Water Balloon War

IMGP9378  The fillers! 250 balloons went pretty fast - 40 min! Thank you Joanne and Sheri! The kids want 1000 next year! We calculated that is nearly 3 hours of filling! IMGP9379  Me explaining the trebuchet which we'll use to launch balloons over the house. This is a trebuchet made by a High School girl and her dad. We are indebted to our STEM coordinator for making it available for learning - and fun! IMGP9380  Ok - they're all here! These kids are just nuts - as soon as we cross the Madison/Day intersection they run like mad to the house! I have to run fast alongside and make sure no one gets hit during the busy pick-up time. We gathered on the back deck for some briefing before the war started. IMGP9381  The police whistle Sam gave me (from his birthday party) to get everyone's attention before the trebuchet launch.
IMGP9382  Mrs. White (in pink) was going to man the penalty box if anyone was way out of control. Thankfully did not have to use that option! IMGP9385  Now we are at our forts for the water balloon war. Girls were on the opposite side. IMGP9386  Learning to use the sling-shot - the girls' secret weapon since we were vastly outnumbered! IMGP9387
IMGP9388  Sam looks really happy to come after me! IMGP9389 IMGP9390 IMGP9391  Poor Finn! I got him really good! But he got me back right after this :)
IMGP9392  Reloading - 30 balloons in each saucer. IMGP9393 IMGP9394  I wanted to play baseball with the balloons so I went out there with a bat :) It was so fun to beat them out of the air! I loved that part! IMGP9395  Uh - this is when Finn got me good! :) Right smack in the face! Nice way to wash off! Refreshing...
IMGP9396 IMGP9397  What's a girl doing on the boys' side? Spying? Very nice! IMGP9398  The girls are hanging tough! IMGP9399  Pizza is here! Thank you, Lisa, for labeling cups!
IMGP9400  All the parents were pitching in to pour drinks and divvy up the slices. IMGP9401 IMGP9402  More sling shot practice! This time we're launching Angry Birds balls. IMGP9403  Learning about medieval warfare - tossing sick animals and disease into the enemy's city to make everyone sick. Or maybe balls of fire.
IMGP9404 IMGP9405 IMGP9407