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Kitchen remodel

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2007-11-1 (5)  We went to North Beach on base but the tide was too high to get to our special spot. Sammy is here saying - "mommy the waves are too big! i want to go back!" Wise boy :) 2007-11-1 (6)  But we decided to sit and watch for a bit first. 2007-11-1 (8)  Off to Pyramid Beach - tons of sand all to ourselves! Thanks to mom for capturing these photos. 2007-11-1 (9)
2007-11-1 (13)  Sammy is putting sandblock on me - it's a new organic sunscreen ;0 2007-11-1 (20)  Even the toes get sandblock! Each and every one! 2007-11-1 (21)  My turn to do Sammy's legs. 2007-11-02samatlearnwithme (1)  This is at Learn with Me on base. It's a structured play and learning group at the Armed Services YMCA. The program runs three mornings a week for $1 each time. And I get to go, too! Sam loves it. He keeps asking to go. We are busy the rest of the week so we do Learn with Me on Fridays, but he'd go every day if he could :)
2007-11-02samatlearnwithme (3)  Sawing out pieces with the jigsaw... 2007-11-02samatlearnwithme (6) 2007-11-02samatlearnwithme (9)  Giving mommy a checkup. 2007-11-02samatlearnwithme (11)  It's circle time - Sam brought the guitar this time to help play the songs. We learn Hawaiian words which he sings at home, too. Some examples are "po'o" is head, "po'ohiwi" is shoulders, "maka" are eyes and "pepeiao" are ears...oh and "ihu" is nose.
2007-11-02samatlearnwithme (14)  Here's Auntie Carolyn. She is such a sweetheart. She has a degree and 20+ years of experience in early childhood education and special education. She thought she could retire, but was drawn back to the kids. We are lucky to have her! IMGP5448  We're remodeling our kitchen. Here are the cabinets we're getting. IMGP5449  And the stove (too bad it won't be here in time for Thanksgiving!) IMGP5452  Mom and Sammy reading together again. Mom laughs at this book - the words are so crazy. Sammy is learning Hawaiian and Spanish, and some Spanglish. Such a multilingual kid :)
IMGP5454  We totally love this kitchen - mostly the window and the walls. We're sourcing stuff so we can replicate this in our home. IMGP5455  Sammy put Thomas up in his seat for breakfast - "juice" and all! imgp5460[1]  My latest baguettes. They were really good. I chomped half a loaf as soon as it came out of the oven. One of my many vices :) IMGP5461  Mountain biking along the marsh trail. Sammy is quite fast on his bike. We have to jog to keep up!
IMGP5463  He weaves on and off the gravel onto the concrete. IMGP5479  Sammy is reading his "Engines" book (from the 1950's and meant for an 8th grader) to his "friends" before their naptime. Then he did prayers and sang them the mayonnaise song and tucked them in. So cute! I have a movie of all this but it's like 400 MB since it's so long. I will burn to DVD and send to the grandparents :) IMGP5482  Sammy and I hiked with our friends Kathy (mom) and Anneliese and Calleigh yesterday. We did the Aiea Loop Trail - out and back on the upper portion. We had a great time! imgp5485  Here they are "trail running"! Sammy loves to do that. Thankfully he usually chooses sections that don't have a ton of slippery roots!
imgp5495  Yes, the "mosstache" returns! Kathy endured the rite of passage as well but I'm only posting my photo :) IMGP5497  "Cleaning" the hiking sticks. IMGP5500 IMGP5504  Lunch after the hike. Anneliese is sharing her grapes. The two kids were so cute eating their lunch together.
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