, too! Pic-06252013-009  Where is Ben? Pic-06262013-001  This is the kind of shelter I need for a horse :) Pic-06262013-005  We got gear from the Rotary Auction for very cheap. Now we have lacrosse stuff to use at home, too.
Pic-06282013-004 Pic-06282013-001 Pic-06282013-006  Ben handing snacks through the fence to Sam :) Pic-06282013-007
Pic-06282013-008  Mike (owner of Bainbridge Bakers) adopting some wild yeast sourdough starter from me to experiment with in his kitchen. We LOVE Bainbridge Bakers! Pic-06292013-002 Pic-06292013-001  Cheap balls at Rotary, too! Can't have too many basketballs! Pic-06292013-003
Pic-06292013-005  And a kids' golf set for Sam - all for $5! The whole thing, bag, too! Pic-06292013-006  Even Ben is learning to play! Pic-06292013-007  Some naughty soda for Ben, and his older brother! He found it and poured it himself! Pic-06292013-008  Look how Ben perches Eagle to watch :) In the football kickoff tee.
Pic-06292013-011 Pic-06292013-016  This is a funny bird - it repeats everything you say! (See on table) Pic-06302013-001  Dave and I went to Seattle for Mass, then to Benaroya Hall for Saint-Saens' organ symphony. Pic-06302013-008
Pic-06302013-006 Pic-06302013-012  And we managed to stumble across a well-loved restaurant, The Pink Door, for dinner. Pic-06302013-014  Flowers for mom! The kids were home with Gramma and Richard. Pic-07012013-001  Alpacas at a farm on my running route. They enjoy the shelter just built for them.
Pic-07022013-001  Low tide beach walk. IMGP9656  Hanging out for dinner with Gramma and Richard! Ben wheelbarrow  Ben loves this new wheelbarrow! Thanks so much, Richard! Pic-07022013-003  Helping Gramma with garden work - such great boys!
Pic-07032013-004  There are two eagles on that pier! Pic-07032013-006  "It's a boat." Pic-07032013-005  Ben in barrow talking to Eagle. RMT 2706  Richard took some nice pictures of the "grounds" for the July 4 party.
RMT 2707 RMT 2709 RMT 2711 RMT 2712
RMT 2713 RMT 2716 RMT 2717 RMT 2718
RMT 2719 RMT 2720 RMT 2721  The "Daddy Garden" before sprinklers added! RMT 2722
RMT 2724 RMT 2728  Friends over for Star Spangled Banner by Sam on guitar! RMT 2729  Spinning around to come to attention for the anthem. RMT 2732
photo 2  Ha ha! SO much fun - doing trail rides in my old BOB stroller! This thing is indestructible - with more than 5000 miles on it and a bit rusty, but still truckin'! RMT 2752 RMT 2756 RMT 2757  Nice time with good friends.
photo 3  Oh! The 9x9x9 has arrived! Pic-07052013-001  So serious about his work. Pic-07052013-002  Ben is a really good helper. Pic-07052013-003  Mixing up that 9x9x9!
IMGP9659  Sam working on putting together his new 9x9x9. He loves to solve it first, then take it apart and study the core mechanism. It is pretty complex. IMGP9660 IMGP9661  Nice flowers from Pike Market. They are for Gramma, and gorgeous! IMGP9662  Prepping the work area for the new paver walkway.
IMGP9663  Gordon watching the automatic waterer installation :) Ben, too! IMGP9664  I never dreamed I would get a decadent automatic chicken waterer! And boom - there was Richard with one from Bay Hay! IMGP9668  Gordon is a good helper. IMGP9671  When will it be done?
IMGP9673 IMGP9674  Wahooo! IMGP9676 Ben words  Doing sight words with Ben is a lot of fun. When Grownup Eagle joins us, it gets really interesting because Eagle makes up sentences with each word Ben is able to read!
gramma breakfast  Gramma size pancakes :) Pic-07072013-003  Mom you look so pretty! Pic-07072013-002  Thank you, Richard, for all your hard work! This is a rare moment of relaxation :) Pic-07072013-001  Sunday plate :)
Pic-07072013-005  Teaching Daddy a little. Pic-07082013-002  Basketball camp was a huge hit. Both boys loved it! Pic-07082013-013  Ben doing armpit farts at camp while watching ;) Pic-07082013-012  Ready to pass!
Pic-07082013-004  Sam blocking. Pic-07082013-003  Sam in white shorts running down the court. IMGP9679  Ahhh...finally, afternoon happy hour :) Pic-07082013-014  Back to bread making!
