att00144  Sammy is cleaning the bathroom for Tito Pig and Tita Bear! att00209  Looking at the Christmas tree decorations on base as mom and I provision... PB190001  Buying plants for the planters to replace the ones that didn't survive my six-week absence. PB200006  Doug was the first to arrive! Long flight from New York City...
PB200004  Sam and I were so excited! PB210011  Our first adventure was to a surfing competition up at the North Shore. This was at Ali'i Beach, the first of the triple crown. P1010005  Big waves! The swell was 10'-15' so not as big as they will get this winter but certainly a good start for the pros! P1010010
P1010016 P1010018  Wow! P1010039 IMGP5517  Lounging and watching :) There is some audio on this one so you can get a feel for the announcer's style...we heard some real surfing vernacular while watching!
IMGP5520 IMGP5522  The surfers were interviewed after their rides and then swarmed with kids looking for autographs. IMGP5526 IMGP5528  Somebody cracked a board.
IMGP5536  Sam got a kick out of using the binoculars. IMGP5537 IMGP5540 IMGP5541  He checked out the waves first then started scanning the beach...
IMGP5542 IMGP5543 IMGP5544  Like Doug's shades??? ;) IMGP5549
IMGP5550 P1010007 P1010011 P1010047
P1010046  Not the cleanest waves but it was really exciting to watch. P1010044  The waves seemed to pile up one on top of another. IMGP5554  All done for today... IMGP5557  We stopped at Laniakea to see Brutus :)
IMGP5561  Then to Pipeline to see the big big waves. IMGP5564 IMGP5565  The sound was incredible. IMGP5567  Wow!
IMGP5568  Big barrel forming. IMGP5573  Doug decides to give Pipeline a go...NOT! This is Kailua Beach. IMGP5576  See the rainbow? IMGP5578  Whew! He lost a contact on that one!
imgp5583  Tita Bear arrived late that night and was up reading stories to Sam the next morning. This is a book Doug brought from the MoMA gift shop. imgp5584 IMGP5587  Belly scratches! IMGP5588  This little guy likes scratchies, too!
IMGP5592  Beautiful :) IMGP5594  As Doug was fixing his hair one evening, Sam walked in and looked up then exclaimed "You have troll hair!" So Doug wanted to see his likeness in Sam's book. This is his reaction to seeing what Sam was thinking of! IMGP5596  Hot malasadas at the tide pools! A great way to welcome Mary to the islands for her first visit. IMGP5597
IMGP5603 IMGP5606  Mom and Pete came for the fun, too! IMGP5608  Doug is getting his board ready for another outing to the beach...well, this is my board that he bought me for Christmas last year. Too cool that it was here for him to ride! p1015583  Here we go!
p1015584 p1015585 p1015590  The waves never were really big enough to get a good ride but Doug gave it his best! p1015596  I went for a jog on the beach while Sammy napped at home. This is Thanksgiving day, I should mention. We're making a few sides to complement the main courses which I purchased from a restaurant on base. This is the first year we "outsourced" but I have to say it made for a very relaxing Thanksgiving and freed up more time to spend outside with family. Very nice! Dave made some very fancy sweet potatoes with pineapple in them. Delicious!
p1015597 p1015600  Mary boogie-boarding! IMGP5612  They both like belly scratchies! IMGP5613  Sam played the ukulele for us before dinner!
IMGP5614 IMGP5615 p1015602  Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner! p1015603  We had a huge spread :)
IMGP5619  Bathtime :) IMGP5620  Total Dave face :) P1010002  The next morning at Moke's for breakfast before heading to the North Shore for even bigger waves and the last day of the competition. IMGP5622
IMGP5624  Lots of crowds for the good surf! IMGP5632 IMGP5634 IMGP5641
IMGP5648 Photo001  There we are in the front row :) Photo003 Photo004
IMGP5649  The Shark's Cove tide pools were way too rough for snorkeling...pretty, though. IMGP5651 Photo008  Pipeline... Photo009
IMGP5654  See Mary? Look at that wave forming! (Behind us some local guys yelled "DON'T GET TOO CLOSE!") IMGP5655  A quick shot, then I bolted outta there. IMGP5656  The sand was engulfed seconds later. Photo010  Turtle Bay for lunch...
IMGP5658 2007-11-23GirlsAreReadyForHonolulu  Somehow we mustered the energy to go out for dinner in town that night. PB190002  Mom and Pete hung out with Sammy - thank you, guys! Photo012  This isn't a double, is it?
Photo016  Whoa! Photo017  They had a fun ride, but short :) Photo020 Photo022
Photo023 IMGP5675  Out for a jog with Bear. This is how you stretch! IMGP5676 IMGP5678  And back for breakfast of "Gramma eggs" and sweet potato pancakes. Yum!
P1010052  More beach fun in the afternoon... P1010062 P1010065  Poor Doug :) P1010066  Sam wants to get in on the surfing stuff...
P1010078  Here he goes! P1010079  Changing like a model into his gear... P1010081  And he's all set! P1010084
P1010085  Really strutting after riding the waves. He says "Maybe I can be a big surfer now!" IMGP5681  Doug and I apparently share the same fascination with guacamole. We made about 8 avocadoes worth...and stuffed ourselves! IMGP5684 p1010087  Presents from Tita Bear!
p1010089  This is such a cute book! p1010090  Puff the Magic Dragon, too! P1010091 p1010094
P1010095  Then we got into pirate stuff after reading some Peter Pan! P1010096 p1010099 p1010100
IMGP5686  Last day on the beach... IMGP5687  Clouds in the sunnies...nice life he has.... IMGP5688  Doug is determined to find a wave to ride... IMGP5693  Mary is determined to finish her book...
IMGP5696  Mom watched carefully the whole time he was out to grab the best shots. imgp5692  Sea cucumber poses for a holiday shot... P1010114  Doug is just about up! P1010116  Sam watches he "cooks" plate lunch for us :)
P1010124 P1010130  Little buddy...hydrating before hitting the boogie board :) P1010131  Here we go! P1010132
P1010133 P1010134  I want to do it again! P1010139  Doug helped to spot him so we could go faster :) P1010140  Then gave him a fast ride!
P1010141  He loved it! PB250012 IMGP5699  Plate lunch at Keneke's in Waimanalo - the best! IMGP5700  And shave ice. Then we took them to the airport. So sad to say goodbye but it was a wonderful, relaxing visit. Love you Pig and Bear!