Water Balloon War

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MATE ROV competition

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Pic-05312013-002  My friend Brie - we are trying to figure out how to use these tie things to tie off 250 water balloons. We also tested the launcher for the end of school party :) Tonight a massive trebuchet showed up at my doorstep courtesy of a wonderful friend who shall remain nameless :) Otherwise he might be swamped for requests...ha! IMGP9337  The lilac is blooming! We planted this with Nana and PopPop last summer. So fun to see some buds! IMGP9338 IMGP9339  This is "Nana's" dahlia - it's a huge purple one that has large blooms shaped like a crepe paper ball, or something. It's really cool. Looks like the bulb survived winter and is coming back! I was beginning to wonder because it was delayed far behind all the other plants which rebounded sooner.
IMGP9341  The first rose bud :) The deer like to eat this plant, but I put up a new fence around it. So far so good. IMGP9342  Weeded the whole path and mulch area, and under the blue spruces to the right of the shed. I also moved and restacked wood. Pic-06022013-003  Dave brought this great spread out for the family. That is bread I made yesterday. Got my starter resuscitated after taking a winter off - I was just too busy to be inspired creatively. It's fun to have it back from the brink of disgusting-ness. It had a layer of mold on it but I knew I could get it going again. Sure enough - two weeks later it's revived and strong again! Pic-06022013-004  Good irregular crumb structure and crust. Yay!
Pic-06022013-005  Sunday afternoon cubing and snake talking. I taught Ben about symmetry - one snake is more symmetrical than the other. The python (in Sam's lap) appears to be smiling on one side of his face but not the other. Dave is testing how to send pictures to my mom with his iPad. Pic-06032013-001  More peeking in on baby chicks while out on a run in the morning before the kids get up... IMGP9345  Eating outside again! IMGP9348  Messing with Sammy :)
IMGP9349  These movies are from the "Snake Dance Party" of June 2013. It was a celebration that Ben was back, no fever, and feeling better! IMGP9350  Second dance... IMGP9351  Now Sam is joining in...gets more wild! Pic-06072013-002  Practicing for flag football Fridays - we are organizing it so the kids can play over the summer.
Pic-06082013-001  Decided to memorize the German words to Schiller's "Ode to Joy" - on the to-do list for a long time, so now I can sing it any time! IMGP9354  Sam learning to mow the lawn! He even used a machete to clear the trails this weekend. IMGP9358  He did so great! IMGP9359
IMGP9360  A new tradition has sprung up - "Sunday plate." I make bread and Dave procures yummy things for it! IMGP9361 IMGP9362  A math game the school has the kids do. IMGP9363  The Wilkes grass field has gorgeous wildflowers. I love picking them and bringing them home. I'm amazed at the variety of grasses.
IMGP9364 Pic-06092013-001  Second Sunday plate! We call neighbors to let them know this is here. This time neighbor kids came by :) Pic-06092013-002  My bread-baking is back on track. Pic-06102013-002  This was a very funny end to the math mentoring I do. This was the last Monday of the year...
Pic-06102013-004  More wildflowers for a friend who hosted coffee and muffins on her boat Monday morning. IMGP9365  Learning how to use a catapult - I had to call Dave and explain why dinner wasn't progressing, but this was so much fun! IMGP9366  Don't worry - looks dangerous but really isn't too bad. IMGP9367
IMGP9368 IMGP9369 IMGP9370  The hands look like he is doing Gangnam Style! IMGP9371  Those things got really launched high and behind him!
IMGP9372  These next may be Ben doing it. IMGP9375 IMGP9376  Here comes Ben! IMGP9377  More catapulting!
Pic-06102013-005 Pic-06102013-006  At one point Ben got this board right in the mouth - he did it "Slow Mow" as he calls it, but that meant the board just lazily flipped back up to where his mouth is. I was on the phone with Dave when it happened, so as soon as I saw he was just fine, I laughed so hard! Poor Ben, though - mommy laughing when something funny happens! Pic-06152013-001  Daddy made a great farm breakfast which we got to eat outside! Pic-06152013-002  Making throwing sticks and using a science poster display board as a target.
Pic-06152013-003  With neighbor and friend Ian, who is going into 5th grade. Pic-06152013-006  Whittling with new pocket knife - he is very responsible! We had a LOT of shavings to clean up afterwards :) Pic-06152013-004  Tito Pig says he remembers doing this! Pic-06152013-005  Sharp point! So you see summer activities to date - only 2 days of summer vaca underway so far and we are cubing and making throwing "knives."
Pic-06152013-008 Pic-06162013-001  Father's Day treats after church in Poulsbo! Pic-06162013-004  There's Daddy! IMGP9630  And finally home...Sam found a beautiful garter snake, so we are showing him our toy snake. Both tongues are out at once. :)
IMGP9632  And my roses are in bloom! IMGP9634  Ocean spray - a native bush. Really pretty in bloom. IMGP9635 IMGP9636