IMGP9783  Ben took this picture while I was getting ready for "The Unexpected Party". IMGP9785  Do you love these hobbit feet? I glued some of my hair to my feet with a glue stick. By the end of the production, 2 hours on trails, they looked REALLY Hobbit-y! IMGP9788  Dwarves arriving! IMGP9789  Gandalf getting his staff. Dwarves are arriving two by two, then raiding the pantry and bringing out sausages, bread and drinks!
IMGP9791  Talking about the long journey ahead over the meal. Some are burping and doing dwarf things. When we clean up, you know what happens with the plates! IMGP9792  We had so much fun! IMGP9793  Bilbo has just keeled over because Thorin said "We cannot guarantee your return from the Lonely Mountains." Gandalf then says "He's an excitable little fellow. But the best burglar you can find."