Pic-07092013-006  Baking "sponge cake" :) Pic-07092013-005  Took Ben to a magician show that the library put on. He loved it! IMGP9680  Didn't know that you mound potatoes so they continue to grow UP the plant, too. I knew about the toxin that doesn't degrade if the potato gets too much sunlight on it. Pic-07102013-002  Hot chocolate and a good book, what could be better? He's sweaty, though - I think we were out at the beach doing standup paddling. So I am not sure that hot chocolate is in the cup now that I think about it.
Pic-07112013-002  A little faster, Gramma. Hold on! Pic-07112013-001  Rides at Bay Hay! Bay Hay Rides Pic-07122013-001  Creating the paver walkway!
Pic-07122013-002  This looked cute for about 20 minutes. The bottom isn't water tight so the water leaked out. Flag football Pic-07152013-001  Ben's turn at basketball camp! Pic-07152013-006  Going home after camp. So cute, so grownup. Dribbling with his snack sack on like a briefcase.
Pic-07162013-002  Dribbling! Pic-07162013-004  The algorithms to make a cube in a cube or snake pattern. Bainbridge Bakers - the look  This look cracks me up so much! where is ben  Out shopping :)
Pic-07182013-001  Writing a book out on the front porch. Pic-07182013-004 Finished Fellowship of the Ring  Calling Mom to report in that he finished The Two Towers (Tolkien, second book in trilogy Lord of the Rings). Pic-07202013-003  Oh yeah! Ben can read now, so exciting!
Pic-07202013-002  That's Ben's reward! Pic-07202013-001  The reward - yogurt and toppings! Ben got a reward, too, for learning the first 100 sight words. IMGP9683  Sam has been busy making origami this summer, too. This is a magic ball. IMGP9694  Ben is taking some garden pictures now :)
IMGP9695 IMGP9696  Dear chomped down on our fuschia! IMGP9697 Pic-07222013-005  Ben just watching these three guys play at Wilkes. He wants to be this good I think.
Pic-07242013-001  STEAM camp - blasting water rockets into space. Pic-07242013-002  Wow - pretty high! beach cleanup  Amy and I up to no good "cleaning" the beach of some wood. This is now a bench in the garden. Thanks, Amy! beach disguise  I changed my hairdo so no one would know it was me, the wood thief. You're technically not supposed to take driftwood (although I don't think there are any signs at Fay Bay to that effect). But this was man-made wood, not natural driftwood, so I think we were beach cleaning. Right?
beach friends  Good times :) Rainier in the background. Pic-07242013-005 Pic-07242013-004 Pic-07242013-003  Boys are building a beach fort.
beach fort Pic-07252013-001  STEAM camp - high school boys explaining the hover craft. Pic-07262013-001  I like this plant. Pic-07262013-009
Pic-07262013-007  There he is! Pic-07262013-006 Pic-07262013-005  Ben was reading "No...No...No wake!" Pic-07262013-003  I'm out standup paddling with Ben on the front. That is the marina.
Pic-07262013-014  Gramma took a wipeout on the beach so her short are now growing seaweed! Pic-07262013-013  Sam really liked this slimy stuff. It is still stinking in my truck! Pic-07262013-010  Herons! Pic-07262013-015  We made tatoos.
Pic-07262013-017  Dwarves raiding my snack pantry. IMGP9699  This cute little frog loved living in my boots - I had planted sweet peas in there. IMGP9700 IMGP9702
IMGP9705  Sweet peas are growing! IMGP9707  Ben built a house for Mini Mommy, complete with a garden, picnic tables and chairs. IMGP9708 IMGP9711  Daddy, what are you thinking about?
IMGP9712  The view up through the pergola. It has been a beautiful summer! IMGP9715 IMGP9720  A panorama from the couch. IMGP9723  Some pictures of the chicken-proofing efforts. Richard really worked so hard making prototypes to serve all our needs. Finally, we went with the keep it simple motto!
IMGP9724  Peas finally able to grow in peace! IMGP9725  Double layer to keep beaks out. IMGP9726  Rain gauge with potatoes protected behind the netting. IMGP9727  "Urgh! She really buttoned it down!"
IMGP9730  "Maybe I'll try this side." IMGP9731  "Nope. No good there, either." This is Buffy, the worst offender! IMGP9732  They resorted to a nice dust bath. IMGP9735
summer happiness  Summer relaxation, cubing, sunshine and Lord of the Rings. cozy 2  Cozy time! This was before we got bunk beds for the boys. Pic-06252013-002crop  Great to see Sam in all this gear - pretty cool!